NeueChair office chair review: A best-in-class office chair for professionals

NeueChair is an excellent (if pricey) office chair perfect for desktop gaming or work. But is it worth it?

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Secretlab is renowned for high-quality chairs for both gamers and office scenarios, and recently we got the opportunity to test out the NeueChair, from its newly-launched subsidiary Neue. NeueChair is built from premium materials with a huge range of customizability and flexibility.

However, it clocks in at around $580, possibly putting it out of the price range of many. If you suffer from back pain or simply want something truly premium and comfortable for long work or gaming sessions, something that will truly last the test of time, this is a product worth considering.

Premium ergonomics



Bottom line: While the NeueChair is pricey, it should pay for itself over time due to its robust build quality and generous comfort.


  • Attractive design.
  • Airy mesh finish.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic.
  • Lots of customizable features.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Mesh upholstery can be difficult to clean in some situations.

What you'll love about the NeueChair

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FrameADC12 Aluminium
UpholsteryNylon mesh
Arm restsHeight and angle adjustable, PU coated
FeaturesTilt and tilt angle locking, gas lift, 130-degree recline, adjustable lumbar support
Seat width50 cm
Arm rest space width70 cm
Backrest dimensions55 cm x 57 cm
Wheelbase diameter66cm
Seat height47cm to 56cm
Maximum weight support110 kg

On the design and build quality, NeueChair is nearly faultless, sporting aluminum alloy framework and grippy PU leather-like material on the armrests. The backrest and the chair itself are made of "NeueMesh" nylon, which is breathable and airy for long sessions in warm environments. It maintains a soft veneer while still being rather durable, although the maximum load suffers a bit due to this most likely, supporting up to 110 kg.

The NeueChair is also highly-adjustable, with armrests that can be locked higher or lower, and angled at will. The chair too also supports a high degree of recline, as well as an upright "focus mode" for straight back support.

Instead of fiddling around blindly under the seat for the different tilt mechanisms, they're conveniently placed under the armrests too, which is a nice touch. It's easy to unlock the backrest to change the angle as a result, locking it in place with a quick squeeze of the lever.

You can also adjust the lumbar protuberance to fit your needs, giving the arc of your back solid support. I cannot stress enough how good lumbar support is for long gaming or office sessions, as someone who (previously) suffered from pretty awful back pain. Even if you can't get a chair as premium as this one, invest in a cheap lumbar pillow or something of that nature for your existing set-up.

Therein lies the biggest question about this chair, really. Luckily many companies will budget high-quality chairs for its staff. If you can get it through your employer to save your back from long-term problems, you should quite honestly look no further, but for home use, let's look a bit closer.

What you'll dislike about the NeueChair

For home users, perhaps with youngsters running around, the NeueChair upholstery, being a mesh-based offering, might not be the ideal upholstery choice for some situations. While it is highly-durable nylon weave and feels almost as tough as those nylon cable ties, the perforated nature of it makes it difficult to clean if you end up spilling something on it. Like, say chocolate, for example. You'll be picking it out of the mesh, rather than simply wiping it down. This is certainly more geared towards an office environment, and the marketing doesn't hide that fact at all.

Other than that, there's almost nothing to dislike about the chair aside from the price point.

Should you buy the NeueChair?

Secretlab itself does a range of cheaper chairs that are probably better suited for home environments, such as the Secretlab Titan which costs around $470. Unless you're totally in love with the airy nylon upholstery and the style of the chair, and boy, it is sexy, I'd probably recommend the Titan gaming chair instead.

There's nothing bad about the NeueChair, by any means. Simply put, it's a chair aimed at companies seeking the best for their employees, rather than most people's home offices. And in that instance, Neue totally nailed it. This is an exceedingly great, comfortable, sleek, and ergonomic chair. If you can afford it.

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