New firmware for Lumia 550 now available through Windows Device Recovery Tool

Microsoft looks to be giving a new firmware update to their budget Windows 10 Mobile device the Lumia 550. Firmware version 15503.21007 is now available through the Windows Device Recovery Tool, which is a bump from the shipping version of 15461.48007. The firmware update mirrors the one Microsoft rolled out for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL at the end of 2015.

Unfortunately, the firmware is not attainable through an over-the-air (OTA) update just yet. That means if you want it now you have to use the Windows Device Recovery Tool for PC to wipe your device and take the update. That is a lot of work for an update that as of now has no changelog, so unless you're already having serious issues with your phone and don't mind a hard reset, we would advise you that you skip this method and wait for the OTA update.

The OS version for the Lumia 550 stays the same through the WDRT (build 10586.29), but users could enroll in the Insider program to get the latest version if they wish.

Microsoft has not yet announced the new firmware update for the Lumia 550. However, putting the backup software in the recovery tool is the first step before they push it out to phones through an over-the-air update. Microsoft is believed to be releasing new OS updates tomorrow, and this new firmware could be announced with that push or sometime soon after.

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We're currently flashing a Lumia 550 with the new firmware and will post if we find anything noteworthy. Nonetheless, this update is likely to fix bugs and optimize performance.

You can read more about the WDRT from Microsoft by going here (opens in new tab) or just jump into our Lumia 550 forums.

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Lumia Icon FTW
  • Um, wrong phone?
  • Wish they bring these Firmware Updates to the old X20 and X30 series
  • And X40 series ;)
  • What's that?
  • X20 Series: Lumia 520, 620, 720 and so on.
  • I wonder if older x20 1gb devices, will receive firmware updates or just normal bug fixes and security patches after the official rollout windows 10 mobile. Then 512mb devices like the 620, 520 i experienced occasional freezes and slow response, any possible fixes for that issue will be great.
  • Those 10 owners will be excited!!
  • GTFO bully.
  • You have to admit that joke was funny like 8 months ago...
  • Windows 10* owners
  • Windows 10 Mobile* owners
  • Actualy, their are quite a lot of people on w10 mobile;).
  • I wish they'd do this for the 950 on ATT that way I have the option to update if I want to before ATT approves it.
  • I've been saying the same thing for weeks now. Pretty ridiculous they still have old firmware on the server when newer is available, but it is Microsoft afterall.
  • Oh god...*insert wookie yell*
  • It has been over a month now since bug fixing Firmware was rereleased and AT&T are dragging their friggin feet. Disgusting; the changelog for the update literally foxes every single problem I have with the 950, yet I cannot get it. Knew I would regret getting this phone through AT&T. Always a catch.
  • At least you got that PMA charger.
  • There are many reliability issues with the Lumia 550, I guess this will fix most of the issues.
  • It won't.
  • Never had an issue with mine. Smooth sailing so far. Knock on wood though...
  • Remember remember.........
  • Please bring glance screen for Lumia 930, make it possible!
  • Not enough display memory on the 930.
  • I hope other phones get new firmware in preparation of Windows 10.
  • I think they all have to! But I think the older phones wont get any.
  • Mine was updated for 15503.21011.
  • This might be a little off topic, but is the accent color on the phone (assuming it's the 550) the cobalt from WP8.x? Because Microsoft doesn't have it as an option on W10M on something like the 640 after a reset.
  • Honestly, don't know. That color in the picture is whatever it was out of the box.
  • It really looks like cobalt to me.
  • I've been thing about getting a 550.. Why? Why not? No reason not to now..
  • I too had that dilemma.. Whether to go for 550 or wait for 650...
    But when i read the post that stated 650 got possible delayed.. I went ahead and bought 550.. And, after using it for a week, looks like i did right thing..
    It's actually a pretty decent mobile with great display.. Decent performance and good battery backup..
    With a good camera, it would have been great.. But still okay..
  • My 550 is working good so far I have no major issues with it .
  • It's too late for I believe ,, First impression is the last impression‘‘.
    You tube is flooded with negative reviews of L550&L950 XL.
  • i think pocketnow was the worst
  • Yes and people believe Michael Fisher.
  • i was really shocked by that review,many people changed there mind to buy isheep or another phone
  • Please bring some new firmware and feature for lumia 535
  • My 550 has been awful from the first moment I switched it on. Hopefully this firmware update will address the multitude of problems. Being able to receive and send Text messages would be nice.
  • Surprise surprise - WDRT says that I have the latest firmware (the old one). And my 550 didn't even get the 10586.29 update. WDRT rolls it back to 10586.00. It's not an operator variant or something. I don't understand why Microsoft has been ignoring my phone.
  • Mine never got the .29 either. I had to go via Insider just to get off the appalling stock OS version and up to .63. It has helped a little, but still problems remain.
  • @the user, maybe just to wind you up :P.
  • Adam, what variant have you got? Mine is EE, LT, LV Country Variant. Yeah, me too. I couldn't live with 10586.00, though 10586.63 is only a litttle better (less stutterring, a little bit quicker app opening animations - though core apps are still sluggish coming off WP8 and Lumia 1020 which still is my main device). TechFreak1, yeah probably, they must know there are rare instances when my temper becomes short... :)
  • Hi Daniel, I just checked the WDRT, but it's not showing any firmware update for my Lumia 550.
  • This firmware is only available in the United States?