Microsoft clarifies, new enterprise pack coming to all Windows Phone 8 devices with ‘spring update’

Last year, Microsoft announced a forthcoming update for Windows Phone dubbed ‘enterprise pack’. The move was to further lure companies to adopt Windows Phone en masse, something many have been reluctant to do due to the lack of core features like VPN.

Today in Barcelona, Microsoft referred to this ‘feature pack’ in clarification to the press. All of those enterprise features, including extended MDM, certification management, VPN, S/MIME support and others, will be arriving with the “next Windows Phone update,” referring to Windows Phone 8.1.

Other features of that enterprise, previously announced, include:

  • S/MIME to sign and encrypt email
  • Access to corporate resources behind the firewall with app aware, auto-triggered VPN
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi support with EAP-TLS
  • Enhanced MDM policies to lock down functionality on the phone for more enterprise control, in addition to richer application management such as allowing or denying installation of certain apps
  • Certificate management to enroll, update, and revoke certificates for user authentication

That update will come “this spring.” All Windows Phone 8 devices will be able to get the update, which will include those enterprise features. A separate download or enabling by a company is not required.

In speaking with Microsoft, it’s clear that the company is looking at this forthcoming update to really push into business. For example, instead of running Good Messaging on top of an OS and separate from the built-in features, Windows Phone will bring a new level of enterprise control out of the box.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Nice!
  • Spring is not that far away actually.
  • So is the event over for today?
  • Interesting *_*
  • Next Article: Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview live now ! Lol :D
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  • Nice, it was about the time!
  • Haha, so when will it be april fools day
  • MS has always had strong enterprise platforms for everything but mobile OS. This could be a big money maker for them, especially for all the businesses already running server 2012 DCs and any newer version of Exchange. I can picture many an IT manager and CIO raising an eyebrow at this news.
  • Will there be office update?
  • Did anyone using dev preview get an update right now? If so please post OS revision no. ?
  • lol hoax XD
  • I didn't even get GDR3 and now MS is talking WP8.1. I wonder how much time WP8.1 will take to come on all WP8 devcies. I bet 1 years least. I think MS must do something about fast updates too. They are very slow even slower than Android.(considering the nature of OS)  
  • That's a big no!
    Dude this is not about MCSF is about your carriers
  • @guillams\ It's a big yes. check out and tell me if it is avaible in any country for L620.   I own an unlock Nokia lumia 620 and guess who owns Nokia phone devision now?
  • Nokia owns the Nokia phone devision, and Nokia has been known to delay OS updates for months to include their firmware updates. Meanwhile, Microsoft launched a developer preview program which allows GDR2+ devices to stay up to date for free.
  • @Angrynil Developers Preview not working for me. If you have something to suggest on this. Please share here
  • It's probably your Wifi connection.
  • Not Microsoft as the deal has not been closed. Please check your facts before commenting
  • ok you wanna tell me facts. Answer these So, after the deal do Nokia emplyees changed.  Do WP developers will take care of Lumia update?   if still you are having problem in understanding then answer this Lets talk about WP8.1. I think till then MS Nokia deal will complete. What do you think how much time it will take WP8.1 to distribute all Lumia devices. I can bet 7-8 months or more(if I am very optimistic).
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  • Yep , I know WP lazy developers are sleeping. That is why WP takes 4 years to come up with basic smartphone features.
  • No. Its your posts that ate boring me. First, they aren't coherently written. Second, you're just flat out wrong... particularly with your exaggerated update times.
    Troll on.
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  • Dantekai. If you are seriously comparing the refresh rate, and more importanlty the _penetraion_ of releases, and suggesting WP is worse then Android - then you are the only person on the know earth to think so. Android is a byword for fragementation. The situation with WP is fantastic in comparison. You can even select the developer app and bypass the carrier. And yes Nokia employees will be MS employees by the end of March (just awaiting Chinese regulatory approval)    
  • Dude, comparing with android which almost of the handset are forgotten, all WP devices gonna get the update! And been optimists, 5 month!
  • My Lumia 625 is on GDR3 and Lumia black since long time where as my Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 is still on Android 4.1 and i am still waiting for Android 4.2 forget about 4.3 and 4.4 which will also be outdated soon when Google announces new Android version. So, your Slower than Android statement came out of your ass and not reality.
  • here's an other example for you I didn't even get GDR3 on my L620 and my friends MOTO G got Android 4.4. So, yeah! Android updates are faster despite being open source and WP are slow despite being closed. You guys should learn to accept reality now. I don't know which world you are living.
  • Android 4.4.2 I assume. That is Google's own phone after all. There is still a lot if android phones without kitkat. Please don't call it open source when an ever increasing portion is closed.
  • @mijacs isn't Nokia phone devision own by MS? I said I haveL620.
  • Stop jumping the gun.. The Microsoft/Nokia isn't done yet..
  • is this justify that minor updates can take 6months + in WP
  • I had update 1 and 2 on my phone within 2 months of release. I'm sorry that your phone Has not been updated yet but MS is not strong arming releases like Apple. It appeared that Nokia was hoping that you would have it already.
  • No single update for WP has taken 6 months.
    You're either a troll, or someone who enjoys talking completely from there ass.
  • just wait and see how much time GDR3 takes to come on L620. Then we'll see who is trolling. I am also user and I know better than you. Hint;- Check the below link and inform me if it available even in a single country.
  • Lumia black update now available in philippines via nokia ph facebook page. But gdr3 not in sight yet. You must have bad luck.
  • LOL
    Clearly you do know more than me. SMH
  • Well, Check all the countries and you will see that Lumia 620  is the ONLY Lumia that haven't received the Black Update all over the world. It's just frustrating that 620 owners like me is somewhat forgotten, even the 520 will get the update considering it's a lower end product :(
  • The GDR3 update came within a couple of months of GDR2,Which wasn't bad at all.. It took awhile before I could get them,but that's. AT&T's fault.. Not MS or Nokia. However in addition to my 920, U have the 1520 so I had the latest before many. I understand your frustration,but you're directing it at the wrong company. My Android experience was just as bad. Apple has a better track record. Though I don't care much for them.
  • No. Its not. Not yet anyway.
  • Open source thats the word i didnt get droid
  • Moto g is fresher than L620, take like an example a phone from the same date released and you will see!
  • Yeah! So,what?  Devices is in same price range. I thought MS control OS distribution and yet even minor updates are so, slow that it takes half yearto distribute. Any guess how much time MS will take to disribute WP8.1? Come on just admit it WP updates are very slow.  WP in nature wise more close to iOS yet iOS update put WP in total shame. I can understand more devices can take time but WP takes 6 months ven to distribute minors updates and MS also control hardware. So no reason to be this much slow. Where as Android is avaiable for all kinds of hardware and considder that you'll notice WP is very slow.
  • That's why Microsoft has the Developer Preview. People can update to latest OS through that app. Carriers are slow in their testings. Android's update process is worst, on low end phones you'll get one update. You'll be very lucky to get two.
  • two update but nothing more than a bug fix. That not an update.
  • So you took one of the few Android models that updates in a timely manner, then took the one Lumia model that always seems to take forever to update and then draw platform-wide conclusions based on those? Way to make a valid conclusion. And yes, I own a 620 alongside my company-issued 925. It does indeed suck that the 620 still doesn't have Black, but all the other Lumias have it. In the Android world, only a small minority of phones are running the latest version.  
  • Sorry, I only own one WP devices which is L620.  and my comment based on my own personal experience on WP not what others have. and when it's comes to update WP totally giving compition to Android. Like who distribute the slowest update?   one side Q - Do you have Any idea how much more time GDR3 will take to come on L620? I think it will avaible in may or june.
  • stop to write non sense! Lumia 620 was the first to get amber+gdr2 and now will be the last! Wp update slow?? Black+gdr3 started to be release from just 1 month and all the wp8 Lumia's models installed it...relax man,Black for you lumia 620 will be release before february,still a week. (Nokia information) Portico+gdr1 plus amber+gdr2 plus Black+gdr3 in one year...3 update for a os in only one year...Google with android is worse,the other androids are lucky if they get 1 update at stop to blame ms&nokia,they'are doing a very very good job sorry for my bad english
  • At least in Finland it was far from being the first. It wasn't the dead last, though.
  • you mean for the black update? I'm from italy and in Italy the lumia 620 was the first to get amber+gdr2...for the black we're still waiting but i wrote to nokia and they said:wait untill the end of february,still a week and all Wp8 Lumia no-brand will get black update. The same reply form nokia italy,france,finland,uk and Denmark so maybe it's right ;)
  • My Lumia 620 got GDR2 in 1st week of Nov. Well I blame carrier for that because Nokia site show Approved but it was avaiable very ate in my region despite that. But GDR3 it's Nokia fault because isn't available anywhere in world.
  • It'not correct:gdr3 was released months ago by ms instead of Black firmware update that's not ready yet by Nokia but relax,still a week and Black for lumia 620 will be out ;)
  • Well put! Some of these poster as so flipping uninformed and ignorant and to make their posts in their speculative manner is laughable. I've had GDR3 since fall of 2013 via the MS Dev preview yet Verizon just released it for my phone mid January 2014. I know MS is going out of its way to get updates to owners that really want it. Nuff said.
  • I've also had GDR3 quite a while on my 620 thanks to the developer preview program, but that one doesn't help with the Lumia Black bits. It's strange how that one single model (620) is taking ages to update pretty much everywhere.
  • I think Nokia build L620 and forget it. That is why Black update is taking soooo looooong.
  • Developers Preview isn't avaiable or having some problem in my region. So, Developers Preview not working for me,
  • From the forum thread, it seems the dev preview is available in your region, but you aren't able to download it beyond some 57%. Stick to the facts. The error code you posted relates to poor WiFi connection. Try using a different WiFi network.
  • Error code also suggest MS server problem. I download GDR1&2 using same WiFi. and Yeah! already tried my friends WiFi.(different ISP) Same probem again
  • You're the one not living in reality.
    If you think all Android devices are updated faster than WP.
    For example, a friend with a Galaxy S3 on Verizon, just received 4.2.
  • If you have something to suggest me how do I get update GDR3 update than tell me.  I'll be happy to shut my mouth. I see nonsense talker like you everywhere. Anybody can talk bullsh*t like you.How about giving a damm solution here. of you don't have an answer then please just shut up and stay out of my way.  
  • Manually check update, connect to pc or use different wifi
  • LOL
    Your 620 update will depend on your region/carrier. Microsoft and Nokia have already approved the update. Go complain to your carrier.
  • then why all region and all country have same problem. If that was the case GDR3 atleast avaiable in 1 country for L620 but it's not. You are blaming the wrong one here.
  • I updated my moms Lumia 620 to gdr3 using the developers preview, without a hitch. I don't understand why you are having trouble.
  • Ok... I am from India and I just give you 6 Lumia phones with Lumia Black update in my region: 920, 820, 720, 520, 1520, and 1320. Care to give 6 android phones that are released with version less than 4.4 and upgraded? I can count Nexus, Moto G. 4 more?
  • Has it been a year since GDR3 was even leaked? No.
    So why would you expect any WP update to take a year?
    Hyperbole is not to be used literally.
  • than tell me when GDR3 release and how much more L620 users have to wait. I think you didn't check the status of GDR3 in L620. Check it out first, it is quite intersting and then comment. and GDR3 takes 6month atleast. I used Year for WP8.1
  • Gdr3 is available for the 620 through the preview program. The black update isn't available anywhere yet for the 620. Black is gdr3 plus Nokia firmware.
  • I checked, its waiting carrier approval worldwide.
    You've had 8.1 for a year? Then why do you need Update 3?
    You're not making any sense.
  • Ok, let me rephrase my comment. If GDR3(minor update) taking 6 months to come on devices like L620. then WP8.1(major update) will take atleast 1 year means We'll get in may or june of 2015. Do you understand now or you need further explaination?
  • it says the update will come out to customers in the spring. 
  • Spring for new devices for old  you may get in winter if you have high end device and if you have budget than wait till 2015 spring.
  • you are definetly a persistant troll. Lets see how good you are at solving problem or you are just a big mouth troll who is only good at trolling. Check this
  • Yay!
  • What month is the spring in US? We only have two seasons here in southeast asia. :D
  • Starts 21 March and ends 21 June.
  • That's a good question... Even I had the same doubt...
  • Season's what is a seaon?  Lukcy you, you have two seasons :)  In Californai we have no seasons.   But, I hear from my friends on the East coast this Spring you speak of begins on March 20th.
  • Windows phone 8.1 preview related date or coming in April
  • Bit late?
  • Windows Phone is the Future..looking forward to Build 2014 :)
  • Does all window phone 8 devices include the 810?
  • As long as you device hasn't been out for 18 months. But very likely to be a yes.
  • No devices have been out longer than 18 months, WP8 is only 15 months old. Anyway, the support date was extended in August with 18 months.
  • How about better Outlook contact folders?
  • Simple question. The news doing the rounds right now is WP8.1 has had it's hardware requirements lowered to storage 16GB and RAM 1 GB from the initial 32 GB and 2GB RAM. So why do u guys not specify these things from the beginning so people like me with 512 devices don't bother getting excited for nothing? Btw,right now the majority of WP phones on the market are actually in the 512 variety so this is indeed a niche update.
  • Those are windows 8.1 requirements not windows phone
  • That requirement is for Windows 8 devices, not Windows Phone devices.
  • All WP8 devices are getting the update, including you, my friend. So start getting excited already!!!
  • Wow, Microsoft did talk of an update at MWC. I didn't expect...
  • Holy shit. VPN is a huge deal. 8.1 is going to change a lot of peoples minds about Windows Phone.
  • This is good.
  • Was there any doubts?! :)
  • Wow. So wow on today :D
  • Great! I'm getting more excited for the Build. But, is this all the news for today?
  • Looks like my unlocked, unbranded, international version of Samsung GT-I8750 will skip GDR3 and go straight to 'spring update'! A wishful thinking indeed; that 'spring update' for me might as well be the overdue GDR3. Sigh.
  • I guess I didn't realize Windows Phone didn't include those functionalities for enterprise (S/MIME, VPN, MDM, and Exchange). Those are a MUST for a mobile platform...but awesome. It's a good thing those are finally being added. The BES for BlackBerry has that functionality and it's dying...nice job for listening to customer feedback, MSFT!
  • Some of you should really consider sleeping in your garage with the car running.
    It would be a favor to the world, and would instantly bump the world's average IQ.
  • Enterprise pack is a good news...
  • My Lumia 920 stuck during black update. Always at Downloading update 0% even when I have a very very strong wifi connection. Any solution?
  • Well... Contact Nokia care and update your phone... My friend updated his phone that way :-)
  • Well I hope Black will come to 620 before 8.1 ... then again they can skip the Black altogether and go right for the 8.1 if they keep delaying Black for 620 like that.
  • I think I need to clear some space for the OS update...time to trash the silly games and unused apps.
  • Superb. Does that mean i will be able to hook my 1520 to an open vpn setup? Or will that be done via app???
  • Cool
  • Daniel, did Microsoft state which specific items are enabled out of the box and which are only usable in conjunction with SCCM and Intune?
  • Sounds great, but no mention of CardDAV/CalDAV or LDAP. Not useful for enterprise applications that don't use Exchange. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I hope MDM providers like Citrix and they're XenMobile product adopt this quickly upon release.