New Dell XPS 15 now available for pre-order from Microsoft

XPS 15
XPS 15

If you're in the market for Dell's latest powerhouse XPS 15, you can now count the Microsoft Store among your purchasing options. The Microsoft Store is currently listing Dell's latest for pre-order, with two variants available. As for specifics, both versions pack a 4K UHD display, with the main differences coming down to processor, SSD space, and RAM.

The cheaper option, coming in at $1,699 packs a 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor, 256GB of storage, and 8GB of RAM. On the other end, you can pay $2,099 to pick up a Core i7 processor, 512GB of storage, and 16GB of RAM. As usual, when you buy either of these from the Microsoft Store, they'll be Signature Edition laptops — meaning a barebones Windows 10 experience out of the box with no manufacturer tweaks.

Both models are showing a release date of November 2, so if you want to pick one up as a nice, cheaper alternative to the Surface Book, go ahead and hit up the link below.

Buy the Dell XPS 15 from Microsoft starting at $1,699

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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