Surface Hub gets fresh competition from InFocus' 70-inch 4K Windows 10 PC

InFocus has announced the Monopad Ultra, a new version of its large whiteboard PCs for businesses. It could be a competitor to Microsoft's Surface Hub as it runs on Windows 10 Pro and has a 4K capacitive touchscreen.

Here's what InFocus has to say (via Neowin) about the Monopad Ultra:

In addition to 4K resolution and capacitive touch technnology, the new 70-inch Mondopad Ultra runs Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, and features a sixth-generation Intel Core i7-6700T processor and Q170 chipset with Intel vPro technology, with 8GB memory and a 256 GB solid state hard drive. The Mondopad Ultra seamlessly and securely integrates into existing enterprise infrastructure. Supporting SIP and H.323, Mondopad Ultra is compatible with legacy video conferencing and display hardware and software, including Skype for Business and many 3rd party room video conferencing systems.

InFocus will sell the Monopad Ultra for $13,999 and it will be released in October. By contrast, the 84-inch Surface Hub from Microsoft, which also has a 4K screen, sells for $21,999.

John Callaham