MyEdit brings curated South African content to Windows Phone and Windows 8

We really like apps that aggregate the feeds for the various websites we read on a daily basis. Apps like Phonly, Weave, and Nextgen Reader are awesome, but there’s definitely a place for curated content. MyEdit is a service that serves up local curate content for South Africans. They already have an app out for Windows 8, but there’s now one for Windows Phone. Let’s check it out.

MyEdit ( serves up content from the top magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs in South Africa. It’s available on Android and iOS, in addition to the Microsoft platforms. This new Windows Phone version comes to us from RogueCode, aka the dev behind many awesome apps and games on Windows Phone, like his recent VALA: Alpha game.

Grab MyEdit for Windows Phone or Windows 8 and you’ll be prompted to create an account after launching the app. You’ll select some categories that you might be interested in reading about. You can choose from a variety of topics like entertainment, business & finance, fashion, science, technology, culture and much more.


MyEdit will learn analyze your reading patterns and suggest articles to you based on your interests. Which is pretty cool and something you’d be doing manually with a generic news aggregator. Again, this app is especially useful for those in South Africa since it pulls a lot of content from local publications like YOU, Move, Finweek, KickOff and more. But you’ll also be getting some international content so you’re not completely isolated from the world.

If you’re in South Africa and want to check out MyEdit grab it for free from the Windows Phone Store. It’s still in active development, so be sure to leave feedback via the settings page of the app. While there, also enable the animations to really see the app shine. Don’t forget to pick it up for Windows 8 in the Window Store

Sam Sabri