NetCom offering free Xbox 360 with LG Optimus 7

Norway has the LG Optimus 7 available on NetCom, but the carrier is throwing a free Xbox 360 into the mix. Perfect timing for kids who are writing their Santa lists for Christmas just around the corner. Windows Phone and a free Xbox? Can't say no to that. We're already aware of Telenor advertising the HTC Radar, but it's good to see another carrier picking up the baton. As a bonus, check out the advert below.

Source: NetCom, thanks TheMoose14 for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • NetCom also have the HTC Titan and Radar. But you will not get a Xbox 360 whith those phones.
  • Saw the commerical on tv a while back, Telenor is also taking pre-orders for the Omnia W. Netonnet has imported a few Nokia Lumia 800's at 5k kr (~850$) a pop though.
  • I said it last year and I'll at it again. MS should give a voucher for a free XBox 360 4gb withe the purchase of every windows phone plus the puechase of annual passes of XBox live Gold and Zune. It would immediately immerse the new users in the complete Microsoft ecosystem and have the benefit of exposing ther other services to more users. Once people have lived in that ecosystem, its very hard to give it up. MS would make the money back for the cost of the services and have potentially more revenue each year. Someone at MS needs to get on the ball and do this everywhere for allWindows Phones, they would almost be guaranteed to reach that 100 million sales target for 2012.