New co-op puzzle game Mørkredd will be an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console exclusive

Morkredd Announcement Image
Morkredd Announcement Image (Image credit: Aspyr)

What you need to know

  • Mørkredd is an innovative new co-op puzzler game announced by Aspyr and Hyper Games.
  • While it's been teased and shown off in the past, the game is officially happening, coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Windows 10 later this year.
  • In Mørkredd, players will master unique dual-player controls to solve light-based puzzles, either by themselves or with the help of a friend.
  • Follow the call of the Orb, and find your way out of the darkness this December, when Mørkredd launches as an Xbox console exclusive.

Mørkredd is a new game that has been made official today in an announcement from Aspyr and developer Hyper Games. This innovative co-op puzzler places one to two players in a world mostly overshadowed by darkness, following the will of the mysterious Orb and solving light-based puzzles to progress through the game and the story. According to Aspyr, Mørkredd features unique dual-player controls that can either be mastered by a single person, or coordinated between two friends for some co-op fun.

According to Aspyr and Hyper Games:

  • The Orb Calls for Two: Mørkredd is best played as a couch co-op experience. Heed the Orb's call with a friend or prove your loyalty alone by mastering the unique dual-character controls
  • Your Path is the Orb: You are the Orb's protector, and the Orb's light is yours. Survive and master over 60 puzzles while avoiding the shadows caused by your partner and the environment
  • The Orb is Your Only Friend: An endless abyss of deadly shadows conceal dangers in this cold, dark world. Stay with the Orb if you want to stay alive
  • Gaze into the Orb: Discover ancient secrets about the Orb hidden in the darkness

The game looks suitably moody and gorgeous, with fantastic lighting effects that highlight the dangers contained in the darkness outside of the Orb's presence. If Mørkredd is able to strike a good balance between co-op fun and challenge, Hyper Games could have a real gem on their hands. At the very least, the game looks the part, and I'm all for worshipping a giant Orb.

Mørkredd is coming in December, 2020, and will arrive as an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and Xbox One, console exclusive. Mørkredd will also be available on Windows 10 through the Microsoft Store and on Steam. Finally, Mørkredd will be available on Xbox Game Pass, which opens up this intriguing indie game to a large group of gamers that otherwise might not have spent the $20 to purchase the game before trying.

Are you interested in Mørkredd? Will you be playing alone or with a friend? Let us know in the comments below!

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