New firmware for the Lumia 535 spotted on Navifirm, but not Update 2

When it comes to software updates on Windows Phones, there are two types: OS and firmware. OS updates can be big like some GDR releases while others can be minor, like the current 14234 build. The same applies to firmware, which usually improves some aspects of the hardware like the display or camera.

Some new firmware for the Lumia 535 dual-SIM has been spotted on Navifirm, which hosts the updates before being pushed through to Microsoft's servers. The firmware version is 15114, up from 15053, which was released a few weeks ago, bringing improvements to the touch display on the Lumia 535.

What is not known at this time is the OS version and whether it is updated from Windows Phone 8.1.1 build 14234. Even if it is, it could be a minor update.

The site has speculated that this could contain Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2. That OS revision is shipping with the new Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL.

Update: And just like that, our Lumia 535 was updated to firmware 15114 as have a few of our reader's phones. However, as expected, the OS version did not change, meaning this is not Update 2.

Is Windows Phone 8.1.2 Update 2 actually coming?

However, it is not clear if Update 2 will be pushed to existing devices due to the closeness to the Windows 10 release. In other words, with carriers needing time to approve and distribute updates, an Update 2 could take many months to seed to current devices, interfering with Windows 10 plans.

Indeed, Paul Thurrott has heard that existing phones will not get this update, and it will not be dispersed to the Preview for Developers program. In fact, the last update to the PfD program was back in December with the 14219 build of Windows Phone 8.1.1.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update is a minor refresh to the OS. So far, the Settings app has a new look, with the ability to pin individual settings to the Start screen. There is also support for Bluetooth keyboards and reportedly the ability to tap to turn off the display on some Lumias. Recent documentation also revealed changes in Update 2 for phone manufacturers.

Until more information is revealed for now, we will just expect another firmware update for the Lumia 535 sometime in the near future.


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