myTube now supports Windows 10 PC and Mobile with latest update

After releasing a public beta earlier this year, Ryken Studio has now updated the popular third-party YouTube app myTube so it now supports Windows 10 on both PC and smartphones.

Here's a look at the app's features that are available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile users:

  • Updated design for Windows 10
  • Playlist shuffling
  • Subscribe to channels directly from the video details
  • Subscribing now takes place much faster
  • "Subscribed to" list now makes better use of space on large screened devices
  • Select multiple videos in a list, and play them as a playlist
  • Sort comments by relevance or by date
  • New channel page layout allows you view uploads and playlists more quickly
  • Volume control (desktops)
  • Use Alt + Enter to enter full screen mode (desktops)
  • Inline video playback on PCs for a more desktop friendly experience (desktops, optional)
  • Fixes issue with subscription videos feed
  • Other fixes and improvements

In addition, Windows 10 PC users will get the following additional features:

  • DLNA Casting
  • Search and watch with Cortana integration
  • Copy video links easily
  • Add videos to watch later list directly from uploads notifications
  • New live tile design
  • More battery efficient and reliable live tile background task
  • Fixes issue where video thumbnails disappeared after refreshing a list

Here are some more details from Ryken Studio on myTube's casting feature on Windows 10:

"Casting is done by pressing the button (with the casting icon) to the left of the big play button on the video page, then picking a device from the list that comes up. The app will automatically start casting to whichever device they picked. If they are already playing a video on their phone/PC screen, just tap the video to bring up the player controls, and casting button will appear at the top."

"Casting currently works with DLNA devices, which means most smart TVs, most game consoles, and most media focused set-top-box such as the Roku. Essentially most things except for the Chromecast. Chromecast support will come in a future update."

The developer also offered us some more information on the myTube update:

" For desktop users, video playback now occurs within a frame on the video page, rather than immediately going full screen like the mobile version did. This makes it much better for mouse and keyboard users, who can now click the fullscreen button or use Alt + Enter to go fullscreen. Desktop users also get volume control.""On Windows 10, videos can be added to the watch later list directly from upload notifications in the action center. Windows 10 users also get a new live tile, which is much more reliable on low end devices. Windows 10 desktop users can now also use the themes and color schemes that have always been available in the mobile version."

Let us know what you think of myTube for Windows 10 in the comments!

Thanks to Dương and JAC for the tips!

Download myTube from the Windows Store (opens in new tab) (99 cents with free trial)

QR: myTube

John Callaham
  • Finally its here...I'm glad to hear that ^_^
  • I can't look at anything not universal. Why create two apps
  • What do you mean by two apps?
  • Awesome! This is a much better app than anything that will ever come out of Google
  • Waiting for background downloading feature in mobile data
  • It is already present
  • It's toggle within app settings
  • 80073cf0.
  • Finally! So excited! Although I still prefer the official
  • There is no "official", so what about it do you prefer?
  • Maybe he meant the YouTube from browser? ))
  • There is an official YouTube app, just not for Windows 10; which is likely the point he/she was trying to make.
  • This app is way better than any official YouTube apps made by Google.
  • If they were to add DLNA casting to the mobile version, I would gladly choose this as my primary Youtube client.
  • Casting is available on Windows 10 Mobile ;)
  • Got it even before mobile Edge integrated it. Is it easy to use for Developers via API across Desktop and Mobile? Really love that feature
  • The API is relatively easy once you've figured it out. However, there isn't a lot of documentation on the proper way to use, and there are some bugs in the API you have to work around. So, I had to figure out a lot of it on my own. There's a bug in the mobile version of the API, so the mobile version had to be handled slightly differently, but no biggie.
  • Hey, can you help me download the app. I've been trying from last 5 months and still shows 80004005 error. Finally ended up using the beta. Tell me what to do. I am dying to use it. I know problem is solved if it shows the amount to purchase it. But it show 'owned' and i use wp8.1 denim lumia 720
  • Unfortunately, it'll be very difficult for you to install the main version on Windows Phone 8.1 if you've started getting error 80004005. If you already have the beta, it'll be best to keep using the beta until you get Windows 10 on your phone.
  • See the thing is, I got this app as part of a free deal back when it was just "myTube". Then you updated the app to "myTube!" and you know that there was an issue where previously owned app was reset and we had to buy the app again. Then you submitted in the discussion forum of the app for product key requests amd I requested one and you gave it :) well the problem starts here, since I entered the product key, my trial never expires, but on the store it lists as if I'm still on trial version. So one day I had to uninstall the app due bad performance, might've been a glitch. When i tried to reinstall it, it showed the app in store as if I've owned it and showed me the error 80004005. I finally had to catch a desktop link for store where it redirected me to the unpurchased form of the app. I clicked on try and then it finally downloaded. Now I already have my product key stored safe. But when I enter it in the product key section and press submit, it doesn't do anything. Does this mean the app is activates or is it still in the trial countdown?
    If I could purchase the app I really would but, I'm still a kid. But the day I'm gonna get my wallet, I'll definitely support you. Thanks for one of the best YouTube apps on store. :)
  • If your carrier supports phone bill in the store then you can just recharge your talktime (or postpaid bill) to buy the app.
  • @buddy Hmmm strange, you shouldn't have to re-enter the product key, it should remember it after you re-install or even install on a different device. Check on the homepage, if there's a purchase button in the app bar at the bottom, that means you're still in the trial. If you see the purchase button let me know.
  • no purchase button in the app bar ryken, guess it is activated
  • :'""( . Is there any way i could inform microsoft regarding this issue to get is solved? When i Googled this issue there was a website of forums having a comment with link (which expired) for reporting this issue.
  • @Zekrominfinity Go here and click on the "Services & Apps" link: Though, I don't think Microsoft is actually planning on fixing this issue for 8.1 users (very unfortunate), as it has been occuring since the summer last year. It's fixed on Windows 10, so I guess they're now just waiting for people to get on that.
  • Hey!! I am very excited to tell you that I've finally discovered the way to solve issue of 80004005. It will be useful to guys with the product key. I will email you so you can lookup for this method and try using it in device of yours. Just reply me in email so i can verify that you are reading this. My email id is
  • Is it? Fantastic, I'll be using MyTube when my 950 arrives. Thank you :) You couldn't also do a good music player app with the casting feature integrated per chance? ;)
  • I've actually wanted to make a music app, but there is a pretty significant bug in how Windows Phone (and 10 Mobile) treats universal apps with background audio. I'm working with someone at Microsoft to see if there's a workaround or a fix, as it also affects myTube. If it gets resolved, then totally ;)
  • Fingers crossed it gets resolved sooner rather than later. I have yet to use mobile versions of Windows at great length, so how does this bug affecct Groove music? Isn't that a universal app with background audio?
  • The problem is that if you start playing background audio in an app, minimize it and use then use another app, the app playing the audio will get terminated in the background. It's similar to how an app gets terminated in the background when you open a lot of apps and the phone needs memory. However in this case, the app will get terminated as soon as you open another app, no matter the memory constraints. The MS guy says he thinks it's a driver issue. It doesn't seem to happen to Groove Music, which I find very curious. I'll ask about that.  
  • I see, the situation makes sense, but the fact it doesn't make the app a priority when background audio is enabled seems like an odd issue. I would be interested to hear what they say.
  • But Groove does that to me sometimes when I open WhatsApp and start receiving messages.
    But only sometimes.
  • @DreamerUP One thing to check for when this happens is to see if apps that were open for longer than Groove also got terminated in the background. The telltale sign that it's not the expected behavior is when the music playing app gets terminated, but every other app in the app list resumes just fine.
  • I'm dying for a decent music app that detects all my collection for once with a beautiful interface. Expecting a great one from you if you ever build one :)
  • Are you planning to make your own music player in the mobile platform? If you do i would like to apply for BETA.
  • Sweet, just tried the DLNA casting from my W10M 1520 and it worked perfectly!  Should probably update the description to not list it as being something just for 'Windows 10 PC' users to add Windows 10 Mobile also. Can't wait until you add Chromecast casting, so I can dump Tubecast ;)  (And 360* video support, to dump Video 360 also...)
  • Awesome! Glad to see it's working for you :)
  • Lol dlna didn't work till I reinstalled the app
  • Thank you a lot for this wonderful app, and the continuous feedback! I am on a limited data plan, so can't download the update now. Can you please tell me if it fixed the disappearing search results on Windows 10 Mobile? Also, are subscriptions fixed as well? If there is one thing I wish this app does, is to download an audio from a video to an external accessible folder.
  • Yep fixes both of those things :) Unfortunately, audio files won't be accessible for now.      
  • Yeah why not? I previously downloaded once and it showed me the entire video with audio. But after some updates, the video is stored under a different format and when I manually renamed the format to mp4 it just showed me the video not audio
  • I was curious about this. Hope you can make audio files accessible, or let us choose a folder where the videos and audio files go. Also noticed some videos say "it can only be played in myTube". Why is that? I hate to compare, but I must say, TubeCast has the capability of downloading 4k videos and save them in one file. It would be more convenient if MyTube had this capability, specially on PC (I don't consider it important on mobile). Also, any plans of including 360° video support?
  • Dlna casting is built into windows 10.
  • It is available for the mobile version. However, I am using the Lumia 950.
  • If i load W10 on my phone i can downlaod it, on windows 8.1...can't download it. WTF? Error now is 80004005 I shouldn't HAVE to use a battery draining, sluggish, unstable version of windows to use this AMAZING app.  Yes W10 is unstable, sluggish, and kills the battery on my 1020. Cortana is basically useless on W10M.
  • I don't know what you're doing then cause it's great on my Lumia 830. No, it's far from perfect but I'd never go back to Windows Phone 8.1 now.
  • I don't do too much. Remember your 830 is newer, quad core, and a slightly larger battery. My phone is pushing 2 years and probably needs a new battery....i'm debating upgrading to the 1520 or the 950xl...but it's $300 CAD vs $849 CAD. 
  • Hey I understand that it's just Windows 10 Mobile should behave similar to Windows Phone 8.1 on your Lumia 1020.
  • Key Word is should. I'm over it, 8.1 works great. Cortana responds within 5 second...instead of 30 and using her with my car the speech services work as they should. I’ve provided feedback on this. As soon as they resolve it I’ll make the switch. Until then I’ll stick with what works. 
  • Because you have to have at least Windows 10.
  • Is it playing videos longer than 10 minutes? I've been having problems with all 3rd party YouTube apps with their ability to play for example full length music albums, including MyTube.
  • Perfect Tube is the one I use.
  • I remember watching some podcasts (they're usually couple of hours) but I think it was on MetroTube
  • I have had no problems watching entire movies on myTube...
  • Personally I feel the default colour scheme is a little bit dull. Could make the red colour little more vibrant.
  • Hey guys.. Which is the best and user friendly YouTube client in Windows Phone store?.. I don't mind if it's a paid app.. I have been using MetroTube for sometime... But I wanna know which one is better.. Thank you :)
  • Well upto you.
    These are top 4 and for me mytube is best! And followed by perfectube
  • Hey.. Can I save videos to SD card in myTube! ? And get those videos in Movies & TV app ?
  • It actually saves videos in the sd card in folder
  • Awesome.. :)
  • Only for 360p and 720p videos I believe. There is also one other quality that allows accessing the saved file but I don't remember if it is 144p or 240p.
  • I really like Perfect Tube.
  • Thanks guys.. Will try myTube and PerfectTube .. After all it's about personal preference ... :)
  • You're welcome! Glad to help out.
  • is it a universal app now?
  • Yep! It was actually a universal app on 8.1 for a while, now it's universal on Windows 10 too :)
  • It supports continuum! I just found my new YouTube app!
  • Congrats ;)
  • Yeah any universal app does
  • @Xled did you tried it in continuum?
  • I did!
  • Can anyone help me. I am unable to download mytube!, error code 80004005 continues for 5 months now. Please someone help me.
  • Change the settings and try installing it to phone memory then move to sd card later if you wish to.. I had similar issues and this helped... Give it a try :)
  • Hope that works
  • Same problem continues...... Man i feel super pissed now. I've waited like 5 months now.
  • Reinstall from wp download history webpage
  • Desktop you mean? Sorry but i use Ubuntu. And if i had to download it again it WILL OPEN the page of the app detail where same problem continues.
  • Thanks. I made a different approach to download the app. Though it shows a different error something like c101..... But i have a method to download that now.
  • Hey... I think you should approach the forum .. There are hundreds of them who can at least help you to find a work around for this particular issue..
  • Any suggested links will help me better. Can you send me some via comment?
  • Probably my favourite Windows app! It's more elegant and intuitive than the official YouTube apps on iOS and Android. This is also an excellent update. Particularly excited to try out the new new multi-video select feature so I can create playlists instantly. Brilliant idea. 
  • Just installed it buy casting doesnt find devices... My Bravia and Microsoft display adapter work when connecting with w10 built-in Miracast but not via the app... Any ideas?
  • Try casting from the Movies & TV app, and let me know if it works.
  • ok, first need to get a movie in there then ;)
  • nope, not getting any casting options there either... edit : from my SP3 I can cast using Movies & TV.
  • Hmm, mind clearing the edit up for me a bit. Do you mean you are unable to cast using Movies & TV on one of your devices, but on your Surface casting works?
  • I'll sum it up ;) so on my phone it's not working from Movies & TV either. On my Surface Pro 3 it is seeing the devices (Sony smarttv and Microsoft display adapter)
  • Ah I see. So, casting on your Surface works with Movies & TV, does it also with myTube? Can you confirm that your Bravia TV supports DLNA? Phones can't send media to Miracast devices like the Display Adapter (they can mirror the phone screen, but not send a video), so the Display Adapter wouldn't appear on your phone when casting. If your Bravia is using Miracast rather than DLNA, that may be the reason it doesn't appear on your phone.
  • Surface can cast mytube to my Sony kdl-42w706b which according to the internet supports dlna. In the my tube app on the surface I can also choose the ms display adapter so not sure wether the casting options come from windows or your app...
  • I see, so it's a problem with the phone. I just noticed a little while ago that casting doesn't work at all on one of my test phones in any app, similar to your situation. It throws an error when myTube tries to look for devices, and in my error database I an see a number of people are getting the same error as well. I'm gonna take this phone back to 8.1 using the recovery tool, then back to Win10 and see if that solves the issue. The casting options are technically coming from Windows. The Surface supports casting videos to the Display Adapter due to it having second screen support. Since Miracast acts as a second monitor, the Surface just creates a 2nd screen internally, plays the video on it, and sends that screen to the Miracast adapter. Lumia devices (except for the 950) can't create a second screen, so they can't cast a video over Miracast in the same manner. The most they can do is mirror their single screen over Miracast unfortunately.
  • Hey guys... Any opinion on...
    MyTube Vs. Tubecast Vs. PerfectTube?
    Your favorite
  • Mytube
  • My tube has the best interface by far.
  • Personally i'll go for myTube! I actually used both myTube and Tubecast...both are brilliant apps but i like the design of myTube...but also one plus point for tubecast it supports 360 video by using their another app 360videos...
  • PerfectTube and myTube! Are way different. Depends on user's preferances.
  • Tubecast was my prefered client on WP8.1 (unfortunately it seams out of place on W10m, in my opinion) Perfect tube has the easiest and most logical UI out of the 3 (prefer it on build 10586 because it's fast and autohides the on screen buttons) Now, MyTube is my new- new favorite (because of the goreous interface!) It's really up to you, every one of them is definetely better than the official youtube app on Android and iOS, but unfortunately non of them is perfect..   But I'm having some trouble to choose one for all my devices.. Currently i use PerfectTube on desktop, Hyper on W8.1 tablet and MyTube/PerfectTube on mobile!
  • I'm using 8.1/denim. Tubecast looks better without any limitation...
  • currently using perfectTube...gonna give this a try and see which is better. Update:SO far this is better than really recommending this one.LOve the ui and the performance and the way it download files unlike perfectube(i cant download sometimes when im having slow internet connection.)    
  • Lol perfect tube is nothing before mytube...
  • YouTube angle of windows phone...
  • Mytube takes forever before video starts playing. Takes forever when you use the search feature. I have wifi n router and fast internet connection. Metrotube and loads and play video immediately.
  • Indeed. myTube has always been slow for me when trying to search and play videos. Sometimes, the search takes so long and finally gives an empty page. Really frustrating.
  • Perfect tube is not showing up in my pc's store.
  • Mytube isn't available in my country and I'm satisfied with tubecast.
  • This is why I laugh when people try to say "But Windows doesn't have an official YouTube app!! :(​" .... I couldn't care less. My myTube and will beat your official apps any day.
  • Anyone still experiencing distortions in 1080P 60FPS video playback?
  • Great to hear that this is now officially updated to support windows 10. although the old non updated version had been just fine.
  • Love the app. Would be fantastic, if it was possible to sync playing time across devices. So I could continue to see/listen on my phone, when I leave the computer.
  • Amazing app
  • I use Tubecast because its full version also free. But my tube app gives only 1 hour continuous play trial. It's full version is not free... Tubecast looks best..
  • When will Google officially release it's app?
  • Crashed 3 times at first, seems to be working now...T440s
  • I think it was already available on Windows 10 PC.
  • This is one of the Best apps on Windows Phone, I love the fact that you can download and watch later when you don't have internet, saves me being bored on the train!!! This is the only youtube app I need, used to have tube cast but it didn't work for me, plus I can just watch it on TV as well!!! I also like how the developer always updates is with messages, telling us if three is a problem, when it's been fixed and New features, this is the kind of developer who cares about his app and the people who use it, quite inspiring!!!!