New Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare gameplay footage take the battle from Earth to space

Activision has released two new gameplay trailers from the upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. One of the trailers shows an extended sequence from the first part of the game where the player battles enemies on both Earth and in space.

The nearly 14-minute video shows the player character in Geneva, in the middle of a surprise attack by the Settlement Defense Front. After a firefight in the city, the player gets onboard a fighter and fires up the engines to take him to Earth orbit and shoot at the enemy's spacecraft.

The other new video offers a quick overview of the UNSA Retribution, the large spaceship that will be the player's hub location for the game. Players will take off on both campaign and side missions from the ship, and the video shows a number of AI characters that will interact with the player as they stroll through the ship.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is due for release on November 4. People who pre-order the game will also get access to the bonus Terminal multiplayer map, which is a sci-fi remake of one of the most popular maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. People who purchase the $79.99 (opens in new tab) Legacy Edition of the game will also get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

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John Callaham
  • Nobody here cares about Call of Duty ?
  • You know.....that guy looks like robocop with his helmet off....
  • Many people still do. I've given up on this tired franchise after Black Ops 2 and went to Battlefield. It's just gotten so ridiculous and gameplay has been reduced to who jumps around the most and who fired first.
  • IMO battlefield 4 wasnt fun either, and yea COD was fun untill Ghost i think, just played ghost again last weekend, was still fun, but i could play AW, or BO3 again even though i tried to. looking forward to the new IW and Battlefield 1, lets c who wins the show, battlefield 1 looks the winner at the moment
  • I definitely care about COD.  I'm also noticing those who aren't a fan of it, are those who aren't fans of the jumping because it's harder for them to track or react to.  "Boots on the ground" is what people ask for, but we're supposed to be moving forward when it comes to technology.  That's what I enjoy about cod.  They're done past, present and future.  If they remastered BO2, I would be all over it.  Heck, all they'd have to do is make it backwards comnpatible, but from the gameplay I saw for SP, I'm looking forward to MP.  
  • Looks does Battlefield 1.. guess I need to get both :D
  • people are too stuck up to acknowledge a good game just because it has the c.o.d badge. its cool to hate on c.o.d. i just dont get this whole cool thing, seriously.
  • maybe the hate is real and people dont like the new concept, dont you think? Personaly, I dont like the futuristic story, gear and I dont want to shoot at anybody who is in front of me. Its just boring, old and repetitive
  • Nah the hate isn't real. It was all just a bandwagon after the first reveal trailer came out. Each time more gameplay was shown for Infinite Warfare, the bandwagon shrunk even further. You can tell by the number and rates of dislikes it has significantly declined now that people are realizing that Infinite Warfare actually looks pretty cool and is a fresh spin on the Call of Duty series. At the same time, the bandwagon is taking a 2nd blow because Battlefield 1 has recently been exposed for being extremely unrealistic and not true to WW1. For example, many Youtubers have exposed Battlefield 1 as lacking trench warfare, biplanes that manuever like F16's and tanks that are way too fast and reliable to be from WW1. Basically it's been exposed as nothing more than a Battlefield 4 reskin. Therefore, the hate bandwagon has shrunk considerably and Infinite Warfare is growing in acceptance. The entire hate campaign was nothing but hot air.
  • Or perhaps people have been so turned off that they aren't bothereing to even watch the trailers/gameplay videos anymore. I know I don't bother much any more.  I'll still end up buying it, but not till it is on sale or perhaps a 2nd hand disc version (I HATE discs)
  • Yup exactly! I don't really care for the playstyle. I prefer the old game mechanic where you could hold positions or work on a team. Now you can't stop for 2 seconds because people are jumping and dashing and using magic. It's not what I'm looking for. I don't know why the COD-Brand-die-hards can't grasp it.
  • The hate isn't just because it's cool to. I've played every COD game starting from Modern Warfare and up until Black Ops 2, it started to get progressively worse. The game balancing to cater to the new and very casual players, the terrible netcode to produce lag/bad hit detection that was never improved upon and the progressively gimmicky gadgets and maps was what did it in for me. Last COD game I bought was MW3 and I spent a couple of weeks with it, but just couldn't get into it. It became a game of chance with each match without any time or way to actually plan an attack with a team. I was just so done with it.
  • Why did Call of Duty go to space? Cause nobody on Earth wanted it.
  • Lol
  • Nice!!
  • Lol! While I'm actually looking forward to this game, this gave me a chuckle. XD
  • This man. This. This comment should be at the top.
  • unique. Maybe they'll add the ability to shoot laser pistols, phazers or use a light saber in the next COD?
  • Or make robots fall from sky like Titanfall.
  • So you're saying that shooting on earth is unique? Use weapon from WW1 and WW2 is unique? Such logic. I'm not a fan of COD or BF. This hate is just total BS
  • Its more the rinse repeat rinse repeat nature that has defined CoD since MW2 (and BF fell into that same rut till BF1). I'm sure it'll still be a fun game, but CoD has moved so far from its roots (great WWII shooter).  Its all just stupid jumpy shooty crap now.  Sure, still needs skill, but its now incredibly far from the titles that made the CoD franchise great.
  • So cod repetitive same every year and battlefield same every year Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nice, in the future the buildings are made of Adamantium or that mothership is made of plastic cause it didn't scratch the building. No wonder battlefield went back to ww1. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android