How to create or join a guild in Neverwinter, the free to play Dungeons and Dragons MMO

Neverwinter is a free to play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) for Xbox One and Steam from Perfect World Entertainment. Since launching in June 2015, the Xbox One version has received numerous free expansions to date (with more on the way). One of the most exciting additions from these expansions is guilds.

By joining a guild, Neverwinter players will gain access to a vast Stronghold area, new quests, items, and Achievements. Read our guide to learn about the benefits of joining a guild, how to create a guild of your own, and most importantly – how to join the Windows Central guild!

Note: This guide applies to both the Xbox One and Steam versions of the game, but Windows Central only has a guild on Xbox One.

Requirements to join or create a guild

How to create or join a guild in Neverwinter

Joining a guild is easy. Just ask a member of the guild with invite privileges to invite you. Your character needs to be the minimum level set by the guild in order to accept the invite. It will appear as a notification at the top of the screen when it arrives or the next time you log in. Press the appropriate button to accept or reject the invite.

The ability to create is restricted to players of level 15 or higher. The good news is that reaching level 15 doesn't take all that long. After all, with a max level of 70, 15 is just a drop in the bucket. After starting a fresh character, you should be able to reach the level requirement within six hours or so. You needn't go out of your way to advance faster, either. Just accept and complete every story- and side-quest you come across, and you'll fly through the levels in no time.

Creating a guild takes five players of level 15 or higher to gather in a single group. Once you have such a team gathered, everyone needs to switch to the same Instance. The group leader must then visit the Guild Registrar in Protector's Enclave (the starting city) and ask to start the guild. The Registrar is located right next to Sergeant Knox, one of the main quest-givers.

Guild benefits

How to create or join a guild in Neverwinter

The primary benefit to Neverwinter guilds is that players gain access to an entirely new area: the guild Stronghold. To reach your Stronghold after joining a guild, head to any fast travel/world map location and you'll be able to select it from the destination list.

Your Stronghold is a massive multilevel castle filled with NPCs to interact with. The Steward and his team will assign quests to guild members and perform other useful functions. These include Stronghold team quests, daily quests, and hourly quests for the members of your guild.

Besides teaming up on quests, your main goal as a guild member should be expanding the Stronghold. The guild can build a number of structures that produce resources and provide other benefits like permanent stat boosts, but these structures don't come free. Everyone needs to donate resources like money, gems, and treasures to the Guild Coffer – managed by a friendly Mimic towards the rear of the Stronghold.

How to create or join a guild in Neverwinter

Once the guild acquires enough resources, officers can purchase upgrades and new structures that will benefit everyone. The guild can also purchase guild bank space with Astral Diamonds, a currency earned by completing specific types of quests.

The 'Strongholds' expansion also has four Achievements, three of which can only be earned by guild members. These Achievements are the rarest in the game, so you'll want to join a guild as soon as possible.

For more information, see the Guilds and Strongholds articles at the Neverwinter Wiki.

Join the Windows Central guild

How to create or join a guild in Neverwinter

Are you looking for a guild to share your Neverwinter adventures with on Xbox One? You're in luck. By popular demand, Windows Central now has a guild. We'd love to recruit readers and other players who actively play the game and will contribute to our Stronghold's coffers.

To join, first make sure your character is level 45 or higher and is not currently in another guild. Then message EastX on Xbox Live with your CharacterName@Gamertag. For instance, my primary character name is EastX, so that's EastX@EastX. Feel free to comment here too, but don't forget to send that message.

How to create or join a guild in Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a vast free-to-play MMORPG that can be fully enjoyed whether or not you spend real money. The game will become even larger once the free 'Underdark' expansion/update arrives on February 9th. We'll have a full review by then, plus another weekend stream and premium item giveaway sometime that month.

If you haven't started Neverwinter yet, now's a great time to try it. Be sure to keep leveling up so you can team up and conquer with your fellow Windows Central readers. We'll see you in the game!

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  • Looks terrible just like most MMORPGs, on 2012-2016 someone would expect most recent mmorpgs to look nice but nope. there are still few choices, where graphics are amazing and gameplay is really nice. I guess this is another pay to win game by Perfect World company, I hope the quest system is decent though, there is nothing worse than playing bad graphics game, with bad story, bad quest system, bad pvp, bad store. that's one reason why I stopped trying any new mmorpg arond and just focused on the ones I knew they were good some months ago. I must admit it's cool more games comes to Xbox One, but doesn't look impressive for a 2015 game in 2016.
  • I actually love the game. Haven't played in a bit. Haven't had the time. I'll send a message to you though about joining the guild!
  • 2013 game not 2015
  • Game is actually not bad, not necessary pay to win, I'm almost lvl56 after playing a week plus (since last stream). Just need to play smart, do not be a packed rat, find ways to earn diamonds on AH.
  • I recommend Tera. It's not pay to win. If you want good looking game try Archeage and Black Desert.
  • Meanwhile Nintendo announced their first mobile game, with one of the main characters of the company, probably Mario, for this year, for android and iOS...
  • Lemme know when that gets guild support! :P
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  • Yes you do!
  • Great guide Paul.
  • Would love to play but given my current hours it won't be possible. 9 am - 9 pm Monday to Saturday. Off sick today.
  • If only it was first person view.
  • When gamers see PWE / Perfect World Entertainment, they should run away. This IS a PtW (Pay to Win) game. If you got money to burn, then you can pay to get the best of everything & be OP in PWE games. They are ALL ABOUT THE $$$.
  • My char is max level, has pretty decent gear, some nice mounts, and I haven't spent a penny. NW lets you convert real-money currency to virtual and vice versa. You have to grind a bit more, but money players don't have nearly the advantage here that they do in other games. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Liked this game but usually play mmos solo and got stuck at an instance. Don't remember there being guild when it first came out or maybe didn't pay attention. But a guild would make finding parties easier. Good guide either way Paul.
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  • This is one of thoes layed back mmo games that you can gradualy lvl up on your own solo. There are random double xp weekends that make it a lot easyer to lvl up. Now with WC having a guild in Never Winter there will always something to do, help build the stronghold or help someone out with a quest. More people to play with the better IMHO.    
  • The next double xp event is on at the 11th till the 16th of February
  • perfect
  • I wouldn't be surprised if we had a Neverwinter weekend stream on the 13th! Here's hoping.
  • I've got a few lvl 70 characters and haven't spent a dime out of my own pocket. I've got 6 months of VIP, a fast mount and plenty of nice gear. If you want to be the best out there, then yes it will be easier if you spend real $ on it. But my thinking is why rush to the end of the game? Just relax and enjoy the daily activities. I joined the guild with one of my lvl 70 chars (Oath Pally) and look forward to working with others on some of the epic dungeons (or stronghold heroics). In time we'll get the guild built up, but the more people helping the faster it will go.
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  • Sorry to hear about your trouble with grouping! Our guild is active, so feel free to join up at any time. ;)
  • Hey I play never winter all the time . I'm currently in a guild but doesn't seem like they do much to help me out
  • Why not join us then? We need your Character Name@Gamertag to invite you.