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New high-res photos of the Lumia 950 and 950 XL reveal triple LED flash, dual SIM variant

Although Tuesday is just around the corner, it has not stopped leakers from releasing new details about Microsoft's latest hardware. The latest leak this morning from @Windows10Lover shows the Microsoft Lumia 950 is all its glory. Although we have previously seen sterile renders and some low-resolution photos these pictures put the phone in a whole new light.

Probably the biggest details to emerge is the revelation that this phone also now gets a triple flash. Earlier reports and leaked specifications indicated that only the Lumia 950 XL was getting a triple LED flash, but Microsoft has evidently upgraded the Lumia 950 too with a triple version.

Microsoft Lumia 950 Specifications

  • Matte White or black polycarbonate body
  • Dual-SIM optional
  • 5.2 inch WQHD (1440x2560) OLED display
  • Snapdragon 808, 64-bit Hexa-core processor
  • Iris scanner (near infrared) for Windows Hello
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot (up 2TB micro SD card)
  • 20MP f/1.9 PureView camera with triple LED flash
  • 5MP Wide-angle front facing camera
  • 3000 mAh removable battery
  • Qi wireless charging
  • Glance Screen
  • Qualcomm rapid charge
  • USB Type-C

Additionally, we can also get confirmation that there will be a dual-SIM variant of the Lumia 950, something I have confirmed earlier on our most recent #AskDanWindows episode.

Focusing in on the front of the device we can get a better look at low-infrared diode for the iris scanner. Part of Windows Hello this feature lets users unlock their Lumia just by looking at it, which should make a good commercial for this phone.

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Specifications

  • Matte White or black polycarbonate body
  • Dual-SIM optional
  • 5.7 inch WQHD (1440x2560) OLED display
  • Snapdragon 810, 64-bit Octa core
  • Iris scanner (near-infrared) for Windows Hello
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot (up 2TB micro SD card)
  • 20MP f/1.9 PureView camera with triple LED flash
  • 5MP Wide-angle front facing camera
  • 3300 mAh removable battery
  • Qi wireless charging
  • Glance Screen
  • Qualcomm rapid charge
  • USB Type-C

All that remains for this phone is pricing and availability with the latter likely happening in early November. Stay tuned to Windows Central for Tuesday's event as we'll be in New York City all day bringing you hands-on coverage.

Big thanks to @Windows10Lover and WinPhans, for the photos!

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  • Eh... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android Edit: I'll probably still buy it.
  • 950 don't have a good design at all. Ugly circle around camera
  • STFU already about the ring. We get it. You dont like the ring. For Christ Sake. Talk about a broken record around here.
  • @missionsparta, lol yeah...
  • lol is right... it's been too many complaints about the ring. So what! This phone looks a lot nicer than the competition such as iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and others.
  • One ring to rule them all. LOL
  • Haha, first ipods had a ring to rule it all
  • My precious? XD
  • Actually, now that you mention it, having a ring that you can allow to light up when the phone rings or get a text message would be nice. Hell, they could even tie it in with Cortona. It sounds like a gimmick, and mostly it would be, but you can't deny that it would give the phone a serious cool factor. On the other side, imagine being in a meeting and having  a visual cue to let you know you have an important message or email, without disturbing everyone else, or imagine a slow pulsating light ring to let you know that you have an appointment. Just some thoughts off the top of my head, but I think it could work.
  • i just never lay my phone down on a table  scenn first so that way id never see the ring lol.
  • I don't, actually. It's what came to mind, when I saw the picture of the phone. It wouldn't matter to me necessarily, but I think it would add a bit more coolness to the phone. As many people I've seen with their flash settings on iPhone go off, when their phone rings, I think more people would like the option than not. Besides, Apple has used ideas from WP to implement in their new phones, why not use something of theirs?
  • There is already Glance, why do you care if there is a ring that lights up? :))
  • No, it really doesn't.
  • bwahahahaha!
  • LOL. No it does not look a lot nicer. About as nice as the Samsungs and definitely a rung below the iPhones
  • Better than having that tiny 1800 or 1715 mAh battery from the iPhone. 12 hours battery life to match their iPencil
  • I own a 930 and im a huge windows phone fan but iphones have smaller batterys cause they dont need the biger battery.  That said i used iphone for 6 years and still my lumia 930 lasts longer with extensive use than any of them did so its all quite wierd.
  • iphones lost their good luks when the iphone 6 came out.  Yeh they feel great in the hand but they really are one ugly plain looking bit of tech, at least the galaxy went up big time in looks and quality by going metal, it looks alot nicer from my point of view than the iphone.  I do like the iphone looking from the front but gurr from any other angle.  Id say iphones have got alot of work to do in iphone 7 cause it does need it.
  • i dont like the 950 looks either but its certainly a few rugs above the iphone 6 in terms of looks.
  • It's all opinion. Not everyone has the same tastes in phone aesthetics. 
  • Agreed. I really like the designs. I don't know why everyone is complaining. I like most of the new Microsoft Lumia's. A couple weeks ago, my Son broke the screen of my 1520--:'(--and I got the 640 because it was inexpensive and it will hold me over until these new phones come out and I LOVE it. Looks great, works great, and feels great in the hand. Same with the 735 which may be the nicest feeling phone in the hand on the market, and it's also a looker. The 640XL is FANTASTIC, too, as well as the 830 which I convinced my Mom to get as her first Windows phone and she fell in love with it. These new 940/950 phones look great-- will probably feel just as good in the hand, too--and I'm sure they'll work even better. What makes a phone attractive, anyways?? Do we really want an iPhone/LG G4/Samsung Galaxy clone?? I sure don't.
  • I'm not sure to others but I think the point its not because people want have metal body or same look as other phones. No, that's just putting words to other people that they didn't intent to wish. I think its more like the looks of that device alone makes it rather unispiring or bland, which we know this is a flagship which is a combination of features, specifications, performance, and LOOKS that all gives a complete experience of the device. If one is missing then that's going to have an issue, which only justifies to make the price lower. People don't ask for iPhone/LG/Samsung clone. If that's the case then people will just buy those and leave Windows phones. That doesn't help the marketshare which is already small. We need something people to be convinced to switch and without an issue (any kinds of issue) after using it for a while. People that really want to buy it without fans to convinced them, basically normal people out there.
  • As aXross explain very well, we do not want iPhone or Galaxy clone. But we need the Premium in the design. And it is missing at all. Only from last pictures i see the screen is more like 930 that is good. But the whole plastic, without any metal frame or back to bring premium look... Looks cheap and the hump is ugly as hell. According to leaked measures it will be more than 20% from body thickness - 7.8/9.8mm. This is crazy idea.
  • It looks more classy and premium than Lumia 930.
  • yeh its very sujesticve, personally i love the 930 and its look and find these, not ugly by far but sertainly not the 930 quality look.
  • best phone to hold is the iphone 6 but its a ugly phone, i also got my mother the 830, she loves it.  Personally i think the 930 is the best looking phone i have ever owned.
  • Uhhhh.... No! You going too far Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Good remark for lots of replies.
    Looks cheap and ugly to me! Accented by a chrome ring just to make people notice!
  • No it doesn't. The 950 has to be one of the ugliest phones, only looking better than the htc m9. The 950xl looks very Lumia, but it lacks a metal band around it or simply something to make more premium.
  • What htc m9 is ugly??? Hmmm, for me htc m9 & 950, 950xl are best design phone of 2015.
  • The 920 is metal. Trust me, everybody keeps noticing my 920 at the Monday meeting. Even this week against the iPhone just makes a statement. It doesn't have to be metal to be premium.
  • Which colour do you have? Because I have a black Lumia 920, and nobody comments on it's design at all. The only questions I get are "what sort of phone is that"? I wanted a yellow one (way back in 2012) but because it's a business phone my boss wouldn't allow it. 
  • Eh... come on. I for one love these Lumia designs and frankly, these seem like the type of devices you "retire" instead of "replace" because they will probably be unbreakable. But in terms of looks? The S6 Edge and the iPhone look hella nice.    Though my dream would be the Xperia 5 running Windows 10 Mobile. Sony, please?
  • "Nicer"? I owned  a Lumia 925 and now a Lumia 930 (my most prized possession). Lets face it, these look horrendous.I certainly hope this leak is false else id rather stick with the 930 until MSFT goes back to school and learn designing from the Fins.
  • im begining to think that way, ive actually started to look for a second 930 in case they dont change the design for 2 years.  Dont microsoft realise that people including iphone and andropid lovers like the 930 design, it was 8.1(which i loved) they had the issue with.
  • Well said! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • i think looks is a very individual thing, personally i think theress too much black bezzil on both the top front of the phone and the bottome, thats when comparing it to my lumia 930.  I love the 930 i dont love th 950, i actually think the oppo r7 and galaxy this year have better looking phones and well motorolas cureved phone is very sexy.  Yeh it defo beats the iphone but personally i dont like the look of the iphone line.  But its always hard to judge till you try one.  that when youll relly know.
  • Less bezzle would be nice. Less as possible with more screen space. Nothing but screen on the front would be awesome to me on any Windows phone.
  • @mark delusional much?  that giant washer and all plastic build looks better than iPhone and Samsung etc.  get real. it's ok to be a fanboy, but not a blind fanboy.
  • Looking at the phone closely it looks like the screen is bent backwards
  • It's a test model, I wouldn't be surprised if it was. Might just be the weird light reflection.
  • It is horrendous. And that needs repeating! On a different note, do we know the actual dimensions of the handsets?
  • Yeah, what I really want to know are the dimensions. Weight, thickness, etc. etc.
  • Weight is not a dimension.
  • Yo momma so fat she don't fit in the third dimension!
  • Well what I really want to know is if it will be sold by MS unlocked and universal with all the radios turned on... will work on any carrier anywhere in the world. This is my biggest wish! Second wish would be a payment system. Other than that the specs are incredible and the phones look awesome... I Can't wait!!!
  • I think it looks good. Very subtle design, not loud from any angle. If the actual product is able to maintain uniformity in the size of bezels on opposite sides of the screen, I think it would be a win. We should wait for the real life pictures of the white colour, or with coloured backs (replaceable of course, God I do hope). From the pictures and renders, it may look not unlike a note 4, the front and the bezels at least... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I ran a search for each time the word "bezel" was mentioned in the comments, and amazingly, you're the only one complaining.  In the past you'd never hear the end of it.  Is it true?
  • Yes we already know the dimensions. Cheech it the CAD images.
  • Needs repeating?!?!? seriously? Get over yourself you're not convincing anyone.
  • It's so ugly, though.
  • heres the thing about most phones. What happens with a phone that looks beautiful?  You end up putting a case on it anyways. So all that ugliness is going to be hidden  
  • Yes. Even my beautiful yellow 1520 is completely hidden beneath a cover. Haters, just buy a gorgeous cover. Problem solved.
  • Nice cases on Lumia devices haven't exactly been plentiful in the past. We have to see one launch, first.
  • What is the point of buying a nice phone and putting it in a case???? No one will buy a Ferrari and use it buy placing it in a box and drive the box around in the tow of a truck??? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • not a good analogy .... people dont phone watch .... cars are a big deal ... phones are small and for making calls
  • Except the camera doesn't get covered with a case. The ring will likely still be visible with a case on it.
  • Get a spray can from Home Depot
  • ...WUT
  • Wrong, my 1520 has never had a case on it, why, because the phone looks good. Why would I cover up a uniquely designed phone with a cover.
  • I don't put cases on my phones...
  • If that's the reasoning. Then why bother making cover of the phone anyways. So we have to resort to buy covers because the device doesn't look good for them? It's like same thing Steve Jobs convincing people to buy bumper case because of the Antennae issue.  
  • I didn't buy one. Steve gave me one. Actually wasn't bad looking and provided a little more protection to the front and back with the slightly raised edge. (the glass didn't lay directly on a surface). Looks are so subjective. I think these look fine. I have always like the feel of my Lumias better than metal/glass phones. They are comfortable to hold, warm and not slippery. There is only so much you can do with a rectangular slab. Some like it square, some rounded, some curved back, some just flat. The good news is these have (almost) all the features we have been waiting for. Hopefully they are solid enough to last the two years till MS releases the next set. ;)
  • Exactly!  Few people have realized that phone design has converged to simply be a slab of glass.  Look at any mobile tech fair.   They all look the same.  If there was still a market for different form factors, microsoft would have had a little more room to play around.   Not with mobile tech these days, the only thing you could do to differentiate yourself from the competition would be in the internals, features etc.  These phones look great.  I just wish they had a keyboard like the Dell Venue Pro or the BB Priv.     ​  
  • For the physical keyboard part, I totally agree with you.
  • Does it REALLY matter? You know you're going to put a protective cover on the phone anyway, just like all iPhone users do, so really no one is going to see the actual phone and no one will really care what it looks like. What's more important is that is more durable than metal phones, and the specs are better and I can't wait to see the AWESOME pictures and video these phones are going to take! If Microsoft did make this a metal phone like iPhone or made of cheap, lightweight plastic that looks like metal like the Samsungs, then all you haters would be complaining about how easy it is to scuff, scratch, dent or break! Frankly, I'll take the very strong, durable and lightweight polycarbonate shell (with removable back for access to the battery - iPhone's don't have this), and just cover it up with a nice looking protective cover that looks like metal or might even be metal. If Verizon does't offer these phone, I'm switching to whatever network that will!
  • I'm not. Eff cases. YOLO
  • Yeah, personally i hate having to wear a case on my phone.. That's why i'm glad these phones aren't all metal and glass.. 'Cause god damn.., glass back = very easily cracked, metal back = very easily scratched and dented (plus, i don't like the "feeling" of metal backs. Also: Glass AND metal backs = slippery.   Nah, i'm done with metal and glass phones (metal rims, yeah, CAN be ok, but not on all phones. Worked out fine on the Lumia 930). Long story short, i always prefer to not wear a case on my phone. And you gotta love all the people buying a phone they think is beautiful, only to cover it up in a "fabulous" case, that also make the phone bigger.   Personally i really like the look of the new Lumias! And i'm almost certain they'll feel great in the hand.
  • In my case its not the material is the issue. Plastics (Polycarbonate) are fine, my first Lumia isn't metal but I'm convined to get it because one of the factor I like so much is its looks, its just unique and looks stunning yet minimal. The design comes together in a nice way, something doesn't look like its a rushed product just for the sake releasing it. 950 and 950 XL feels doesn't like that anymore, not that I'm tired of plastic or something but they don't look that anything great. It looks like just like everyone phone out there without character. And no, not because phones all look similar which I find a lazy argument. There is still alot of room to make things looks unique or good. Though one thing I can at least assure though that these devices will feel similar as before with matte finished.
  • The nice thing about replaceable backs is you don't need a cover.  Just replace the back if it gets damaged. I think the phones look fine.  The only complaint I have at this point is the completely whack new button layout on the 950.  Completely FUBAR.  I actually want the smaller model, but this annoyance may push me to the bigger one.
  • The 950 has the same button layout as all previous Lumias.  It's the 950 XL that has the power button between the two volume buttons.  I've been planning to get the XL all along and I don't really have any issue with the buttons either way but it seems very odd to me that they would not use the same layout on both phones.
  • I'm not going to put a case on it as I don't like cases. And despite the ugliness of the camera ring I'll probably still buy the phone since it seems awesome otherwise. I just don't see why they didn't use the same design from the XL on the 950. It looks beautiful.
  • no it aint  
  • Looks great to me.
  • its the small form factor as every other smart phone ...., dont fool yourself
  • Lmfao I concur!
  • Anybody else secretly hoping their is an awesome phone that has not yet leaked (Lumia 1050 or whatever) for the photo enthusiast or just any other flagship phone that will blow everyone's mind that Microsoft has been able to keep from leaking?  Because I would hate to buy these phones and have the same thing happen to me, that happened the last time, I bought the 920 (super awesome and still got it) and then the 1020 came out.
  • I am desperately waiting for the next camera flagship phone. It should be better than panaonic cm1 in terms of hardware and software both...and should be in XL variant also
  • I made the misake of getting a Lumia 1020 thinking it was a flagship device, at least as far as the camera was concerned. The quality control or the image processing on that phone was horrendous. From yellow tinged photos, to out-of-focus photos, to significant shutter lag, I had problems from day one. Though my wife's iPhone had a lower resolution camera, at least it started fast and took pictures as soon as you hit the button.
  • You must have had a defective one, mine was brilliant for photos, absolutely brilliant.  I could take photos at dance events with people moving and only dim ambient mood lighting, and they were perfect.  Never had any yellow tinge.  Sadly I managed to lose it in a river a few weeks ago :-(   So really hoping the 950 with an F1.9 lens and the triple flash can be almost as good.
  • Then I must have been unlucky cause I did get one replacement and it was no better. The yellow tinge, I could live with and remove in Lightroom, but the shutter lag was unacceptable. No matter whether I used the Lumia Camera or the native Camera app, it was just too slow from startup to focus to snap. It is things like this that turn people off a device and the corresponding ecosystem. I had switched from an iPhone to the Lumia 1020. Unfortunately, I will be switching back next week.
  • There will never be another 1020, it's over.
  • I wish it wasnt true but I have to agree..
  • I love my 1020. Now I'm trying to decide between the 950, and the Asus zenfone zoom. I actually really like my zenfone 2, the zoom could be the complete package... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I had a Zenfone 5 once. Didnt hold a candle to my lumia 925. The UI is cool for an android but then again, it remains one. The camera of asus will always remain below par a  Nokia rival camera. Right now, i love my Lumia 930 :)
  • I don't think we are going to get one personally.
  • Last I saw Microsoft didn't deny working on one but said it was a lower priority because it's more of a niche device.
  • I think therell be one just not now or yhis year, probally when the 820 chips come
  • Well considering wm10 is capable of 4k it'd be a let down to buy into a new device
  • I don't think we'll hear anything about another flagship phone before the Lumia 960 in about a year, unless Microsoft decide to release a Surface phone based on an Intel chip.  That is something I'd seriously consider, but it won't happen for a while at least. I'd rest easy with buying one of these two phones.  My only concern is that I might buy one immediately and then they have a special offer that includes free accessories later.
  • Haha... it actually does look like a broken record!
  • No kidding. I get the feeling they just complain to complain. How anyone can care about that ring is beyond me.
  • ...and if you fanboys didn't complain, you wouldn't have gotten the Notification Center.
  • The complaints can be legimate (depends on the complaints). Regardless of which sides, since that there are number of complaints, that could mean there is an issue somewhere why people are not liking it. Thing is the looks of these flagships for some reason are controversial and instead of doing good for its users, especially its fans. Now it creates division, a s