MySmartPrice turns WhatsApp into a price comparison tool

The price comparison website MySmartPrice is now enabling millions of consumers in India to check out better deals online, even when they have little connectivity. The web service will allow users to utilize WhatsApp, the massively popular cross-platform messenger, to make quick and speedy product price comparison searches.

All that's required is to fire a message to 9332222222 with a query and MySmartPrice will return appropriate results. Replies will contain not only prices but also other specifications and related products found elsewhere. It's certainly a neat way of getting around barriers like data connectivity in India. Also, it works cross-platform too, so long as WhatsApp is installed.

If you prefer to shop offline, would this new service tempt you to do some online comparisons?

Source: The Hindu

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Yeah definitely!!
  • Wow good idea.
  • Cool Idea . A day is not far when whatsapp status & whatsapp jokes bots are coming
  • Finally.....
  • Never thought of the idea but it sounds cool!
  • But we need update first. I guess many have updated their phones to cyan now its time for them to update it with Cortana support too.
  • What update?
  • The app isn't updated yet to 8.1 devices
    When you first launch it it says "your OS version isn't supported" or something like that
  • And its a little bit slow coz its not updated since 3 months. It does not crash but it's slow when I open notification of watsapp from the action centre or takes lot of time sometimes.
  • Works smoothly on 620. No issues as of yet.
  • It works
  • And ? It still sucks on my 1320
    Big freaking black line under the app and its font is huge are horrible
  • Works flawlessly on my NL925
  • And who said it doesn't work?
  • On my 520 as well, Lumia Cyan and GDR1.
  • Oh I see. Does that happen each time you open the app or just occasionally?
  • It only happened when I first ran the app
  • It's great idea..
  • Great idea...
  • kewl.
  • creative first i thought WhatsApp update!!
  • Me too waiting for Cortana support for watsapp.
  • It would be soo awesome... 
  • Impressive.....they don't have to depend on OS and seperate apps. Anyone using WhatsApp is their potential customer
  • What did I just read...
  • What an IDEA Sirji!
  • Even all popular newspaper should adopt this idea for updating reader with the news and more..
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  • Still don't have this app in WP store
  • Good concept! It's definitely helpful.
  • Cool idea.
  • Cool
  • Its working
  • Price of Lumia 530 is just ₹5873 in my smart price
  • Is that an android device? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Where the hell is my comment
  • Great work by Smartprice!
  • Hi
  • But doesn't whatsapp use your mobile data plan to work?  How does that help the people "getting around barriers like data connectivity in India".
  • wow so much cool, u can view any products prices  awesome  whatsapp is being more interesting 
  • Simple idea, yet so powerful in execution.
  • How can I get this price comparison application in my mobile?