New info on Crackdown 3 is 'on the horizon'

Mum has been the word lately as far as new information on Crackdown 3 is concerned, but it looks like that's about to change. It's still a little vague, but the official Crackdown Twitter account has given the heads up that more info on the third iteration in the series is "on the horizon."

The last word we had on Crackdown 3 was confirmation that it will indeed launch at some point before the 2017 holiday season on Xbox One and Windows 10. Given that the game is also expected to sport a 4K resolution on Project Scorpio, it's possible we could see some new information alongside the upcoming Scorpio specs reveal set for this Thursday.

When it arrives, Crackdown 3 will serve up 4-player co-op shooter action in an open, destructible world. For more, including a look at the game's comic-like aesthetic, check out the game's first look trailer from late 2015 below.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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