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MyTube will try to upstage the YouTube app on Xbox One

The Xbox One is in a unique position in Microsoft's ecosystem, in that it actually has an actual, official YouTube app. It's not very good, but it's there nonetheless. And now we're learning it'll most likely be upstaged this year by third-party client, MyTube.

The developer is currently working on MyTube 3.0 which can be tried in open beta. This embrace of the Universal Windows Platform and the impending opening of the doors to apps on the console means one of our favorite YouTube apps will be on our TV, too.

There's a message delivered in the existing app to all current users detailing the news and a few hints on what's going to be cut out. Some features aren't necessary on the big screen, like casting, but it does suggest you'll still be able to download videos for offline use as well as use it to play background audio when that feature is finally unlocked.

Build it, and they will come. Hopefully the start of a bright future for our favorite apps on the Xbox One.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • that would be awesome, MyTube is the best youtube app I know, better than the Android app in my opinion.
    I hope it supports voice commands.
  • Agree. Voice command are a must for me to use it on Xbox One. Even if just for media control.
  • There is a new one called 'Awesome Tube' it's pretty good too.
  • Oh, yeah. I love AT, and use on my PC and phone too as my daily driver yt client. But MyTube is also a great one, and I'm waiting for the final release of 3.0, and curious how good it will be compared to AwesomeTube.
  • Perfect Tube is the best. IMHO :)
  • Is there a way to listen to Spotify on the One?
  • not that I know of
  • Edge browser ?
  • I'm very hopeful that at least this will help Google realise that they have to make available their suite of applications on MS's platform as UWP
  • Aside from YouTube though, what else does Google have that we'd want on the console? And on phones/PCs I think Maps is about all I'd really want. I already moved everything important from Google to Microsoft because, well, Microsoft's services generally seem to be better for me.
  • Not just better but available everywhere and every platforms
  • Indeed. One of the first things that made me look at switching as it happens. Since working at Mobile Nations means using all of the things at some point.
  • Lucky you
  • Exactly. I can now have Microsoft services everywhere. That used to be what Google was about and why I used them... I use Microsoft services on all my devices. So fun using all MS services on my Android phone... only thing Google had that I can't shake right now is YouTube. I hate the Google plus integration... I am considering using Amazon video for future uploads, but I am not in position to jump ship anytime soon. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Google Maps especially Google Earth might be useful for console. Others I can think of that people might want like: Google Drive, Hangouts, Google Photos, and maybe Search? It's actually odd that Google doesn't even take advantage of Xbox marketshare to put relevant apps over there. Alot of Xbox users likely use some Google services and they don't cater them. It really feels like they just don't want to give too much their apps on MS platform even with shared customers.
  • The only reason for that is Google thinks Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile may surpass Android. Summarizing they don't rely on Android's own capacity to remain as the Smartphones market leader. They are assuming Windows is a way better OS for Mobile.
  • "Google thinks Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile may surpass Android." C'mon dude, seriously?
  • If not, why did Google never released any app for Gmail or YouTube in the Windows Store? They even never released them for PC's! iPhones are full of Google's apps!
  • @Visa Declined: Well, if you just look to the behaviour of Google towards the Microsoft Mobile world since the WP7 days, you'd come to this very conclusion, as hilarious as it sounds. Of course there seem to be other hostilities, but it's strange anyway. One thing is not to put work in apps for a platform, another thing is to try to block the competition with all means (remember that great MS YouTube App?)
  • Axiom: "Actions speak louder than words." White tiger watch ova you.
  • I can't wait for this! I use MyTube so much after everyone here kept recommending it.
  • This is the best youtube app of all platforms hands down ! 
  • Bravo Ryken Apps!!
  • The best User interface,butter smooth and fully featured....mytube is the beast among all YouTube apps available on any platform... Another solid reason to use this beautiful OS
  • What are the other reasons and please be honest. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What? Other than the best UX even from third party developers?
  • Live tiles, butter smooth OS, seriously low Battery consumption, DOWNLOAD EVERY APP,GAME OR ANYTHING directly to sd issue of need to install apps like clean master and some anti viruses and some launchers.....and the best thing the addiction of this ever growing OS...every week you have a upcoming build which is bringing something new to the OS
  • "seriously low Battery consumption"  
  • You do know that higher is better and the lumia is the worst of the bunch. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You said 3 things, You're talking about Windows phone 7&8.1 right buttery smooth os, live tiles, excellent battery life. I have no problems installing apps & games in SD card on my Android tablet or my honor 5x, no antivirus or other garbage and its buttery smooth on my note 5 , honor 5x and gpad x just like Windows phone used to be. I miss those days. I have a lumia 920 which is running the best OS and a lumia the beast lumia 1520 running close to the worst os. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No i am strictly talking about windows 10 mobile which i am rocking on my Lumia 640...its as smooth as 8.1 on my lumia and sometime much smoother...and the interface of this OS, talking about live tiles, dark theme and light theme, start screens is more than enough reason to be a proud owner of a windows phone...i seriously cant bear the so ugly interface of seems like hell to me
  • No i am strictly talking about windows 10 mobile which i am rocking on my Lumia 640...its as smooth as 8.1 on my lumia and sometime much smoother...and the interface of this OS, talking about live tiles, dark theme and light theme, start screens is more than enough reason to be a proud owner of a windows phone...i seriously cant bear the so ugly interface of seems like hell to me
  • Agree, just don't let Google know about it, else they might do something against it.
  • Anyone who tries to enable YouTube downloads on Xbox One would probably get their API access pulled.
  • It's better than android app. Really. Go buy it
  • Using mytube for the last 2 years and I have to say its a brilliant app. One of the best third party apps! Love it.
  • It's definitely better but I hope it doesn't get googles attention and tries to make them remove the app from the windows store
  • Microsoft needs to start taking a stand against this crap. Point out the monopoly situation. Point out the ten million shady and possibly illegal practice they use. Stop being nice with those douches.
  • They already tried that around 3 years back when Google blocked Microsoft's YouTube app. Nothing changed. Its better to play nice and compete hard instead of displaying their rivalry in the open.
  • You think it is anything more than business? Why would Google make apps for a platform that no one uses? They also don't make apps for Blackberry, Tizen, Sailfish, etc. Windows Mobile isn't in a different position than the others. All they need to do is to become relevant for Google to pay attention. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @bleached have to disagree there. Maybe it wasn't obvious for someone living in the US...but windows had a significant user base and following especially in 2014 in other countries like India, France, Italy, UK etc. Google apps were long overdue as there were many other popular services, global and local landing on Windows here.
    It might be hard to digest that but if you live in any of these countries you would understand...just by taking a few moments to look around you...
  • Re: rianext,
    Thank you. Great statement.
  • On your comment you displayed the magic word HAD. Windows phone HAD a 10+% market in a few countries but was almost invisible to the world in 2014. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • HAD... and I cant say the same for Windows 10 now though I still have high hopes...around 10% in some countries in 2014 that increased to even more at the beginning of 2015...comparatively these are a lesser number of countries causing the worldwide market share to be smaller...but still very significant because they were all developed countries or developing countries high up in smartphone market share...
    Basically am saying the ingredients were all there that made Windows a significant 3rd platform but Google still ignored us even in my opinion, Google definitely had the intention of stalling Windows phone's growth by not providing their services. The point of my post is you cant attribute Google's lack of interest to be solely cause of market share.
  • You're acting as though it's illegal for Google to ignore Windows phone. Long story short: it's not illegal.
  • Illegal...? :) Lets not exaggerate what i tried to convey...
  • I've always wondered why Microsoft just doesn't hook-up with Amazon to create a new Gaapless smartphone. Cortana+Echoe will give Windows seamless voice integration. Why does Microsoft Keep begging for scraps when it has all the resources to make a four course meal? If Google doesn't own Microsoft then Google doesn't owe Microsoft anything.
  • 10% in those small markets isn't many people. Not enough to matter. It was never more a couple percent worldwide. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The markets I mentioned are small?? Every country i mentioned above is a significant smartphone market- only the US and China are left out..and Google barely operates in the latter.
  • Yeah. They are small. Even Microsoft didn't bother continuing support in many of those markets. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Google is right to try and get the apps removed. YouTube relies on advertising for revenue, so if a third party app developer takes the free API, builds an app and then disables ads, YouTube (and content creators) aren't getting the money that keeps them in business. 
  • Who cares if it's bad for google? Death to them :D If I want to support a developer with money, I rather send that money directly to them through the donation link they provide in the description of their videos then watch stupid ads, just to give them two cents and a dollar to google...
  • But do you? Do you send developers money through PayPal for each and every video you watch? Or, do you use one of these apps and download them to your device, denying the creator any revenue?
  • Not for every video, just for the ones I actually like. I usually buy some merch from my favorite youtubers, like t-shirts, but sometimes yeah, I send them money through paypal or patreon too. Not hella cash, but still more than what they would get when I just watched the ads...
  • YouTube barely relies on advertising for revenue anymore. YouTubers get hardly anything from ads anymore.
  • What are your sources for this? And it doesn't change the fact that you're still stealing.
  • He has no idea of what he's talking about. Popular YouTubers are making millions from the platform.
  • Correct. PewDiePie makes like 4 million bucks a year for being as annoying as hell as far as I can see ;-)
  • That would be a sad day.
  • Upstage? Not hard to upstage a giant ****.
  • I'm really excited about various media based UWP apps coming to the Xbox this summer, can't wait! And yeah it's about time the 'official' youtube app on the Xbox got replaced by real apps - myTube and the other solid ones. Good times!
  • Can someone give me a link to download mytube 3.0? I want to try it... Thanks
  • You can find a link in a regular mytube app.
  • Thank you =)
  • In Redstone build you can set Mytube to be your primary youtube URL opener? My phone is not Redstone supported but I think I read this somewhere.
  • i'm seriously considering buying an xbox console for the first time. Do we know when apps will be available on xbox one?
  • Needs the Anniversary Update first. Which is coming later this year.
  • Most likely in a month or 2
  • Most apps on Xbox one are very slow and poor quality. YouTube stands out as being the worst, most broken I have ever seen. It can't even stream 1080 video properly. If you like watching 144p (not a typo), and if you're lucky sometimes 240p!, then YouTube on Xbox one is for you.
  • The Field Of Dreams reference is really suitable :D and it looks like MSFTs strategy for developers is turning out well with each step.
  • My favorite PC YouTube app is HYPER since you can actually download audio/video in mp3 format.. I had been using PERFECTTUBE for a while, just recently bought MYTUBE from the app store and really like the clean look to it. It's my go to app for windows mobile.
  • Best YouTube client ever used
  • I use Metro Tube on my phone (W10). Is there a big difference between Metro Tube and My Tube? Metro Tube currently has a rating of 4.6. It works well.
  • I don't believe MetroTube has a UWP app. Mt! Has a beta UWP app which is what is referenced here in the article and comments.
  • They're pretty similar functionality-wise. I think MyTube has a far superior UI, but MetroTube will keep your last-played track in memory longer; for example if you play a song, wait an hour, and hit Play from the lock screen, it will go as normal in Metro. Not so much in MyTube. Might just be my phone.
  • Mytube is getting famous!
  • ...and streaming?
  • What is this casting feature that wikl be cast off?
  • I have been using TubeCast for the longest tube. I like it a lot. Is MyTube even better you guys think?
  • Mytube is awesome, and the xbox youtube app is horrible, the only reason that i use TubeCast instead of mytube is streaming to xbox, mytube seems to have a stream feature, but when i click to show the devices it doesn't show me any device..
  • This would be sweet! I use MyTube all the time on my 930.
  • Hope it can be integrated to the system, like when a new ep of This Week On Xbox apear on the dash, can be opened directily on mytube.
  • MyTube3 Beta isn't anything special as it is now, but current version 2 is by far the best YouTube app out there for windows mobile. I hope to make v3 even better though I already don't like the missing features and the great UI from v2
  • Excellent news the YouTube app for Xbox One is to buggy for me. I am constantly being logged out in the middle of watching a video or the app just crashes and says I am no longer connected to Xbox live. Funny how home of that happens when viewing YouTube via the Edge browser on Xbox One.
  • In my opinion its actually best YouTube app speaking of all platforms lol
  • Great app. It is a welcome addition
  • I believe it's great to have an app that won't be so slow and change everything around every few days.
  • Not bad but if your having problems with internet speeds it sometimes doesn't work
  • do it.....
  • I figured they wood!
  • Amazing stuff! My favorite youtube app and one of my favourite developer. Love to see this app comes to all devices Microsoft like XBox, Surface Hub, PCs and 2in1s, tablets, phones, HoloLens etc.
  • Finally cant wait for this. Hopefully more to follow
  • At last! We're going to have a good 3rd party application of youtube. :3
  • Do you want Google to sue you? Because this is how you get Google to sue you.
  • What's it going to cost me? The myTube app in the Windows Store is currently $.99, but the YouTube app is free and does everything I need it to. Granted $.99 isn't much, but just curious if, since I've already purchased it for my phone or other mobile devices, will I get it for free as part of the whole UWP? Will everyone get it for free like the current YouTube app? Or will it cost a dollar or two? Like I said, just curious.
  • I am so exited about MyTube! On Xbox One :D This is the best YT version i know! I even use it more than YouTube itself :)