New job vacancy for WP7 Bluetooth development

Seems the Windows Phone team are looking to expand their resources in the Bluetooth area of development on the platform with the latest job vacancy advert being published. Windows Phone 7's support for Bluetooth (in comparison to competitors) is not a feature to be desired and any advancement in the near future (Mango (opens in new tab)?) would be a welcomed effort by the community. Anyone painfully remember the debacle with Bluetooth a while back?

What are your thoughts on the current Bluetooth implementation for WP7, and what would you be most pleased with changes/improvements wise? Let us know in the comments!

Check out the job advert after the break.

Software Development Engineer – MCB – Windows Phone (755403) Job

Location: Redmond, WA, US

Job Category: Software Engineering: Development

Location: Redmond, WA, US Job ID: 755403-40843

Division: Windows Phone Division

In this world, there are few chances to work on a product which will change the industry, when all eyes are on you. Most people go through their entire career without ever experiencing the excitement and anticipation of working for such a product. You don’t have to.

Come join the Windows Phone Client team to define and build experiences that will propel Microsoft to the top of the most competitive market in years! We’ve just shipped Windows Phone 7 to accolades from delighted press/bloggers and customers, and are busy building on that momentum.

We’re looking for a sharp developer to help us in our quest to deliver the best Bluetooth experience of any smartphone platform.

What we need from you:

  • Hands-on Bluetooth protocol expertise
  • Solid design and C/C++ development skills (3+ years experience)
  • Passionate about shipping a high quality product
  • A strong desire to constantly improve yourself and the people around you
  • A BS degree in CS or equivalent
  • The ideal candidate will also have:
  • An MS degree in CS or equivalent
  • Experience implementing recent Bluetooth profiles, on any OS platform
  • Experience with Windows driver or kernel development
  • Track record of working through multiple full product cycles

The Connectivity team in Windows Phone owns all the OS Platform software which connects our users with their friends & family: cellular voice & data, IP networking stacks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, as well as Location Services (hey, it’s harder to connect if you’re lost). We offer a lot of interesting variety because we work with a range of hardware platforms and cellular technologies. Our new phones are designed by Nokia and other leading OEMs, and operate every day on the world’s top mobile networks.

Source: Microsoft, via: WMPU (opens in new tab)

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  • Let's hope we will see Bluetooth file transfers in mango now.
  • Yep, BT file transfer for sure. And support for BT when viewing video. Also, support for BT keyboards. Don't know if I would ever use that last one, but nice to know it's there.
  • I thought you could interact with the phone on the screen of your car radio for example GPS, phone calls and any app on the phone would display on the car screen .. this would be very awesome..
  • We need SPP support BAD! Until they open the BT API to support serial data like WM6 did, we can't port one of our main apps over. I was hoping it made it in Mango, but doubt it since we didn't hear anything at Mix. Please don't tell me we have to wait til WP8?
  • Why isn't HTTP/HTTPS an option? There are a few apps out there that talk to their desktop counterparts this way.
  • We interface with devices that use serial data ( e.g. COM1, 9600 baud ). We have a Bluetooth to RS-232 converter that allows communication similar to how a COM port on a PC and DB-9 cable does. Our app works on the WM6 platform as it has a Bluetooth Stack that works with the SerialPort class. I'm hoping WP7 will have something like this.
  • Not sure if it's a SYNC issue or a WP7 Bluetooth issue, but after a few weeks of SYNC being able to send/read texts when paired with my HTC Arrive, it can no longer connect that functionality. Haven't had time to troubleshoot, but it'd be nice if Bluetooth functionality didn't just stop working seemingly arbitrarily. Bluetooth phone/audio features still work fine.