Nemesis and new Mastermind Nicholai join Resident Evil Resistance

Resident Evil Resistance Nemesis
Resident Evil Resistance Nemesis (Image credit: Capcom)

What you need to know

  • Resident Evil Resistance is the asymmetrical multiplayer spin-off game included with Resident Evil 3.
  • A new update has brought in Nicholai as a Mastermind.
  • Nicholai has new abilities and can control Nemesis.

Resident Evil Resistance is continuing to be updated by Capcom, with Jill Valentine added as a Survivor shortly after the game's release. Now, Nicholai has been introduced as a terrifying new Mastermind, complete with the ability to control Nemesis.

In an interview on PlayStation Blog, Capcom also revealed that the Nemesis project actually began as an attempt to artificially create the Plagas parasite seen in Resident Evil 4. While Jill Valentine, Nicholai and Nemesis are also in Resident Evil 3, it's important to remember that Resistance is a non-canon, "what-if" type game. Hopefully we'll continue to see new updates bringing additional Survivors, Masterminds and maps.

In my review of Resident Evil 3, I wrote that "While a couple of things could've been tweaked to provide a longer experience, Capcom provides a fantastic survival horror remake that carefully balances the action with the terror."

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