Nearly confirmed: No 3G in the Shadow II

We really weren't expecting to see 3G out of the box with T-Mobile's upcoming Shadow II, and it's looking more and more like that's the case.

The bad news, from a blurrycam shot from TmoNews of the Shadow II: GPRS/EDGE only.

The semi-interesting news: We get another (albeit blurry) shot of how the color scheme's gonna play out, again confirming the red and silver paint jobs we've already seen. Also note the release date of Jan. 28, which also matches up with what's been reported.

So at this point our previous question still stands: If the Shadow II truely has a 1700MHz 3G radio as the FCC testing implied, will we ever see it implemented? And the other burning question: Is UMA and WinMo 6.1 enough of an upgrade to the Shadow line to make you want one?

Update: In more "meh" news, the Boy Genius reports that the Shadow II will be called ... wait for it ... Shadow 2009.

Phil Nickinson

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