This NES is actually a gaming PC with an AMD Ryzen CPU, GTX 1660 SUPER GPU

NES Gaming Pc
NES Gaming Pc (Image credit: Equalo)

What you need to know

  • A YouTuber named Equalo created a gaming PC built inside an NES case.
  • The build has an AMD Ryzen 2600 CPU and an NVIDIA GTX 1660 SUPER GPU.
  • The build isn't finished yet but is shown off booting up at the end of one of his videos.

Classic consoles like the NES Classic and SNES Classic have a niche following of retro gamers and people feeling nostalgic. But one YouTuber decided to go a different route with the classic console look. YouTuber Equalo built a gaming PC inside an NES case that he found thrown out in an alley like a piece of trash (via PC Gamer).

Equalo breaks down the process of making the PC on his YouTube channel, including his decision process on which card to use and how to make the components fit inside the case. The build isn't done yet from an aesthetics perspective, but it is shown booting up towards the end of his second video showing the project.

Equalo had to get a bit creative to fit everything inside. For example, he had to use a laptop power brick to move some of the power supply outside of the machine. He also had to remove the cross-section at the bottom of the case to make more room. That cutting process leaves a hole which vents some heat out of the system, though. Equalo also had to add a bit of space and fill it to increase the height of the NES case.

The build has some interesting integrations. For example, the original power and reset buttons of the NES case actually work with the PC inside. Right now, Equalo is debating if he should fill the gap in the system with a frosted panel and RGB lighting or opt for the classic NES look.

Equalo points out that he isn't the first person to fit a modern PC inside an older console, but he hasn't seen anyone do it in years.

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