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The Lumia 950 and 950 XL are Microsoft's 'Colorful iMacs'

Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella made the humble acknowledgment above that Microsoft, concerning phones, is in a state of regeneration.

In his candid comparison to Apple's regeneration that saw the Cupertino company rise from near ruin with the help of the bold, colorful and reimagined iMac. He communicated that Microsoft's new Lumia's were positioned as a similar stimulus for Redmond's mobile endeavors.

Much has been said, both positive and negative, about the Lumia's 950 and 950XL. In the final analysis, however, these two high-end, premium smartphones are exactly what Microsoft and Nadella positioned them to be. These competitively designed devices are for Windows Phone fans.

"For people who love Windows, we'll have a flagship device."-Nadella 7/14/15

2012 - 2015, It's been a long wait

"I want people to evaluate us on the phones that we produce,...what matters to me is what customers care…"-Nadella 7/14/15

Let's step back for a moment and take a practical look at where we are today. Three years ago Windows Phone fans purchased the Lumia 920 in droves making it arguably the most popular Windows Phone to date. My wife was chomping at the bit for one. So as one of her Christmas gifts that year I bought her a white 920, wireless charger and all. One of the things that prevented me from moving from my HTC Titan to a black Lumia 920 was the ATT contract that had me bound for several more months.

Once freed from my contract in the Summer of 2013, as some of you, I moved on to the next high-end Windows Phone. The 41 MP Lumia 1020. A few months later, via a Microsoft Store promotion, I scored the Lumia 1520. This 6" powerhouse flagship is popular among the phablet-loving Windows Phone faithful.

Lumia 1020 back

Lumia 1020 back (Image credit: Windows Central)

That same year, my sister-in-laws like many Windows Phone fans on Verizon, grabbed the Lumia 928. Early 2014 brought us the Lumia 930/Icon, which was essentially a 5" 1520. Finally, the HTC One M8 graced shelves mid-2014. And well, as far as high-end Windows Phones go, that was all she wrote.

Sadly, those six sporadically released devices were also sporadically distributed. Not a single one of those phones was released across all carriers. Furthermore, some carriers like Verizon abruptly stopped caring and stopped carrying the devices it did sell.

So it has been over a year since the last high-end Windows Phone was released. And about three years since the most patient of fans, sporting 920's, have had a flagship to brag about. In this time, we have seen flagships from Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG and others in the hands of family members, co-workers, fellow commuters, and happy looking people in TV spot after TV spot.

With Microsoft's focus on the low-end over the past year, it seemed to many that Microsoft had forgotten about its loyal fans. As a Windows Phone fan, industry watcher, writer and husband to a Windows Phone fan I have heard the cries, "When will Microsoft make another high-end Windows Phone?"

Folks, we have our answer. It's the Fall of 2015 and Microsoft's premium Lumia's 950 and 950 XL will be released this year. And again, these devices are for the fans.

Ask, and you shall receive

Windows Phone fans have asked for a high-end device with specs comparable to the latest and greatest representatives of the Apple and Android camps. Well, not only did we get one device. We got two. Now I know that different OS's run differently on different hardware. And Windows phone has a reputation of not needing the highest specs to run smoothly. But hey, as a fan I, like you, want to be able to say to the competition, my phone is every bit as powerful as your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. And guess what. With the Lumia 950 and 950XL, we can say that.

CategoryLumia 950 XLiPhone 6s Plus
OSWindows 10 MobileiOS 9
Screen Size5.7 inches5.5 inches
Screen Resolution1440x2560 (564ppi)1080x1920 (401ppi)
ProcessorSnapdragon 810 64-bit octa-coreApple A9 64-bit dual-core
Internal Storage32GB16GB/64GB/128GB
External StoragemicroSD
SecurityWindows Hello iris scannerTouch ID fingerprint scanner
Rear Camera20MP ƒ/1.9 PureView camera, triple-LED flash12MP ƒ/2.2 iSight camera, dual-LED flash
Front Camera5MP, wide-angle lens5MP, screen flash
Battery3340mAh removable2750mAh non-removable
ChargingQi wireless, USB Type-C port, Quick ChargeLightning port

As you can see in the table above Microsoft's premium Lumia's have comparable or superior specs compared to the rival's flagships. With Windows Hello biometrics and Continuum, the Lumia's even pioneer territory the competition has yet to adopt. Ask and it shall be given.

What about the app gap?

What about it? No, I'm not being cynical but let's look at this in context. First and foremost, these Lumia's are for Windows Phone fans (and enterprise). Most fans have been holding on to aging 920's, 1020's 1520's, 830's, 930's, etc. for the past one to three years.

Even considering the recent loss of some key apps, the core fan base (though we want more mainstream apps) values other aspects of the Windows Phone experience above some apps we may not have. I'm personally still disappointed with the loss of my banking app. But whether it returns or not I enjoy Windows Phone too much to switch camps. And naturally the enterprise has little use for SnapChat.

Now that is not to say that there is no concern for a more vibrant app ecosystem. This is the point where the app Bridges come in. As a reminder, these Bridges allow developers to port easily their Android (Astoria), iOS (Islandwood), web-apps (Westminster) and Win32 apps (Centennial) to Windows 10 as Universal Windows apps.

Though all of these Bridges are not yet active, I believe Nadella's strategy is that next year's devices (which will likely target a broader audience) will benefit from the work yielded from these tools.

However, the current position in Nadella's strategy is key. He recognizes that there is a large base of fans that are excited about Windows Phone. However, until now there hasn't been a device for this committed base to be excited over. For any platform to succeed the excitement of the fans, need at least one flagship device through which that excitement can be harnessed. We now have two devices.

The colorful iMac

Nadella, I believe, is expecting that the 1 to 3 year-long pent up demand Windows Phone fans have had for high-end Lumia's will result in a greater rush for these devices than that experienced when the 920 hit the shelves. As I shared in an earlier piece, this could likely generate the largest surge in Lumia sales to date. (With wider carrier support it could be epic.)

For Q4 2015, the quarter in which the devices will be released the data for Windows Phones (when released in the new year) is likely to look very positive. The surge above in Lumia's running Windows 10 Mobile will likely be accompanied by excited fans engaging the Windows Store in great numbers. Consequently, analytics will likely reveal a respectable number of app downloads to Windows 10 Mobile devices. There may also be increased revenue to developers during this quarter as a result.

Whether that pattern endures or not (which we hope it will), these will be powerful talking points to the industry, consumers, and developers for Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform. As Windows 10 on PC has yielded 6x more store visits and a 4x increase in developer's revenue, a similar ecosystem boost on mobile will validate Microsoft's strategy.

This positive messaging in Q1 2016 will likely be on the heels of the push for the Bridges. With a message of increased engagement across its ecosystem, Nadella is likely betting on developers being more inclined to invest in porting their apps to Windows 10.

Will the next Lumia's or Surface Phone be better?

I just don't want to build another phone, a copycat phone operating system...-Nadella 7/14/15

Yes, the next Lumia's or Surface Phone will be better than the 950 and 950 XL. The devices after those will be even better. So goes the cycle. The thing to remember is that Microsoft is retrenching to be more competitive in mobile.

By this time next year, we will likely see that Panos Panay's team will have honed a deep synergy between more sophisticated "phone" hardware and a more mature Windows 10 Mobile platform. We may even see practical uses for an N-trig pen on Windows phones by then. I believe that Nadella is also anticipating that by Q3 2016 the Bridges will have begun to yield a richer and growing app catalog from which the new devices will benefit.

Due to this app growth coupled with the Universal Windows Platform, Continuum and Windows Hello biometrics next years Windows "phones" (as I shared previously Nadella is positioning Microsoft devices beyond the "phone") will likely be positioned more competitively to reach the masses.

Lumia's illuminating the way

If my above analysis is correct aggressive consumer-focused ad campaigns for "phone" are not likely to be seen until at least Q4 2016 (if at all). Why? Because the current Lumia's are for the fans and our particular behavior keeps us informed with the latest and greatest from Microsoft. Redmond doesn't need ads to reach us.

Next year's devices may be a different story. If they are indeed going to be aimed at the masses, we may finally see the ad campaigns we've yearned to see. With the impressive install rate of Windows 10 on PC, "The phone that works like your PC" may prove to be an effective campaign slogan.

Attempting to reach the masses now with expensive ad campaigns, before the Bridges have an opportunity to address the greatest chink in Windows Phone's armor would be counterproductive. Some who convert may find that their favorite app is not available on Windows Phone and could be quite vocal with their discontent.

Now with Microsoft's Surface strategy being applied to the "phone", we may begin to see, by Q1-Q2 2017, hints of OEM's building high-end Windows "phones" inspired by what Panos Panay and team deliver in Q4 2016. If the inspiration that the Surface inspired among OEM partners is any indication of what could occur there is a reason for hope.

But this all begins with Microsoft's "colorful iMacs."

"I'm going to focus on a few phones that actually grab share that, in fact, showcase our uniqueness…We will do everything we have to do to make sure we're making progress on phones...We are committed...Nadella 7/14/15Our first-party devices will light up digital work and life. Surface Pro 3 is a great example – it is the world's best productivity tablet…we will build first-party hardware to stimulate more demand for the entire Windows ecosystem… we will responsibly make the market for Windows Phone, which is our goal with the Nokia devices and services acquisition."– Nadella 7/10/14{.nofollow}

Your Lumia 950 or 950 XL

As the colorful iMac marked a historic shift for Apple, the Lumia 950 and 950XL may mark a historic shift for Microsoft in mobile. Redmond is showing innovation and progress in all of its other business sectors. The industry for the first time in years seems galvanized by what Microsoft is bringing to the table. From the HoloLens to the Surface Book, the industry is giving Microsoft cool points normally reserved for Apple.

It is at this point in Redmond's story that they have presented fans their "colorful iMac's" - the Lumia's 950 and 950 XL. Now I know there are challenges like limited carrier support. But the question remains, "should you buy one of these Lumia's at this historic juncture?" I can't answer that for you. But if you're a fan, I'll offer Nadella's words,

"… I want to do good devices that people like, then we will go on to doing the next thing..."

These fan-focused devices are good devices. Do you like them? I do. And I plan on being a part of the beginning of what's next.

Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

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  • Good article, I enjoyed
  • Very well put and this sums up a lot of our thoughts (at least mine) as true fans of WP. Realistic without being nihilistic.
  • @mihnat. Thanks for the positive input!
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  • @someguy11 I'm a glass half full kind of guy! :-)
  • @wpmaniac thanks so much.:-)
  • I don't recall reading much from you here in the past (maybe I've just not paid attention). But here's a fact: As one of the aging 920 users (who had to downgrade to earlier this year when my 920 died) I was not really excited for the 950 series and have gone back and forth. This morning, after reading your piece here, you somehow got me excited again? How'd you do that? Well done.
  • @scumdogmillionaire Thank you for reading. And I'm so glad that this piece was a positive influence on you and others. Thank you for sharing those words. As an aside. I'm one of the newest writers for Windows Central. I began writing with the team several months ago. Here are the links to the articles I've written for the site. I've seen you around.:-) You may remember a few of these. lol Feel free to revisit some of these and share if you'd like, to let others see some of Windows Central content! :
  • This article is calling to me... Patiently holding on to my 920 and definitely getting a 950 next month!
  • +920
  • @Chris Trotman Carry it with pride my man! Looking forward to these devices myself. They look awesome!
  • You should be their marketing chief. "Ask and you shall receive"? Sure, after two years and at least one (some say there were actually two) cancelled flagship later. :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hey, good article. For "lumia's" though I dont think you need the apostrophe. If it's making it plural, you just add an "s". (will the next lumia's...and lumia's illuminating the way) unless you mean Lumia IS illuminating the way, then that's fine.
  • Good article, but Nadella is wrong, at least four me. I just ordered a new LG flex 2 to replace my Lumia. I'm done, Microsoft. Giving us February specs in a November phone is too little, too late.
  • Lol LG Flex 2? Are you serious? You must be joking? An over heating 11 month old peace of crap! I hope you ment LG Flex 3 witch coming January. Snapdragon 820 at least. But trying to compare Flex 2 vs 950 XL......there no competition! 950 XL wins hands down!
  • Does your LG Flex 2 do Continuum?  Would it ever do?   All non-Continuum phones are obsolete.
  • All Android phones are compatible with keyboards, mice and external displays. Unlike Windows mobile, there are apps available to use with them. Continuum isn't special or new. Maybe when they get x86 support, but even then an actual laptop is cheaper and easier to use while the cloud keeps your data ubiquitous. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Continuum is not mirroring.  It is running desktop apps as a desktop.  Laptop in your pocket?  lol.
  • Yet you bought February specs in late October...
  • Bye! Lol. You'll be back. I use both Android(galaxy S6 Edge) and several wp's and I hate using androids OS. Android just dnt feel good using. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @jasongw Thanks for the compliment. Actually when you look at this in context, the best specs from the most recent offerings, even the one month old iPhone 6S Plus, compared to Microsoft's most recent Lumia, the Lumia is either better or on par in most categories. I think the specs are pretty respectable.:-)
  • As a 1520 holder...Yo, how 'bout pass me whatever you are smoking...even Danny boy ain't that optimistic!
  • This!
  • @Habibul lol...just looking at things objectively. If you did a blind test and just laid the spec sheet of these devices next to the spec sheets of the competition these Lumia's would really stand out in the pack. Windows Phone users have wanted a device that stands out in the pack for 1-3 years now. Here they are:-)
  • It's always a pleasure to read your articles; This one included. And, yes, after moving from the HTC Titan to the Lumia 1020 too, I will get a Lumia 950.
  • @deMaelsrom Thanks for the support and enjoy your 950!:-)
  • 1st, i wish no one would ever compare ANY of Microsoft products(or other brands) to any of CrApple overrated garbage prods, even as an example. iMac junk is so far behind Windows prods is not even funny. I say EVERYTHING CrApple sells, is about 4+ years BEHIND all other brand's technologies they use. All CrApple does is MARKETING and overprice their garbage just to make them look so special to those who think, everything with HUGE price tag, is so much better. Well that is true in many cases, however, NOT in CrApple prods. CrApple prods are cheaply made with cheap parts. For exp: iJUNK 6 cost $80 to $100(depending on storage size) to manufacture at Foxconn factory in China, and that's all they worth. But, CrApple sells them from $800 to $1200+ so iSHEEP think they are luxury and such a special items/phns(fashion piece), to carry around. Just look at the """""""SPECS""""""" listed on your article. In addition to those awesome specs, these 950/950XL have "Continuum", Liquid Cooling, FULL NFC(not limited like iJUNK phns), Gorilla Glass 4 which does not break,.............that iJUNK does NOT have. so why iSHEEP pays so much more money for those iJUNK, when they are so many better phns with MUCH better SPECS??????? BRAINWASHED, FOOLED, MISLED, LIED, PRETENDED,...................... to them, by CrApple. Keep in mind, they have pretty much COPIED EVERYTHING from others Like SONY, NOKIA, MICROSOFT,.........and now even Google, but people think they invented the universe. Just search, """"""""""""appple COPIED SONY"""""""""""", and click on the images, and take a look at SONY's device, they had way before 2007 iJUNK came out. Has anyone looked at SONY's watch they have been making for past 6 years, to iJUNK Watch??????? HUUUUUMMMMMM need i say more????? I really wish someone at WC, would show how many things CrApple has COPIED from other brands. I know it would take a long time and would be a huge article, but it will worth it for iSHEEP to see with their own eyes. I do know comp do copy from each other all over the world. However, none of them, after copying, tell the world it was all their own idea, and turn around sue them.     
  • Because all the iPhone fans come to this site to read articles.....mmmmm
  • Grow up. You sound like a jealous toddler. Not as intelligent as the average toddler, but emotionally stuck at that level.
  • This article completely contradicts what Dan has been saying. The 950/XL are the 'Enterprise' phones, not the 'Enthusiast' phones that us aging 920 users (and beyond) have been waiting for.
    While watching Microsoft's conference I did initially get excited for these phones, but after Dan put them into perspective, it looks like I'll still be waiting yet another year.
    Unless my 920 doesn't survive until then of course.
  • I actually believe Jason is correct on this, not sure if Dan's view is any different though. Nadella has alluded to providing three categories of phones: budget, enterprise, and flagship. Though I can't quote specific articles from memory, I do have the strong impression that Microsoft looks at the 950/950XL as the "flagships" in this strategy built for the fans. I would expect the much rumored Surface Phone to be part of the "enterprise" category. That would make perfect sense to me. In other words, the 950/950XL is the flagship for the fans. The Surface Phone I would expect to have more modest specs when it comes to media capabilities: lower MP camera, 1080P screen instead of 1440P, etc. However, I would expect additional enterprise features such as stylus support, faster Iris Scanner or fingerprint sensor, sturdy metal build like Surface tablets, bundled cloud storage, and ideally an x86 Intel chipset. I would then expect them to use the same screen and camera in their budget phones for next year, without all of the enterprise features and Surface build. My interpretation of the statements and information we have received thus far about Microsoft's current strategy.
  • Truly enjoyed your analysis. Thanks for bringing us back around to Nadella's words regarding the phones. Your outlook is refreshing and quite logical!
  • "Colorful"?!
  • Yeah, I did a bit of a double take when I saw that headline.
  • Exactly. Where are the colours, Nadella?
  • In the analogy.
  • Sometimes I think people forget that Microsoft did a pretty good job getting 3rd parties the rights to make a swath of new backs that are easily replacable. How about you just buy the one that suits you best, and be glad you can get a red leather backing with metal sides for your phone if YOU want that one. Am I missing something? Sure, an extra fee, but an extra fee to customize your phone much more than most other phones allow (ignoring a straight-out case). Sorry if I'm missing the point, I just don't see it.
  • Im guessing you guys somehow didnt understand the parrell he was drawing between these phones and Apples Color Macs and how they were the begining of a turning point for each company. Read the Article
  • *parallel It just seems strange (even ironic) to draw a parallel to the colourful iMacs (making them stand out of the beige-PC crowd) when the MS "turning point" removes the very colours that made the Lumia line stand out. Perhaps it's a hipster move - where going back to boring colours is retro and cool :P  
  • It's not the colours (or lack of colours) that makes the devices similar.  It's the fact that these phones may prove to be the beginning of a great run of consumer products for Microsoft, just as the colourful iMacs were for Apple.
  • Yeah, I know that and had read the article before commenting. Was just being casual.
  • I think he's talking about the clear iMacs.. they had blue, green, yellow clear, smoke... you know, the tube iMacs.
  • Nice overview, thanks. But MS cant impress users with "coming soon" releases. There must be a date, not month with the new devices !!
  • And you can't impress people by copying and pasting your comment multiple times.
  • Agree. And they should have spent more time on them during the devices keynote. Hearing no passion or excitement out of Panay compared to surface was to obvious. I also was in a MS store last week and when asked if they had a demo of either the guy told be the 950xl was sent back as it did not have a final software build. He also stated that the "950 does not exist yet". WTF.
  • People want MS to somehow overtake iOS and Android, that will never happen... But with continuum and the newer Atom chips they can leap frog them.
  • "that will never happen" - never say never.  Look at the Surface line, people thought it would never fly (in fact they lost money in the beginning) and now it's a multi-billion dollar business - one of their biggets product lines in the company's history.  Lumia can do it too, especially now under Panyo.  Consumers are lovnig the new Microsoft, and if you follow various comical sites, they're catching on that Apple has lost it's mojo and design style, and Microsoft is rising above (again, all thanks to Surface and HoloLens).  There was also stats before that Lumia would succeed iPhone in the coming years, and it already has in certain countries.  Exciting times :)
  • This was a good read. I am actually going to log onto the PC as I am sure the visuals are better than the app and my mobile browser.
  • @nogitsune Thanks so much!:-)
  • Also with macs they are not the most popular computers but they are computers that are successful enough on their own to showcase what the product is about and are unique and make people envious.
  • Yes. I think as long as WM doesn't fall below 2%, it will stay afloat. Mac has always had a low market share compared to Windows and stayed afloat. And they were that way long before there ever was an iPhone.
  • Uhhhh....not on all carriers still, so the surge is doomed to fail before its begun.
  • Did you even read the article?
  • True, but as others mention for VZ in the US the ICON isn't a world away spec-wise from the 950, does work and can be purchased cheap so if VZ doesn't get their head out of their rump we can get another year or so until the G4 series (continuing the colorful iMac analogy) comes out. Just hope it isn't the G4 cube lacking fans that burned up within a year.
  • For those that don't like to read, i suggest downloading the "share to speech" app and it will read the article for you.
  • I feel like I am watching an episode of "Good Cop, Bad Cop" when I come here. First article of the day tells us how great the new devices are going to be. The next article tells me we are approaching dooms day for WP. Then it starts over again. On second thought, maybe this is the movie "Groundhog Day".
  • So here's a thing I've learned...people have different opinions on things. Crazy insight, I know. ;)
  • The truth lies somewhere in the middle and between you, Jason and others we are given enough good information to make up our own minds. Thanks!
  • It's not information, it an opinion piece.
  • And his opinion is it like ground hog day around here. ;-)
  • I have to agree. Though the article is well written and with a positive outlook, the Microsoft message to us, still, is wait until next year... that (may!) be when we bring you what you've been waiting for... for one, two, three years. Here's to hoping S/MIME encryption makes it into the Win 10 Mobile "release" for the new devices or I'll not be buying one... again...
  • Well, the mail app did have a (seemingly non-functional) option for S/MIME encryption in a past update before it was removed, which does show that they're definitely working on it.
  • Good to know! I must've missed that insider release but, as a 1020 owner, I kind of had to opt out in order to have a phone not overly wrought with frustration. ;)
  • @jettleMania Thanks for the input.
  • These are great devices, but as with most WP-devices, it's the OS &| ecosystem weighing them down.
  • The OS weighing them down!?!??!!? Get out of here.
  • This is true, the other day I read that WP was doomed, now I read this one. I like this one better.
  • OS or app is not so much problem as I see... It is more of Microsoft not being reliable and stable in their build ( changing things again and again, giving us inferior experiences, removing our loved and unique features promising better one which so far has not come in its true sense)
    It is as if they experimented everytime they release the OS... And as many had mentioned "waiting" is the sad part. I don't have high hopes for this w10m either coz after release the big comments most probably would be it's ground up build and will be improved ( which I hope it should not happrn) and many loved features missing again...
    So it's more of Ms irreliable mentality regarding smartphones and OS that discourages even most loyal fans nd obviously the app developers... Hope this changes... Let's hope...
  • But each day of "Groundhog Day" brought new insight. And at the right moment, all was well.
    Yep, just might be Groundhog Day.
  • These phones are nice upgrades, but if the carriers don't have them, then it makes no difference. I would like to upgrade at some point, but I cannot switch carriers due to coverage's in the area. It is bad enough the apps I need are dropping, but no service is worse. Microsoft has to make them available for and convince all carriers to sell. Also increase marketing so the public in general will WANT them, and more support will come. I will go back to a dumb phone before I go to Android or become an iclone user.
  • Even if all the US carriers don't carry them, it won't fail because, unlocked, it can be used on any carrier around the world. All Microsoft need to do is make it available worldwide and with worldwide support. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Heh, which they won't. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think a lot of people are hesitant to buy a phone that isn't certified for their carrier. I used a BLU win HD on tmo for about a year, and it was pretty good, but it lacked wifi calling and visual voicemail which a TMobile Lumia has.
  • I've been able to get T-mobile visual voicemail to work on an ATT 920 and a Verizon Icon. Obviously no luck on the WiFi calling though.
  • Wi-fi calling on my 920 works well. I use Skype. All my phone contacts show up. What's the issue?
  • Unfortunately, it's not true for CDMA carriers like Verizon. A small percentage of global marketshare, sure, but important in the U.S. which means it is crucial for developer engagement.
  • We have to start somewhere.
  • Then kill it and restart. Then kill that and restart. When will they kill it again? Will they bother to restart? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Great read Jason!  Loved the comparissons and the direction the company is going in.  Exciting times for Lumia :D
  • @theman04 Thanks so much!
  • It only matters if they are actually released with polished software. The Redman silence on a release date speaks volumes. Need a release date, or we can expect "coming soon" means 2016.
  • How does Nadella want people to evaluate his phones when he isn't even considering the likes of T-Mobile -whose CEO has publicly stated that they would love to have the device onboard? I'm pretty sure Apple didn't exclusively retail the iMacs to one retailer and made sure anyone that wanted an iMac would get one!  
  • The 1st iPhone was exclusive.
  • These aren't the first iPhone, not even the first WP-devices, and the market is very different.
  • The first iPhone could afford to be carrier exclusive. Apple smartly ended exclusitivity with ATT when Samsung devices started posing a legitamate challenge to the iPhone.
  • I'm hoping as of now MS is talking to all the US carriers, we will see come release date. If that comes and goes with no hope in sight. One of WPs biggest fans will picking up an iPhone 6s.
  • T-mobile wanted to control how and when updates were pushed. Plain and simple. That's why MS didn't want to play ball. Once these phones sell well on ATT (relative speaking) Tmo will come around.
  • Unless Microsoft is going to override ATT approvals for updates, then then every single carrier wants to control the update process.
  • And you know this how? What we do know Nadella said he will pull out of "unproductive markets and relationships". I guess 1st and 3rd largest US carriers are among those. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • tl; but did read.
  • And that's why Microsoft never had any success in consumer business. Because everyone just compares their products to the marketleader. And if you look at the "Top 15 Tech Gifts for 2015" survey results: 1. iPad 
    2. Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise Cancelling Headphones 
    3. MacBook But hey. If they label it as "Microsoft's colorful iMac" they might be successfull...
  • To be fair 95 percent of today's tech media hold Apple cult memberships plus most of them just copy and paste others articles.
  • I would really like to see Microsoft phones in the hands of more consumers. I get a sense of victory, anytime I come across that rare occasion where I see someone else, unsheathing their Windows Phone from their pocket/purse/etc. Microsoft has a great business plan, and it's a plan that tailors to the people that matter, the consumers, and the developers. Having one platform on multiple devices is something every developer should be clamoring for. It's sad that developers (and carriers), are too afraid to make the attempt of investing in Microsoft. All the signs are there...people are demanding, but the powers that be, give us the cold shoulder. I don't think it's the consumer that's holding back Windows, and Windows Phones...I blame the conglomerate corporations that capitalize, and feed off of the market share numbers. The market share can sway in any direction it wants, but they're all just a bunch of cowards and bigots, and are just too afraid to point the direction towards Microsoft, and their vision for the future of Mobile computing/communicating. End rant.
  • Since the beginning Windows for phones has had a huge tide of opposition against it. That tide was set in motion because of Microsoft, and didn't disappeared because of stubbornness. Because of the practices and impression Microsoft has left on corporations and people, they weren't given a shot. Many CEOs/creators of many many apps don't want to develop for a Microsoft operating system no matter what. Monopolistic practices and hard competition have made many companies wary of Microsoft and would rather see a world rid of them. Nadella is doing a great job changing the company's image around the industry with actions and willingness to work with competitors to make a better experience for customers. This is going to take some time maybe 2-3 years as stated by some people but the combo of huge user base, ease of development and I think most importantly good will, will finally set our preferred operating system as a true competitor to the others.
  • Now thats something. Critics will continue saying negative things here and there. Many will ignore, its just the way it is. But with the long term vision and continued innovative efforts of MS its not hard to imagine the future.
  • IPhone 6s is best flagship phone right now, its A9 processor is extremely fast. MS clearly doesn't care about Windows Phone. Even if they port the iOS or android app to our WP OS, the market share will never increases from 5%, why? Cuz Microsoft should thought of that when WP can out.
    And Microsoft Surface devices are doing good, almost too good. But not everyone can buy these devices, they cost a lot, people rather go for $450 iPads, and they are called real TABLETs. Few weeks ago I was so happy when MS announced Surface book, that's what needed, and now we can compare our book to Macbook pro. However our windows phone is 2 years behind the iOs and android even if they release W10M.
  • yes, some sense its true. but w10m still in tp not even dp. i am sure a lot of feature is lumia 640 with 1.2Ghz 400 proc. with  w10m runs much more better than android 2.2ghz 800 processor. thats truly amazing to see. i don't think the polished version of w10m will be less featured OS compared to iOS and android. may i know what are exciting feature of iOS which w10m hugely lacks?
  • thats actually not true about WP being 2 years behind unless you are talking about apps becasue in terms of features and built in apps, they answered our prayers lol. Even ring and vibrate is here after all these years. 
  • As far as hardware goes go check the comparisons in the article. Software wise, iOS is aged, polished and boring. W10M is very young, modern and starting to come around, also if one fully understands the universal core it will be 5 times more powerful before too long. App wise, Apple wins and only because Jobs had greater vision then Ballmer back in 2010.
  • Really great read! Lets hope this is true and HTC and LG can make some good hardware since they have connections with carriers.
  • carriers hate microsoft the owner of skype. all the phone makers know it. Microsoft is alone in the fight. the war is not over, just have to stay in the game waiting for a winning hand and go all in.
  • @MMissionary Thanks for the support!!!
  • The Mastermind ain't telling. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • When can we actually find out a release date for the phones??
  • Thats all I need to know at this point, my 920 has died and I have been holding off on getting a new phone but I cant wait much longer. If they dont have something solid in the next few days then i will have to switch to an iphone for the next months or year or so(I dont really want to do that).
  • I agree 100%. I am waiting patiently for the day they announce the 950 (I am actually not sure if I should get the xl though, am playing around with the iPhone 6plus and the size is less a problem than I thought) and when they do, I will preorder it... Even though I work with iPhones and Androids and I envy their apps (mobile cheque deposit...) I can't imagine having one as a daily driver. The "pin to start" feature, as simple as it might be, is the main reason I don't care much about the app gap, if there is no app, I pin the mobile website to that service! Simple as that. Microsoft does well to finally release a device that can replace my 920, without compromise (no glance on the 930 was a no deal). It took them long enough.
  • It will be good if Microsoft fixes the favicon problem. Or has it already? Then I'd pin the **** out of every website I use, that doesn't have an app.
  • Isn't fixed yet in build 10572 and it's annoying as heck.
  • Good article,, I never get bored at any point, reading such a large article
  • @AvinasAvi Thanks so much for the support!
  • Your belief and hope for Windows phone/mobile is infectious. Very well written as always. I really like the variety of personality and opinions Windows Central have. Good, I needed something like this after reading Daniel's and Tom's article( which was not bad, in fact both was very good).
  • @ian Thanks for the encouragement! And as they say VARIETY is the spice of life! Lol
  • I've had a Windows Phone since the very start. But there has been many broken promises, and broken strategies. I've got my parents and friends into Windows Phone, being the optimistic "apps will arrive soon etc.". Unfortunately, we still don't have many standard apps, for banks, for airlines etc. I travel a lot, so boarding passes, checking in through apps, transportation apps in Spain (as that is my main destination) matter a lot to me and I can't continue to wait for MS to get it right. I hope to be back with WP, but I've purchased an iPhone because it suits my current needs, personal and business wise. I love Windows 10, and MS apps. I'll continue to use them and use this app everyday. But I think a change will be good after 5 years. I'm hoping when I'm back, that their strategy is finally working.
  • Similar situation here. I was a loud and proud Microsoft guy for years. Got my friends and family to get WP's when WP7 first came out. I'd loved my HD2 and thought it would only get better. I was very wrong! Out of the couple dozen or so people I'd converted only my 70 yr old dad stayed with Windows Phone. And only because the big tiles are easy for him to see. And at 70 he still complains about certain apps not being available, so yes it is a problem, lol! I'm enjoying WM10 though, so hopefully this app gap can close up just a little.
  • These are not the phones a Windows Phone fan were hoping for. An even smaller niche market.
  • Can't wait to put my hands on those 950. Already loving everything about them.
  • I doubt the Lumia 950 and 950 XL will sell like the 920 did. Back in 2012, the app gap was less of a concern. The 920 had an attractive design and unique features such as OIS and wireless charging, it was competitively priced and correctly advertised. Mainstream consumers bought the device, not only fans.
    The 950 and 950 XL are good phones but they don't have any outstanding feature, except Continuum which is technically impressive but appeals to a limited audience. Plus, the app gap is now a real problem and there are great affordable Android flagship phones on the market.
    I'm hoping Panos Panay and the Surface team will blow our minds next year with a Surface Phone, like they did with the Surface Book. But then, I realize it is going to be extremely difficult to reinvent the smartphone and close the app gap.
  • App gap was much much wider at that time. Today it is single apps like Shitchat or some banking, in 2012 there where TONS of apps missing.
  • But less "must have" apps were needed then, so his point still stands. Now it's a very different beast then it was when the 920 came out. I'm sure anyone can see that.
  • When was the last time you saw any Windows Phone app advertised alongside Android and iOS anywhere???? Even if there is a version they don't mention it.
  • - Russian Facebook, desktop store and mobile app presented - local carrier mobile banking page, ios and wp listed as "coming soon" - local largest bank lists 3 apps. WP has 10+% share here.
  • Here in Europe that's not the case. If there is an app, it is listed on pair with others. Yes, there are times when only Android version exists, but nobody hides the work they have done if there is WP app. Blame strong underthehood influence of Apple and Google in US for this.
  • Great read. As a 920/1020/1520 owner I'm excited to see what these phones will bring. As a gadget geek I'm constantly bummed a few of my favorite gadgets don't have first party apps, but most have solid 3rd party offerings. I have yet to encounter an app that I NEED to have on my phone that I can't live without. I'll admit I'm typing this on my Galaxy S6 Active because I've been giving Android another try. Yet, as always, it has been a frustrating, overheating, lag-filled experience after a short period of time. So you see I'm using this right now at my bedside with no Sim card as my 1520 is charging :-). As a phone, camera and solid communication device I've never had an Android offering I've used (original Motorola Droid, HTC Thunderbolt, Sony Xperia Z1S or S6 Active) be as smooth, reliable or consistent as the WP offerings. Can't wait to give the 950 and 950XL (hers and his) a run when they come out.
  • @Bkr11 Thanks for te support ans for your input!
  • Good article. Inspiring! I recall my own challenges as a Windows Phone fan in a country unsupportive of WP (Canada). So many phones had to be purchased unlocked through 3rd party sources. If my carrier Rogers did actually bring the phone (L920) it came in black only just to screw with us. The yellow one arrived 6 months later and yes I sold my black one for the yellow one. Let's not talk about the L1020 which built so much excitement. Again, Rogers waited 6-8 months after US release to bring it to Canadians. By then no one cared or bought it. All Canadian carriers past on the 930 and 1520. Again, forcing me to buy unlocked and pay a premium through a 3rd party retailer. Being a faithful WP fan has pretty much cost me an arm and a leg. And it will again buying the 950XL due to the Canadian conversion rates. $960 after taxes is what I'll be paying since again carriers here show zero interest in anything but the low or mid range Lumias. I've also had to learn the meaning of patience as some of you, since I'll be heading onto 2 yrs that I'll have my L1520 in Dec. While the specs of the 950XL impress me, the color choices are surprisingly limited, unlike colorful iMacs. Sure, 3rd party cases can be bought but I prefer 1st party options. Let's see what next yr brings.
  • @Lundon44 Thanks for the support! These phones do look great!
  • Well laid out. I really like your "timeline". With all the reaction to the entire W10M project, it seems the fan base impatience always comes boiling to the top.
    I've come to realize just how calculated this new direction is. Our friends at Microsoft showed us something with the Surface Book. First, that they can enter a new market for them with a device that sets all new standards. Second, they can exceed anyone's wildest expectations. In front of possibility the toughest crowd around.
    Now, as you say we watch the plan unfold over the next 18 to 24 months.
    So thanks again for your insight.
  • @tale 85 Thanks for the encouragement! Glad to share! :-)
  • Loved reading the article! And I think this is the reason why I love Microsoft.
  • @Vamsi I'm glad you enjoyed this article! Feel free to share it!
  • Here in Canada, Windows Phone is essentially dead. A couple of older, low end phones are still available in the dark corners of a few carrier stores, but no higher-end phones have been sold for a long time. No 1520, no 930 and now no 950/950XL. Even the 640 and 640XL are not offered. No carrier has any interest in WP, and Microsoft appears to be making no effort whatsoever to correct that situation. The handful of Microsoft stores in Canada do offer WP phones, but the phones must be purchased up front without any payment plan. Given our hideous exchange rate, the 950 and 950 XL are out of the reach for even the most ardent WP fans. It's over here, period. My Rogers 920 - now unlocked and on a budget carrier - will be used until it dies, and that will probably be my final Windows Phone. Sad, really, because I love the platform.
  • It's pretty sad.  I had to grab a Rogers 920 and unlock it to use it on my Bell account.  You can still get an 830 at Bell but that will probably be the last one they carry unless Samsung releases something.  I'll grab a 950 from the US thought to hold me over.
  • Also a Robbers 920 user for almost 3 years now, I know the lack of support and popularity is obvious here and doesn't seem like it will get any better soon, but I'm still going to buy a L950 XL when it does come out from MS store, simply because I cant see myself using iphone ever, and previous experiences with Android didn't end well either. Plus the fact that this IS a killer phone.
  • If this devices are for us, wp funs, maybe they think we lack esthetic taste :S
    This design comes from the low range...925, 930 and 830 were much more stylish.... Ok we real WP geek look at the inside, but we have friends who look at the outside too, and ask us about our "anonymous looking" latest Lumia phone...
  • Premium look could add another 100$ to the price. I like what they did more.  
  • I agree with you, but it seems we are the 2.7% only.
    Many would pay 100€ more for a premium feel&look Lumia, even wp funs...
  • 2.7 with average phone selling price between 150 and 200$. 500$ for 950 is already more then twice of what those people usually pay. Premium enought.
  • For me, even if Windows Phone goes the way of the dodo (or webOS), I'll have a 950 before then.  My 920 has lasted me 2 years and I plan to have my 950 last as long, until I can find the next not iPhone.
  • +920
  • Jason I love reading your articles :)
  • @Aashish13 Thanks so much for the support! I'm glad you enjoy them. :-)
  • Love the phone, hate the price. I can get a tablet for the price of these phones... With no carrier support, I can afford $600+ for a phone...
  • This article was so hard to read. It was like a personal love letter to fans to consider the 950/XL as some great historic phone. They're not great historic phones at all, and they're not what REAL fans deserve. They're straight up stop gap phones. And please tell me why its ok for windows phones to not have apps? You make it seem as though "core fans" would be totally fine without having apps. Is that why the US market share dropped last year?
  • To Nadella, rather. ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hi Twint7787 Thanks for sharing your opinion. Appreciate the discussion. Actually its not ok that Windows Phones don;t have apps. I actually made it clear that we DO want apps. :-) I even shared my disappointment with the loss of my banking app. Here's the excerpt from the piece: "Even considering the recent loss of some key apps, the core fan base (though we want more mainstream apps) values other aspects of the Windows Phone experience above some apps we may not have. I'm personally still disappointed with the loss of my banking app. But whether it returns or not I enjoy Windows Phone too much to switch camps. And naturally the enterprise has little use for SnapChat. Now that is not to say that there is no concern for a more vibrant app ecosystem. This is the point where the app Bridges come in." First and foremost my assertion was that since so many fans have held on for as long as 3 years with 920's(and considering the dedication I see here and elsewhere) it's evident that many Windows Phone fans find SOMETHING about the platform more valuable than the apps that they are missing. Otherwise this very vocal and committed group would not exist. Second I was VERY quick to add following that assertion "(though we want more mainstream apps)". This was a clear acknowledgment that though we have a core and committed group of Windows fans that have remained dedicated in the absence of certain apps...we still want them. Third I then bolstered that particular acknowledgement with my personal experience and disappointment regarding my banking app which loss support this year. Forth as a hopeful solution to the acknowledged app problem I acknowledges, laid out and supported with personal testimony of my own disappoinment endured because of it, I then pointed out Microsoft's potential answer to this chink in Windows Phones armor. So thanks again for your input. But i think it is clear from the text that I niether stated nor feel that its ok that Windows Phones don't have apps. Nor do I claim "core fans" are totally fine without having apps. Based on the acknowledgemets laid out above, "(though we want more mainstream apps), my expressed disappoint(as a core fan), and the statement "Now that is not to say that there is no concern for a more vibrant app ecosystem." all clearly show that I want, and I believe other fans also want more apps. Thanks again for your input to the discussion!!! :-)
  • The lack of carrier support to subsidize the costs is going to be a real problem for the 950 series. I dont see enough market share for paying the high cost upfront AND foregoing a competitor phone. I'm not interested in the 950 based on cost. I just bought a backup 920 on eBay for 1/10th the cost of a 950 and will wait for the release of Surface Mobile for mt next upgrade.
  • "carrier support to subsidize". You are not getting a subsidized phone. From what I have seen, it's like you are paying for the phone in EMI rather than it being subsidized. Comparison of a prepaid mobile with prepaid carrier service against a subsidized phone with post-paid carrier service might fetch good results. In my sister's case(Verizon), former is a $150 cheaper in 2 years period whereas it is more or less the same in my uncle's case. In his case, post paid is only slightly cheaper(around $30 cheaper in 2 years). If you have a credit card that can afford the phone, my suggestion is to do the comparison and decide. :-)
  • All I can say is when the 920 came out in Canada it cost me $0 and I paid $50 for my plan. On a new $0 down device the same plan is $25 for 24 months. The cost is lower on a $0 device than the cost of a 950, especially in Canada. Besides consumers don't even have the option of buying a carrier 950 except at&t only and that doesn't include the XL. There's just less opportunity to get market share with limited points of sale.
  • Colors are 'coming soon'.
  • By way of Mozo... Or so it seems.
  • Ever since the scale back happened most windows phone enthusiasts have ignored the obvious aim for the Lumia 950 series. As mentioned it is for fans of Windows phone who wanted an up to date flagship. People get too caught up on market share. These devices should thoroughly satisfy the request for updated flagship devices and serve as the starting point to transforming the Lumia family into Surface-like aspirational devices. I pre-registered the Lumia 950 XL two days after the announcement after walking into a Microsoft store and getting 30 mins of hands on time with the devices. We need the Windows enthusiasts to buy the Lumia 950 series in droves.
  • No thanks, I'll wait for something better. Or accept a free one. I'm not paying for something I don't like or want.
  • I think we have to rethink what a phone is. It use to be that we went to a carrier store, signed a two year contract, got a phone for around $200 and it wasnt any good without cell service. Now we basically buy a phone from anywhere and get service from whomever we want if we want it. This strategy is the same as Microsoft did with both the Surface and Band, sell them only through Microsoft store and then slowly spread out from there. ATT is their preferred partner but they are selling them unlocked so you can use it on any GSM carrier. It wouldnt surprise me if down the road Verizon finally allows it on their network and they activate the radios through a software update. Microsoft is selling a PC phone/mini tablet with LTE service. You could buy this phone and use it without cell service and it could be like your mini tablet. Could you imagine buying an Android or iOS phone and using it without cell service? The Surface phone would basically be the Surface Mini except with that differentiating factor from other tablets.
  • i find it odd that they aren't launching an affordable option with these phones ... my first thought was to snag a Lumia 640 and just update it to Win 10 but Win 10 runs so terribly in its present state on old hardware that i thought it would be better to just get native windows 10 hardware but here in the US there isn't going to be an affordable option.  They are launching a mid range phone in Europe at the end of the year but no where else.  I have been using a tiny Lumia 435 as a temp phone until new ones were available ... i will have to go back to Android it looks like if I want a new phone.  Microsoft did a 180 from all low/mid phones to only high end ... not all your fans have a $600 phone budget Microsoft.  
  • It's even worse for us outside the US... the 950 is on the MS site for AU$ 1,100 which converts to US$ 793 (including tax)
  • They announced the Lumia 550 at the same time as 950/950xl, what are you talking about? It costs $150
  • You mean $140. At least that is the US price.
  • Build 572 runs nice and fast on my 640xl...
  • Kinda disappointed i just got a new 830 in June not knowing the new flagships were coming. Was tired of waiting had my 920 for three years and Rogers was bugging me to resign a contract. (probably to unload there stock) Im a huge fan and will make the leap to 950xl this Christmas just hope I dont have to remortgage my house to afford it.
  • Well, we knew the new phones were gonna be announced even before June. Seems like you weren't checking WindowsCentral enough
  • Better wait for the next flagship... It will come out sooner hopefully...
  • The backwards date format annoys me :P
  • In the rest of the world, it's the USA that lists the date backwards.
  • We don't list it backwards, we list it the way we say it. We say October 25th, 2015. It makes perfect sense.
  • Thanks..
  • And we say 25th October 2015. So again, it makes perfect sense for us.
  • Yeah, but there are literally only 3 countries that format their dates that way - Belize, Federated States of Micronesia, and USA. I think Canada alternates between both, depending on their mood at the time :P The vast majority use DMY, which is why MDY is why it's weird for most people and hence "backwards" (as in, it's back-to-front and also as in antiquated & obsolete). Some also use YMD which is just the reverse of DMY. MDY is definitely in the minority and should be phased out along with those outdated Imperial units you still cling to - once again only used by a minority of 3 countries - Liberia, Myanmar (Burma), USA.
  • Windows Mobile really could take off in the enterprise.  The pendulum of byod is starting to hit its limit.  Mobile device managment is also on the cusp of being much easier for enterprise IT departments, and that would help elminate "shadow IT".   Basically, if you have PII, PCI, FERPA, or HIPAA data hitting your device, you'll have to have hthem locked down soon.  
  • Really nice article. If any non-windowsphone fan read it, would surely beocme a huge fan of windows phones immediately and yours too.
  • @Abrar Thanks so much for the support. I appreciate the kind words!
  • Lumia's I don't think needs the apostrophe. If you're making it plural, you just add an s.
  • Correct. Having the apostrophe is recognition of ownership.
  • So now Lumias are toy phones? Well, waiting for a half price cut then.
  • How did you deciphered that message out of this article???
  • They already tried the 'colorful iMacs' thing, complete with drag queens, dancers, and even some clowns, it didn't work: Microsoft Product Launch Dancers (feat. Clown Truck)
  • The Lumia 950 is too big. I don't like the on screen navigation buttons. The camera is not 41MP. I'm going to stick with my 1020.
  • Then you will be missing out on the future of Windows Mobile. You sound like one of those people who won't let go of XP.
  • Nope. He will get Windows 10 mobile on his phone. He can get a 96x series later.
  • I really hope this rather overly optimistic view of the future of windows mobile comes to pass.
  • @Poirots I hope so too. ;-)
  • The biggest issue I have with such a comparison is that the actual colorful iMacs were purpose built, from inception, for the reason stated. These 950s, on the other hand, are remnants from a now fired executives portfolio and are simply place holders to quite the vocal miniscule minority until Panos and team can make the legitimate 'Colorful iMacs' Lumia/Surface phones. His on stage presentation stating such is the key indicator. That, combined with how little time he actually spent on them. Even ..."being productive like a boss..." Was about the game changing tech and not so much the phones themselves.
    Whimsical and interesting to read. May even be a repurposed bit of truth in it but, accurate, this article is not.
  • @chaduma thanks for adding your opinion! Here's an excerpt from Satya's interview with Mary Jo Foley on July 14, 2015 following the Worldwide Partnership conference: "NADELLA: We will do everything we have to do to make sure we're making progress on phones. We have them. Even today Terry (Myerson, the head of Windows and Devices) reinforced, again, yes, we will have premium Lumias coming this year. If there are a lot of OEMs, we'll have one strategy. If there are no OEMs, we'll have one strategy. We are committed to having the phones in these three segments." A couple of points. As we know the 3 segments Nadella was referring to are the FANS, ENTERPRISE and VALUE.
    Now Nadella pointed out in his response to Mary Jo Foley that Terry Meyerson reinforced, even "today" that premium phones would be released later this year. Referring to the 950 and 950 XL. His tone seems very strong in that statement. Now it comes down to what category of the three mentioned above are these devices geared to. Certainly not VALUE. My assertion in the piece is that they are for the fans and I also stated in parenthesis early on in the piece the enterprise. But I think they are primarily, and based on your words you agree "quiet a vocal minority" , they are for the fans. Now the fact that you acknowledge that presentation surrounding the phones focused on the " being productive like a boss" game changing tech, in my opinion is actually ABOUT the phones. In essence CONTINUUM FOR PHONE's can only be exhibited on a phone. As such, it is this game changing tech that makes these phones stand out among the competition (regardless if we like it or not, or buy into how useful it will be in some markets) it IS a differentiator, not easily copied by rivals that don't have a single OS and Universal platform. Sure they could have spent time on stage talking about the superior high pixel display, the iris scanner, the light weight and other specs. But those are not differentiators. The next Galaxy or iPhone can easily adopt or leapfrog those run of the mill specs. It happens all the time in the industry. Continuum however is not a phone feature, per se, but part of the Universal Windows Platform. Microsoft focused on show the industry why thier phons are DIFFERENT. And may remain different for some time. A universal platform isn't built over night! Just like Apples iPad with the keyboard doesn't make the OS transition with various scenarios, even if Apple does "copy" projecting a smaller screen to a larger display, without a universal platform apps won't reflow, nor are they fundamentally written to adjust to all screen sizes. So these devices are important to showcasing Windows 10 on a phone. There are no other devices on the market that will do it better. Sure, Microsoft will iterate. The iMacs that followed the colorful iMacs iterated. But the colorful iMacs showed the industry what Apple was doing! :-) I do believe that the Lumia 950 and 950 XL are Microsofts "Colorful iMacs". As a multibillion company with a huge bet in mobile, I doubt they want to delay showcasing their mobile efforts a year after their Mobile platform's debut. Sure next years device will show it better. The OS will be more mature and as I shared in the piece the "phone" that Panos and company build will ikely have amazing synergy with the OS. But from MS perspective I believe the "SHOW" begins now with the Lumia 950 and 950 XL. Thanks for your input and your opinion. But I think though this may be whimsical, and interesting to read, it is an actual presentation of truth and indeed, accurate, I believe this article to be. lol :-) Thanks again man!
  • Apps are like the 80's now.  Universal apps are the next bend towards the future.  Snapchat? what's that? WP aren't designed for teenagers.  It's designed to do more than snapping useless pics.  I do my bank stuff on my SP3, so far deposit on ATM are rare these day since in the US, direct deposit offers more. I can't wait for 950XL, whether AT&T offers it or purchase full price at Microsoft Store, I shall own it.  Jason Ward nailed it, these phone are for the fan, and I am a fan so shut up and take my money.  
  • Well, while your point that universal apps could be the future, let's not be silly and act like snapchat is only some little app that teenagers use.
    The app is one of the most popular in the world and tens of millions of people use it every day. These people will not switch to WP if they don't have snap chat there, so it's a big deal. Also, doesn't matter if you don't like teenagers, they're a very important segment of the market that cannot be ignored.
  • If they want snapchat, get other phone.  Other phone still have MS services.  Like I said universal apps are the next generation of apps just like iPhone 1.0 the first time without the apps.  If I am a windows developers, I would want to synergize windows 10, mobile, and xbox at the same time if possible.  BTW, I never said or implied I don't like teenagers.  Don't shove words to my mouth.  I have a 13 year old and she want an iPhone, I said ok.  Ultimately, she stick with her 635 despite not having snapchat.  Her choice, not mine. 
  • I want Snapchat on Windows!
  • Yes! And Periscope!
  • Contact the Devs who make Snapchat.... It's not Microsoft's fault (well, maybe becuase they only have 3.5% of the market)
  • Another one of these. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • *Sigh* seeing that Lumia 920 with that beautiful 830 made me shed a one tear. Ugh, the 950 would have looked amazing with the 920's body. People would kill to see that unibody a bit thinner. I hope they don't abadon that design....
  • +920
  • My Lumia 930 has issues with its loudspeaker mode and I'm not all alone with this... I hope someone would make an article on this.
  • It's a Windows 10 Mobile bug
  • This article, seems to me, give the Microsoft's perspective on how things going to be and to keep the Windows Phone faithful stick with Microsoft for one last time and be wowed next time. Frankly, I don't need convincing. I am already convinced to stay put with Windows Phone(or mobile) because I liked what I saw until now. I am one among the few who was never bitten by app gap(except clash of clans) and already liked the quality of Windows Phone over Android and iPhone. I actually thought of skipping 95x generation only because of the looks. But Microsoft again convinced me by Mojo cases. Call me stupid or whatever to choose a phone based on looks. Frankly, in my opinion, whatever the internals, Windows Phone will be great; Only the look and feel matters in case of Lumias. Even if the cases were bad, I would have waited for 96x series. I usually change devices most likely every 3 or 4 years and my Lumia 920 is still running great. My only concern is(was) whether the quality of Windows 10 mobile will be as good as Windows Phone 8.x. Last build in my 640XL seems like Windows 10 mobile might reach that quality by this year end. So my 920 might finally be replaced by a 950XL, later this year. And of course this is assuming 950 series is available soon in India.
  • TL;DR version. Fans will buy them. Besides that Nadella doesn't care until the Panos Panay phone is done. It's a stop gap. It's a shiny distraction. It's not meant to compete, it's meant to satiate.
    If you don't get that idea, you don't understand Nadella's strategy at all. Sorry.
    Think about it. You're Microsoft, you want to give you fans something cool, but you aren't really happy with it. So you pitch it, throw it out there, and limit supply because you don't expect it to sell very well. So AT&T and Microsoft Store helps keep demand to match supply. And manufacturing costs down. But basically, it's a stopgap, and way to buy a little more time. The Lumia's are like an S version of an iPhone. You get a better phone than you have, but the next version is gonna be better. I dunno if I'll buy a 950, holding out for the inevitable and probably infinitely cooler Surface Phone...
  • Good article, a bit opitmistic, but I hope you are right. Too many apostrophes!  
  • @gtief Thanks for the input! :-)
  • I must be one of those strange "fans" I've had my L920 since they first came out. Actually, we have 3 in our house. But after waiting 3 years for a phone that excites me as much as the 920, I still don't see it. Here are the benefits I see on the L950 line: 1) It has a removable battery 2) It has a faster processer 3) Bigger screen 4) Weight (lighter) Here are the things I don’t find all that exciting 1) Continuum? No. If I need a PC I take my Surface. I'm a developer and I don't think this phone will run my development tools that well. 2) Biometrics? No. Currently every website that needs a password has a different password. To login to a computer, I enter an 8 to 11 PIN and each computer is different. Entering a PIN is very fast. If any of those password or PINs are compromised, I can always change it and none of my other passwords are at risk. If my iris or fingerprint or face biometric data is compromised I'm screwed. I can't change my iris or fingerprint or face without some kind of expensive procedure. Until someone can guarantee me 100% that it will never be compromised (not even with a quantum computer) why would I put something like that up for the take. Imagine if I were to use the same biometrics for websites and baking information (which I know people will be doing) and the data is compromised. 3) Look of it. No. They are nothing special. 4) Camera. This is one of those that could be a definite yes, if I didn’t feel so lukewarm about the rest of the phone. 5) Windows 10. I hope it runs well on my 920 when it is finally released. The current build works okay. So, so far, I don’t need a shiny new phone to run W10. Now, let me look at a to-go phone from AT&T, the L640 and its features in comparison to my L920 1) Removable battery 2) It has a faster processor 3) Bigger screen 4) Weight (lighter) 5) Continuum. No. But I don’t need it. 6) Biometrics. No. But I won’t use it. 7) Look of it. Same as a 950 line to me. Just a phone 8) Camera. Not at the same level as the 950. But probably better than my 920 so this will be an upgrade. 9) Windows 10. If it runs on my 920, it will run on a 640. So, should I spend $600 for a premium phone that is mostly hmmm for me? Or should I spend $60 on a phone that will be an upgrade to my 920? For me the answer is clear. The 950 line has nothing that will take my money. I will save it the extra $510 towards a Surface Book. What would make me buy a new premium phone? Premium features. Microsoft is a very innovative company. Put something on the phone that would make me go wow. Now, I want that. Anyway, this is of course it is just me. MS has indirectly been paying my bills for the last 25+ years since I’ve been a developer in the Microsoft stack for that long. I am a MS fanboy. Just ask my family. But the L950 line is not exciting enough for me to spend that kind of money. Well, that’s something they could do. If it were priced at around $300 I would buy one.
  • That’s a nice post. Thank you for sharing.
  • Brand Lumia should always be colourful because the world is not black & white nor are people. Post Nokia write-off they seriously require someone to jumpstart their advert department regarding their products whether its for Surface/ Lumia or any other hardware/software,because most people believe what they see and hear. I don't know about seeing anything in advertising, whether in print media or television/internet (because there are none) but they only hear word of mouth from silly people who abandoned the OS in early stages or didn't try it apart from a single glance. This word keeps on passing and seriously hurts the product/OS. Initially i also believed word of the mouth but after getting a 520 for my mom. I am forever a convert and want nothing but a windows phone. The last Lumia advert I enjoyed was of 1020/925
  • Waow... I know that sentence"ask and you shall receive" :)
  • For me, the only question is do I go with the 950 or the 950XL? Up until a few weeks ago, I was very happy with my 1520, despite the hige size. Since the touchscreen failed, I've been limping along on a 640, which does what I need it to do, and is very snappy. Going forward, Microsoft really needs to decide if it wants to remain in the phone business. There is an incredible amount of buzz on the new Surface Pro and Surface Book; not so much on the phones. Part of this is the lack of carrier adoption. What made Apple so successful was that EVERY carrier wanted the iPhone; not every carrier could get it because Apple made the very forwardlooking decision to restrict the initial version to GSM, locking out Sprint and Verizon in the U.S.. AT&T at the time was the only carrier whose technology was fully compatible with the GSM used elsewhere in the world (TMobile was and is also GSM, but they use non-standard frequencies incompatible with most other GSM areas). Microsoft needs to generate enough buzz, and actual sales, that makes the other carriers take notice and demand a version for their networks. You can't succeed in the U.S. by only marketing to a third of the market. The 950's are a great start, but we've had great devices before, but Microsoft never went all in. This isn't to say that Microsoft needs to follow the exact same strategy as Apple, though. We don't necessarily need a new Flagship every year;I think the Apple strategy is driven more by what their software requires than by what their hardware can do. We don't really jave that problem. Our hardware is much more capable, and our software runs much faster. There is still the 'App Gap', but as Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile merge closer, this should diminish.This will actually end up working in our favor. Apple has seemingly abandoned Steve Jobs' vision of unifying MacOS and iOS, so they are stuck with two completely different operating systems. We'r still pursuing the strategy of extending the desktop OS to the phone. That is our key strength in the long term. What I think Microsft should do is go to a 'tick-tock' strategy similar to Intel's, whereby new handsets are released in year one, much like where we find ourselves today. The 950's are a great start, but not necessarily all the tick Microsoft needs. The tock needs to be major OS improvements or additions, something to wow the masses and generate buzz. Without a consistent marketing presence, Windows Mobile will continue to be the quaint little OS 3% of the market enjoys. We have another year, maybe two at best, before Windows Mobile is abandoned by Microsoft. If we can't make serious inroads into the Apple/Android duopoly by then, we never will. Some may argue we're already there, but I'll allow my enthusiasm for the platform to carry my optimism. Getting Samsung on board as a device OEM is also key. As good as the Lumias are, my Samsung Focus just felt better. Samsung could fill in the 'tock' device lull, and they have proven to be innovative while competing against Apple. Apple continues to flog their same old crap, and without Steve, they've run out of ideas. Tim Cook is no match for what Steve Jobs brought. They are making a boatload of money, but the rate is slowing, because their innovation cycle is done. I mean, Apple Watch? Seriously? A bigger iPad after all this time (primarily due to competition from the Surface Pro 3)? They are stuck reacting to us, because they don't know where to go next. Promoting AppleTV as a gaming platform? What more proof do you need to realize they've run out of truly innovative ideas? Microsoft has one chance left in Mobile, and I hope they don't blow it. I still can't decide which 950 I'll get, but I will get one of them. Neither is quite the blockbuster I was hoping for. I think that it may just be that they don't seem to be flagshippy-enough. I mean, where is the sleek, gleaming metal and glass chassis? More plastic. While the Surface line gets the spaceage metal fabrication, Lumias get more plastic. That's where Samsung could really help us out, if Nadella could just mend that fence. Come on, Microsoft. Blow me away.
  • Microsoft change their dedication from day 1 to Cloud first, mobile first.  Which means "you" as the user can access any device thru the cloud with any devices (iphone, android).  Window phone will continue to have low, medium and flagship.  Ultimately, user can choose to go iPhone route using MS services or apps.  If you have windows 10 for your desktop, and if, I said if, universal apps matured, you'll consider windows phone to be the next phone.
  • LOL this comment was so TL;DR it made the app all weird.
  • Oh, look. "Tl;dr" THE MOST useless comment in all the internet. Thank you for being "that guy". I actually am not sure how sympathetic I am with some of what he said (I.e the end is near for Windows Phone, or the well has dried up for Apple's creativity and innovation with a big decline around the corner, etc), but unlike your post, he actually at least brought some interesting stuff to the conversation. That its unsuitability for Twitter made it prohibitive to you is entirely a reflection on you, not on him. Now to the OP: I don't know that this is necessarily Windows Phone's last chance. As long as MS isn't just totally hemorrhaging money all the time, WP as a platform could conceivably carry on indefinitely, and with as important as mobile is to making this "one Windows" thing meaningful, I think they will be more hesitant to pull the plug than the market implies. I do agree that there is a very strong chance of a correlation between how proximate to Windows 10's release the excitement and adoption is and how big the success boost will be. But I do not think that all is lost if they don't totally flip the world on its head with the 950/950XL. I am on Verizon so I'll be sitting this round out (against my wishes), but hopefully next round, I can get in on the action. Whether Verizon and Windows are playing nice by then is a big if, but I am all but 100% sure there will at least be a Windows Phone for Verizon to snub. Thank you for the valuable contribution to the conversation. Cheers!
  • Frankly speaking, I dont care at all about the future of Android or iPhones. I like many features of Windows phones from the day 1 like it's simplicity(with just 2 screens), the LIVE tiles, and commitment to provide people with something different, better and something that belongs to the FUTURE. I liked Nokia and I like Microsoft for that. I like them for not compromising on their fundamentals even in hopeless situations. I genuinly beleive that Microsoft with all it's pocket PC thing is moving in the right direction. So all the best.
  • It's not the app gap for me. Every app I need is there. The problem is the apps that are there are not good.  You can tell the devs rushed the apps out the door. The other problem was mobile IE. It's horrible. Mabye edge will be better. 
  • Edge is so much worse for me, currently!
  • Windows 950 for Windows mobile fan? So much mixed messages here that it's almost a proactive sour graping in case it won't sell well with the general consumer.
    So the message he is, the phone to compete for market share is coming soon. nothing new.
  • Really good article. I really loved reading it.
  • @Vadim Thanks for the support!!! Glad you like it! :-)
  • New hardware is great but personally I cannot justify paying $800+ Canadian to purchase a lumia 950 when we still have no SnapChat app. Sure the 950 brings much better specs to the table compared to my 920 and 930 but I still wont be able to communicate and interact with my friends using the preferred app.
  • For me one of the main draws of WP is the lack of a snapchat app.
  • So edgy!
  • The keyboard used in this ad should have been more stylish, not the average PC desktop type.
  • I think the war is lost, everything they have been doing till now is try to catch up with IOS and android, they couldnt. Now they are trying to change the game. this is not another reboot is the start of the creation of something new, like everything lets see if it works out.
  • Thanks!
  • Whenever I feel like crap about Windows Phone, Jason Ward drops an article.
  • @wpn00p lol. Thanks I'm glad my work brings a smile! :-)
  • A couple of things don't make sense to me. No company releases something specifically for the fans when the company is not even comfortable with the masses. Microsoft has only 3% global marketshare. How many of those are true WP fans? If this is a historic juncture, since they're introducing a brand new mobile OS that supports amazing things like Universal Apps, Continuuum, etc. then the company must market the hell out of it. No company releases flagships and say "these are just good devices, but if you want great devices you'd better wait for the now-pipe-dream called Surface Phone". That's just idiotic. A company must be 100% behind each product that it releases every year, regardless of what's being released the following year. Panay is a dumbass for not being excited about the Lumias on-stage. I'm actually an Android user who wants Windows Phone to succeed and I'm trying to see if I can switch to W10M with one of these two upcoming flagships. But there is no excitement or enthusiasm from either the company (i.e. Microsoft) nor the fans (i.e Daniel Rubino, etc.) which makes me worried. This could actually kill W10M very early. The only reason Windows 10 succeeded is because it is a free upgrade option that got pushed to people. Its success was based on an existing user base. W10M has got NOTHING. I'm sick and tired of this dream Surface Phone you guys are talking about. What matters is now and today, not some dream you keep chasing into the future.  
  • you'd be surprise how many Mac and Linux fan are still going strong. Surface Kickstand were not noticable at first, but I guess ahem... Google and Apple start following. Universal apps is not a "me too" it's new thing that only MS can deliver.
  • I know I do this sometimes, but PLEASE let me proofread your articles. Plurals don't need apostrophes.
  • C'mon, he's working as a journalist. Some basic language skills can be expected. And Jason, the plural of "sister-in-law" is "sisters-in-law" (not "sister-in-laws"). But thanks anyway for the article.
  • For many, continuum are locked in as mini PC.  I am seeing it as open platform where developers can start innovate using it.  On the keynotes, continuum is used to watch movie from the phone, it's useless but nonetheless it's not dedicated to Office.  I am seeing Continuum like this, Hololens Games - Mobile games can be played with mouse and keyboard Surface pen Second screen to gaming - I'd imagine continuum to my phone while playing witcher 3 on PC to show maps, inventory with full on interface designed for phone.  
  • Amazing article seriously, and honestly over time I completely forgot about the app gap because I love Windows Phone so much, even on Denim. I see an amazing exciting future for Windows.
  • For me the apps aren't an issue. I've given thought to going to iPhone or Android but honestly neither one are appealing to me. I will stay with Windows phone even with the app issue.
  • @Deryan Thanks! I appreciate that!
  • My Verizon contract expires in six months. Unless there is a change, I will be going with the 640XL. The 950XL would be preferable but I can't plop down that kind of money at one time. It would have to be on a contract.
  • LOL at "Q3 2016". Crying a bit too.
  • 950/XL sounds like great devices but I don't really think that they are future proof even for two years or even one. I really wonder why XL does not have 4gb
  • Continuum, according to me, is not worth at present. It does not give me PC like experience. Neither it runs pc applications nor it gives pc like experience, example I'm used to office pc version. It needs a external hardware to work which means I just can not use it at any random time.i need to know if in going to use it and carry the hardware with me. Then I can carry my laptop to most occasions which is more feature rich.
  • Joined the WP community from ios which i had for about three years and before that Sony androids and windows CE type stuff. Always followed the camera first policy. So when the 1020 came out I had to try it. I came hooked, switched to OneDrive and ditched apple macs when the SP3 came out. It's all simply better, it's like real computing and not some daft wanna be solution that controls me and doesn't let me do what I wanna do. Ios and osx do not let you control anything in comparison and work flow and just kicking back and relaxing is easier on windows 10. I have ios on an iPad mini, it's good for teaching and battery life but it was free from my school.. The sp3 gets a good kicking each day as does this 1520. Nothing else comes close and the only thing missing is a stylus. Give me that on a new device and we have a killer system that's beyond the competition.
  • Couldn't agree more on your IOS comment Jay. Came from and too exactly the same place and have replaced 4 devices with 2 (SP3 & 1520). Microsoft keeps on getting better which is the reason I switched. Whereas a Apple is stayed.
  • I am with Jason. I think the 950XL is a worthy competitor to the iPhone 6S plus and it will be replacing my 1520. The apps store is not that bigger issue for me - not enough to change my OS anyway.
  • @Enza Sounds like a plan! :-)
  • Lumia 950xl is good enough to replace my current iP6+ 64GB
  • Gonna work like a dream in my school.. Our ten year old Dell PCs suck and the 950s way quicker if my 1520 is anything to go on. Currently have a hdmi projector on my cealing as they get replaced long before the PCs so plugging the dock in will rock. Running office via Miracast works well but an external mouse and keyboard... That's ace. Know some NHS departments who are gagging to try this phone. One docking station or two in a department with a monitor and clean wipe keyboard and mouse for hygiene and the doctors and nurses with a 950. Makes sense to me but only when certain apps like Lorenzo (patient register program) are written for all Windows 10 devices.
  • Excellent & well written article Jason.
  • @IceDree Thanks man!
  • They should still advertise the Lumias, but in a subtle way. I understand they want to close the "app-gap" first, but they need to at least let people know that Windows 10 OS is spread across all devices, and the Lumias are basically pocket PCs.
  • Great article, definitely enjoyed the read. Dropped my 1020 last week and now people on the other end can barely hear me. Surely getting the 950XL on AT&T when it is release next month... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @Roach26 Thanks for the support.Sorry about you 1020! :-( The 950XL should be a great replacement!
  • The have to advertise better at AT&T stores also. I went in there a few months back and they had one Windows Phone in the back, next to all the iPhone accessories. It was pathetic. Meanwhile the iPhone section has giant neon signs, jugglers and fireworks...or something close to it. A giant sign with the comparisons found in this article would be a good start.
  • I will stop using windows phone when microsoft throw in the towel, as long as it is here to stay, i will always be in that small percentage of the users globally. I cant stand android or ios, i love windows platform for the way it is. App are not an issue to me. Am happy with what i have. All the best MS.
  • Ironically, the 950 and 950XL only come in black and white :)
  • Good article Jason. All the way through, I was reading 'Nadella' as 'Needler'. Do you think there is a new Halo game coming out soon or something?
  • Great!
  • Wish I could afford it lol, maybe next time. I think i'm the only teen that wants these phones. 
  • I'll be frank and staright ward with with you right now, I am a die hard widows Os first and formost fan. I also loved windows phone. I currently have in my household the following collections of windows phone. 2 Lumia 1520, 1 lumia 640 XL, 1 lumia 640, 1 lumia 535DS, BLU HD, 1 lumia 925, 2 not used anymore Lumia 521, My first WP is HTC Imagio, I have used Galaxy X (yes the very first one) and that is is the last non windows phone I have ver used. (Smart phone eraa that is). I currently was not sure if I should toughen it out until next flagship release, but today, you did an awesome sales job that MSFT did and I have just placed my pre-order before this comment. Don't get me wrong, I love these 950 duo, but you did the last push without any fanboyism or crush the competion tones article. You used the CEO's words to butress your say, you let it be known that This 950 duo are for me, made just for me (WIndows Phone Fan). I have never been swayed about what apps are missing (Like you pointed out, I am not disillusioned that there are no apps gap or quality apps gap) So, Thank you very much for such an awesome inspiring read, enjoyed every alphabet (Brings Danny articles to mind for me).
  • @asoyemi Thanks for sharing you kind words. I'm glad this piece was so beneficial to you! Thanks again for sharing that's very encouraging. :-)
  • I absolutely LOVE the 950 and 950 XL. These are the best smart phones ever created in my opinion. I am going to switch carriers from VZW to AT&T just to get my hands on them. In fact i am buying both the 950 and 950XL at RETAIL because i love them so much. Thats going to cost me about 1,200$ which for that price i could get a mid-range SP4. But these phones (and phones in general) i use about 10X more often than a tablet or laptop. Plus my SP2 still runs fine with Windows 10 so that will do for the next few years at least.
  • I'm 100% cool with the direction they're going in, and instead of blind hope we are actually seeing the signs that things will finally be different for the better with W10m. My #1 issue is that as of now I a self proclaimed huge fanboy and supporter since day 1, can't afford to buy a flagship phone because it's not being subsidized unless you have AT&T. All I need is for Microsoft to offer a payment plan like Apple and Samsung did, and I'd be peachy.
  • Now just get it on EVERY carrier including verizon (for me at least) and THEN we can see how well these really innovoative phones do. You cant get a major plan to go head to head with the Samsung phones and the iPhone (spec wize to go head to head) and only have it in 1 carrier in the US besides a unlocked version (that only adds annother 1-2 carriers in the US).
  • For me it's Windows phone and nothing else. I used Apple in the past. MacBook Pro and iPhone. I never bothered with an iPad which is nothing else than a large iPhone without the phone. Never really got the use case for it. When the 920 arrived, I gave WP a shot and offer the years switched to a 1520, SP2, SP3, Band, XBox One and soon the Surface Book, Band 2 and a Lumia 950. The reason is simple: It's the ecosystem. Yes I could use MS services on other devices, but I like the fact that windows is windows, no matter the device. The 950 is a nice, high spec phone and I expect W10M to so very well on it. I will replace the back with a Mozo back. I just like the leather feel. There is nothing wrong with those phones, beside the fact that MS fans are too used to complain about pretty much everything. If Apple brings a iPhone S version, people line up for it. If MS does it, (and these phones are just that) the world seems to end. I'll stick with MS because Windows works for me. And as long as that is the case, I really don't care how fancy my phone is. Yes, the Surface phone might be the killer and I am looking forward to it. That is no reason though to just ignore what is here today. I'll even get a 950 if I have to buy it off contract. Why? Because I'm not like the others. That's why. And that's why I'm a windows phone user. Stop whining and start embracing it.
  • And you have just explained why I continue to stick with Windows Phone despite wanting to use SnapChat. I'm not going to Android or iOS for the apps, if the app makers want my custom on mobile they better bring it to Windows. The Discord developers know this so plan to use the bridge to bring across their mobile app (even though their desktop app already scales to different sizes).
  • If Microsoft does not get the other carriers to offer the new Lumias,,Microsoft should offer and INTEREST free offerfor people who will buy the unlocked new 950 and 950XL... that way many more people will be able to buy the phones.
  • Colorful...? Black and white only, deadly boooooooooring...
  • I swear, I am developing a slow-rolling aneurysm over windows phone.
  • I, writing this on a 1520 I love. Hope you're right but concerned that in our market (New Zealand) Microsoft still won't (can't​?) even confirm the 950s will be sold at all. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • So these device are a "gift" from Microsoft to the fans, it leaves me stumped then having used Windows Phone for five years through three device why I have zero interest in purchasing?
  • @sonofdad These phones certainly are not a gift from Microsoft!:-) Actually I hope that's not what you gleaned from this piece.
    The 950 and 950 XL are first-party smartphone devices targeted at one of the three specified demographics, Microsoft, as a multibillion dollar global tech company with mobile ambitions has identified it will tailor specific devices for; - in this case the fans.
    No they are not a gift :-) but a strategic positioning of a narrow business focus.:-)
    As to why you have zero interest in purchasing, it is likely that the targeting of the fan base with these particular devices simply failed to encompass all of your desired needs.
    The HD Display, Continuum, Windows Hello Iris Scanning, USB type C, liquid cooling, removable battery, exchangeable back covers, 32GB of storage, expandable memory, industry leading imaging technology, 3GB of RAM, 808/810 processors and general specs that meet or surpass the latest of the competition (like the month old iphone 6/plus) and more, I suppose wasn't what you were looking for this time around. :-) These are not only the best Lumia's but, feature for feature, spec for spec, they are literally two of the best phones that will be on the market. :-)
    So, again as to why you have zero interest in purchasing, maybe the devices just don't meet your needs or the ecosystem simply isn't yet what you need it to be. :-) If that's the case, your hope is like mine, I'm hoping developers really flock to these bridges. We need them!:-)
  • Good read. I'm definitely buying the 950.
  • @Ecurb87 Thanks.Sounds like a plan to me! :-)
  •    For all the "supposed" Windows fans in here, a lot of people seem to be ripping the phones without even giving them a chance despite the fact that they equal or surpass the other recently released flagships from Google (equal to the 6P and 5X) and Apple (surpass the 6S Plus and 6S) so that leads me to ask, were you guys really ever fans to begin with?
  • I can only speak for myself. That said, my only gripe is being able to purchase the phone.
  • I have been using windows phone from the beginning.From that time where not so much applications etc no viber etc.But realty is when there's any one who used windows phone i guarantdly said he will always love to have it.
    I don't care people dev what ever they said only i know one thing.
    Windows phone we love you
  • To be honest, loved most things with this article. I would just disagree with the title, and say that the next Windows Phones that will come out will be the colorful iMac equivalents, not the 950/950xl. The iMacs were game changers when they came out, the new phones are really good, but are not game changers in my opinion. Looking forward to what comes out next
  • So, not going to advertise, just sell to people still carrying 920s?  And that's going to generate big sales?  I certainly hope this isn't Microsoft's actual plan.  
  • I'm buying the 950. Unlocked, just make it available soon!
  • LOL! Sorry Jason nothing pesonal, but this text is ridiculous! These two new lumias made for fans?! LOL! They look like Lumia 640 - utterly boring. They also remind me of any mid-range android phone. What happened to the gorgeous design of 920, 925, 930 etc. This design should be considered and implemented in new lumias made "for fans" but just refined and modernised. How would any WP fan even consider buying these two new lumias when they look gross, and they are expensive as well. So what like, we should wait until 2017 to have beautiful, high-end lumia or surface phones? By then there won't be any wp user left, they'll all #switch to iOS or android. And all these existing Lumias will be obsolete because they won't support continuum... How many times does MS have to abandon what they've made in the past because of couple new features that old phones won't support due to hardware limitations? I'm sorry but this text is quite depressive. 
  • I was thinking the same thing. Just how po'd will the "fans" be when they have waited so patiently for so long for a flagship phone, just to find out next year their less than a full year old phone isn't compatible with the latest stuff coming out on the new phone... Oh wait... De'javu all over again... Same old song and dance... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • one word. MARKETING.
  • I'm getting the 950xl. When the surface phone surfaces, I'll get that and keep the 950xl as backup. Thanks Microsoft!
  • I've been a fan since Windows Phone 7. Started with the Samsung, went through Lumia 900, 920, and I'm now on the 640XL. The 950 and 950XL cost way too much for me (over $850CAN plus tax for the 950XL?!?). You can count this fan out of the "surge". I still don't see the point of this so-called killer feature, Continuum, when it's cheaper to just get another PC.
  • Your article is perfect, I will buy one of this, because I know is an awesome device and is the first step for the next generation of Phones that can work like your PC, that will be awesome, im pretty sure Microsoft has a clear path, they only want to create the best devices ever made! We need to support that!
  • I sure wish those "colorful IMacs" were as easy to purchase regardless of carrier as all the other competing phones available.
  • Colorful? I want the white 950 XL but also want an MS Cyan colored replaceable back!
  • microsoft needs to stop playing around and give a release date already!
  • I just finished watching the new Steve Jobs movie. It's an exciting film that ends with the introduction of the "Colorful iMacs." So it's an fascinating cooincidence reading this essay! I love technology and am so excited to where tech goes next year. From what I've read and heard, nVidia and Intel are really going to change the way we think about mobile (both phone and laptop) tech next year.This article really encapsulates my greatest hopes for the OS and the future of mobile tech in general. The greatest thing for consumers and technology--is competition. As a long time Windows fan--I'm so glad to be alive now and see the great new pieces of hardware that Microsoft is putting out. I for one will be saving up for a 950xl.
  • Who. The. F$%k really cares about snapchat? Seriously. At the end of the day, considering all age groups, especially millennials. Who cares about an app that will be here today, gone tomorrow. The Windows phone platform has everything a consumer needs. "app gap" is a cop out comment anymore.
  • Who cares? It is important because it is one of the most popular apps in the world, and most of the people using it, tens and tens of millions, wouldn't switch to Windows Mobile if it means they lose access to it.
  • I'm sorry but it's not a cop out comment when there are plenty people who won't even consider Windows Phone because of lack of apps. While I did say in an earlier comment if an app maker wants my custom they better bring it to Windows, I said that because Windows works best for me but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't toyed with the idea of getting a HTC Android just to get all my apps. And there has been a few occasions where suggesting Windows Phone has left the person wanting to chop my head off. Literally. That's how much the app matters to them.
  • I sure hope MS allows Android app install. That is clearly possible and an easy way to bridge the app gap. Folks worry about what motivation app devs would then have for creating apps foe win phone, but I think the advantages of continuum and native apps will get devs on board when the platform gains a substantial user base.
  • this doesn't make me want to buy a 950/XL.  It makes me want to wait until 2016 to see what's next.   I hated those colorful iMacs.
  • No. No they aren't.
  • I already pre-ordered my white Lumia 950xl, can't wait for its delivery in the first week of December ^^ First time in my life I pre ordered a phone.
    Normally it's just like my contract is up for renewal and I just pick up a phone which I like (or is recommended by the store clerk), but not this time. Since I got my Lumia 930 I really fell in love with Windows Phone, I can't see myself going back to iOS or Android, the Lumia 950xl is the perfect phone for a enthusiasts like me :-D I really hope that these smartphones are a historical shift in mobile for Microsoft! It's about time!
  • Correction: The plural form of "sister-in-law" is "sisters-in-law".
  • Also, the plural form of "Lumia" is "Lumias", no apostrophe. The apostrophe indicates the possessive form.
  • Well written article! The Lumia 950 and 950 XL are the phones that Windows 10 (and Windows Phone) needs, and this article is the kind of coverage that the platform needs! While other sites rehash and spit out negative "App Gap" articles (just because Windows Phone/Windows 10 mobile doesn't fit their workflow​), Windows Central always stays on point and offers fair analysis! While I likely won't buy a 950 or 950 XL when they launch (still paying off my launch-day AT&T Lumia 830), I'm glad to see the direction Microsoft is going with the Lumia line - more focus with fewer models getting churned out, which opens up the market a bit for OEMs, and even getting access or manufacturers onboard for "Made for Lumia" accessories to turn those "only black and white" phones colorful! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Great article! I just wanted to point out one thing though; the part in the article where you talked about the  "bridge tools" allowing the developers to be able to port their apps to Windows 10 "as universal apps" is incorrect. The tools will allow them to port their apps yes, but the Windows 10 universal apps must be written from the ground up. Simply porting an app to Windows 10 does not automatically make it a "universal app".
  • Except they're NOT.  They AREN'T "colorful".  In fact, they are completely the antithesis of what Lumia established early on.  And they are NOT the device for Windows Phone fans.  I was as diehard a fan as you could conceive of.  And these devices are lame, as far as I'm concerned.  They may be "good" devices, but I've been looking for a true successor to the 1020.  These are NOT the droids I'm look for, to borrow from Star Wars.  And I don't see one aspect of these devices OR Windows 10 that would draw someone to them from an Android or iPhone.  Show me any sensible person who going to jump to Windows 10 mobile devices from what they've been using.  If they didn't like the ecosystem before, they CERTAINLY won't like it now, given that these devices are also-rans and almost every feature or service either already exists on a device they have or Microsoft has already ported to their system.  There's zero attraction for non-WP lovers, and for people like me there's nothing to get excited about.  They've all but ruined Windows Phone.
  • Well, they can do something different and could very well fail. Or, they can stick to their guns, and HAVE FAILED ALREADY! This is why I have absolutely NO SYMPATHY whatsoever with the Win 8 piners crying over 10, and the flagships. Hey, the mast is still sticking out of the water, if you cling to that, you can still ride the Windows 8 ship a little while. Actually, in your case, with your scuba gear, maybe you can stay on even longer. As for me, I will CHEERFULLY take "slim chance" over "absofrigginlutely no chance". And I for one actually am pretty thrilled with the direction WP is going. My concern isn't that they're going about this all wrong, but rather, is it all too late? And to your comment about "no one being interested in WP", I'm an exhilarated newcomer. Now what? And to your comment of "no one finding anything to get excited about on these phones", maybe Continuum doesn't excite you, but since when did your assessment become representative of anything but you and your butthurt cadre? I for one find Continuum super exciting, even if it does still have room to mature and grow! To focus on the lack of colors in the 950/950XL is to maybe pick up on a potential flaw in Jason's analogy, but does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the point behind it, namely that as one was the turning point from near ruin to prosperity for one company, so is this posited as the turning point for the other company. How's about we play a nice little game called "wait and see", huh? Also, to call the current Windows Phone "antithetical" to older Windows Phones demonstrates hyperbolic thinking indicative of a perspective that is blurred by frustration and emotion. That you're so passionate about the platform is truly admirable, truly. And I myself said some regrettable things about Windows Phone when the Verizon news first broke. But I was also seeing red, and now that I'm thinking clearly, my tune has changed significantly. A little bit muted vs before the announcement, sure, but certainly not the doom and gloom of my words that day, nor the doom and gloom of a passionate, but butthurt Windows 8 fan going off half cocked like I see permeating from your post. Hopefully in a few years we'll both look back on this and laugh, scubadog....with Windows Phones in our hands, and a good porter in the other! Cheers!
  • Shouldn't really compare the 950XL flagship to a "iPhone 6s Plus" and say it is a better phone, I think instead one should choose an Android phone to make the comaprison since the iPhones are always behind in tech/functionality except for one specific launch technology. (i.e. their harder tap tech with this release)
  • I am very much intersted in 950 but the lack of Google Apps really turns me down. Now more so as my company just started using Google for all business purposes.
  • If Verizon would quit being a certain feminine hygeine product one might use on a Summer's Eve (and the bag it comes in), then I'd love to get it. Sadly, it doesn't look like that will be happening any time soon.
  • Have to disagree with the spirit of the article; these are NOT the flagships the die-hard fans have been waiting for, and they WON'T sell better than the 920 back in the day.
    Specswise they compare well with the soon-to-replaced current generation of Androids and iPhones. They shouldn't compared well. They should wipe the floor! This is the reboot of WP... It's last chance! MS should have gone all-in! Instead they did like the others, only later. On top of this they went for the blandest WP flagship design to date... Indeed, they actually chose to simply copy the least desirable of the low-end WP designs ever!
    Now compare this situation with that of the launch of the 920, a device that designwise truly stood out positively compared to the competition, and was launched at a time when Android and iOS hadn't truly rocketed ahead yet and WP still had a shot at gaining ground in the short run...
    Nope, I very much doubt that the two 950s have a chance of putting much of a dent in the sales of their competitors... MS had their last shot, and I fear the ambition and passion wasn't there!
  • Yesterday I picked up an iPhone 6s Plus and finally retired my 3 year old Lumia 920. The 920 was a great phone and has served me well for 3 years. The HAAC mics have gone bad (one of my favorite feature on this phone), the camera has gotten blurry over the years, the battery couldn't keep up anymore and the app situation was not getting better; so I needed a replacement. The 950/950 XL didn't do much to excite me, nor does the coming Windows 10 Mobile update. Don't get me wrong, I am a Windows Phone fan. I love the UI, the live tiles, the dedicated camera button, but I just didn't feel excited to upgrade to a 950 XL. I feel like they don't address my problem with Windows Phones, that is the app gap. I've been waiting for the app situation to improve for the past 3 years, but it looks like it will take another 1-2 years before it gets better, if it ever gets better. I miss the Chase banking app. I also didn't have access to our home alarm system app, that almost everyone at home can use, except me, because hello Windows Phone. There is no Sony Action Camera app on Windows Phone. The non-microsoft apps that I used a lot, that existed on all platforms were subpar on my Windows Phone. The Facebook, GroupMe and Viber apps were all subpar compared to their iOS versions. Location sharing also seems better/easier in iOS than in Windows Phone. I used to use the Glimpse app to share my location with my wife when driving, but if you use it at the same time as the Here Drive app, Glimpse is unable to update your location, basically, it becomes useless. These and some other things just became a hassle after some point which lead me to geting another phone. I don't know why I feel the need to explain why I gave up on Windows Phones after 3 years of supporting it. Maybe it's because I was really hoping things would get better and I could stay a Windows Phone user for a long time. Unfortunately, I'll be at the other side for now. I still hope that Microsoft can make things better for those still going on with Windows Phones.
  • Today MS opened its flagship store in Manhattan and the COO was there and interviwed live by CNBC for 10 minutes .   The COO talked about all products promoting them over and over and yet he never mentioned the phones .     The world is moving toward mobile and yet not one mention by the COO .     The CEO gave some song & dance about the phone but he is the one openly said phones are over .      The base has to be excited about new releases and rush to upgrade .     Go to Apple store and see how many are upgrading .    I have had Nokia N8, 920 and now 1520 but am I excited about 950XL and will I waste my money on buying a phone with last year specs .   Not really .    PC Mag said 950XL is now considered as Enterprise phone .   And for laughs, some MS apps actually works better on Androids than on Windows phone .   Go figure  
  • There is little to no excitement about these phones for this windows phone fan.  I'm going to pass on these.
  • Without apps it really doesn't matter how "nice" it is. I liked my 928 but I use my new iPhone 10X more just because there is more of an opprotunity to with all the available apps.
  • Thes phones are not for fans. I currently have a windows phone due to update issues and repeated problem with the Iphone I had. I will be upgrading to the new not because I am fan but because of the usfulleness of being able to use Windows on the phone and Office products from .. Just my phone. I consider this rather huge and the best leap forward for Microsoft. Add in a sd card and that docking station you can carry with you and then use a regular size .. nice    
  • Foks I really think that microsoft will make a replacement for the Nokia Lumia 1020 and tha will be the for real Microsoft Flagship Windows 10 smart phone I donot think Microsoft will make just 2 flagship smart phones the 950 and 950 XL. they are just the start up. Folks for  windows 10 smart phones to be a force Microsoft has to use the new Intel x3 C3445 or x3 C3405 smart phone CPU's because they can run full Windows 10 OS as wellas run the
    Windows 10 mobile OS. theoretically Windows Lumia smart phones that use these new Intel CPU's can run full Desktop PC software. which would give windows lumia or a future Surface brand Windows 10 smart phone a super huge eco system of programs to use bigger than apple ios or  android. Windows 10 smart phones would be true pocket PC / Smart phone hybrids more powerful and useful than a smart phone
  • Thank you for saying this. I agree! I think that rather than these phones being "the end", instead, they are "the beginning"! These phones are really nice - REALLY NICE! But I think the next round is where the true magic will happen! Cheers!
  • I really don't understand why anyone would be down about the 950 - 950XL they are Absolutely Gorgeous Phones and the specs are the best they can get along with IRIS scanner and Continuum. My iPhone fanboy friend got very nervous when he checked this phone out.  All I hear from some people is a bunch of winey babys!!!!
  • Yet another great article, Jason! May your analysis be as prophetic as it is insightful, articulate, and passionate! Do I plan on being a part of the revolution with these "colorful iMacs?" Well, I HAD planned on it come tax time. But I'm one of those on Verizon, for whom it'd not be feasible to jump, especially when a) it'd only be one of three phones, alongside my current iPhone6+ and other planned tax-time goodie - the Nexus6p, all sharing custody of SIM card time, and b) my wife, who cares nothing about the various faces of tech or mobile platforms, or big red's oppressive policies towards everything that is not Apple, or to a lesser extent, Samaung, is ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to be "back home" on an iPhone on Verizon, and there is no way I will get her to move from her "happy place", nor is there anyway we can justify the extra expense of going through separate carriers. And besides c) Even for mid-sized Des Moines, Verizon has the commanding lead in coverage quality in the market, and is the ONLY one to really get any kind of solid penetration into my large West Des Moines office building from which this comment eminates (over lunch break). I mean, I would have an "okay"  time outside of the building here on AT&T, so long as I stayed inside the urban core. I don't travel completely outside the greater metro area into greater (read: rural) Iowa all that often, but I do spend enough time in the outer areas of the metro that I would certainly find spotty coverage a significant issue. Yes, the powers that be at Verizon may have eye patches and pointy mustaches, have hooks for hands, and laugh maniacally to Hollywood choreographed lighting bolts out their office windows...and I may indeed have other options here in the city, but they ARE the only act that won't leave me "stranded in Iowa", or a sad man sans internet here at the office. Instead, Verizon fills me with the confidence that I can catch the Hawkeye game....anywhere in the Hawkeye state - and the only one that lets me listen to the entire Spyro Gyra discography during "desk time" here at work without a single buffering hiccup! So, I think I'd even be hesitant to leave them myself, "fatherless children" though they may be. :-) I'm certainly not giving up on Windows, though, Jason! Don't worry there. While I am still a tad agnostic on which phone platform is the best one in the world, I definitely still believe Microsoft has by far the best, most compelling "vision" in the industry, and I thrill to see what all will become of it. Instead, I'm just gonna wait till next round. These phones are for the Windows faithful as it is, and while I am certainly an enthusiastic newcomer, I'm hardly "Windows faithful". I've NEVER had a Windows phone "daily driver". Instead, my history is made up of two iPhones (including this one), four Androids, and a little cheapie Lumia 520 which only exists in wifi, and pretty much only sees any use at all when a new preview build comes out. I'm no less excited about Windows Phone, though, and only less passionate on the grounds that the moment of realization for me, "action day" has now been deferred, rather than being imminent like I had thought it would be as of the Oct 6th press conference. I'll be ready and waiting for the next round, in with the general public, which really is "where I belong", and which according to your analysis is MS's next round of targets. Meanwhile, I'll make this tax time "the tax time of Google", beefing up on Android with the Nexus 6p, Pixel C, and JiDe Remix (I'm already beefed up on Apple, with a Mac, an iPad, and an iPhone)...and that will leave me all freed up and ready to take the plunge next year, focusing entirely on MS with a "REAL" Surface, rather than the cheapie Nextbook Flexx I approximate it with now, a serious gaming PC (I'm already all "XBox'd up") and of course, the crown jewel, Windows Phone! I figure if MS can take the "long view" strategy with us, so can I with them. Meanwhile, I'll be following its development and progress, as well as your articles with great interest! Cheers from West Des Moines! -J
  • @jayseedoubleyou Thanks for your usual well articulate and comprehensive addition to the conversation :-). I certainly appreciate what you bring to the table. Your experience as a "newer" Windows Phone fan with a hands in other ecosystems, is a great perspective. Particularly since you have a passion to see the platform succeed. Thanks again for you support! And I definitely appreciate you anecdotal contributions to the discussion!
  • So this is Microsoft's way of giving up and calling it "forfeiting" huh?? Like "yeah, there's an app gap, but who needs those apps anyway?" I think your fans deserve better than that. I understand that Microsoft did what they could, but lets not throw the app gap under the bus or make fans feel like they're silly for caring about it. I'm a fan too, but don't call me less of a fan when I switch over to a platform with apps... which I have.
  •      I think most miss the point on the microsoft phones and operating system. First of all, I owned and iphone once, and that is a mistake I'll never make again, every thing about them is just to proprietary, from having to convert all your music files to their format, which is entirely way to much trouble, or having to buy them from the overpriced itunes or risking losing all the music you didn't buy from itunes when they do an upgrade. Android just seems to cluttered and has the feel, to me at least, of something designed by a fifth grader. Those of us that use windows phones are generally the people that "use" their phones for something other than texting, which it does just fine. I still have my 3 year old 920 and have never had a problem with it and depending on how I use it still gets me through a complete day and then some between charges. There are probably a few apps that I wouldn't mind seeing, but a lot of the apps on the iphone and android are just crap. I'd rather have 10,000 good apps than a million that were mostly rubbish. As for the looks, I consider my phone a tool, and for the most part, most phones are the same, a flat piece of glass glued to a rectangular case. If you're buying your phone for looks, you're probably not doing much apart from texting or surfing social media anyway, and I don't think that is the group that microsoft is trying to appeal to. I think the way they have set things up to sync aross devices almost seamlessly is going to be one of their big selling points. I think if they just hold the course they're on people will start to come around and see how much better their operating system really is.
  • I guess you are right.. MS finally has something for the fans... Sort of... Some like it some don'r... But I have read everywhere that you have to hold one to realise that its good.... How polished WP10 is is going to determine the experience... WIth the phones being Windows Hello ready means that the support is coming later... This is another downer... Their ability to quickly ship updates worlwide will be the key alongwith making the phones available everwhere would be crucial... But it seems like that with the pricing, they are targeting the phones for the die-hard fans only and with even worldwide availability (there is no indication that this will happen), Lumia will not be breaking any records compared to  previous Lumia sales, Hopefully it can sell more than 5.8 million in the next quarter... 
  • Better fix that headline caption -.- "The Luminas are positioned to reinvigorate Microsoft's Mobile efforts. Will it work?"
  • Nice, hopeful article. But isn't it "Lumias" and not "Lumia's?"
  • so these new phones are for "real fans" (i guess Im not one, maybe my htc surround on WP7, 920,1020,5XX dont count) and business type folks? If thats the case  you can see the 5 million phones they sold to go down further. I'd like to be overly optimistic like you. I like the picture you have there of the ppl who say Win10 apps will be great. CBS, Weather Channel, just the apps me and my friends like to show off to other people. WP shouters say Enterprise and real fans are what these phones are for, thats because they cant say that they have the necessary apps for WP to gain ground. The must have apps they dont have, the new hot game that get released that everyone talks about and the only way WP gets it is by some crappy 3rd party knockoff. If developers didnt make all those must have apps and games when the 920 came out why do it now I remember when the 920 came out I was quick to show off my red 920 to everyone. Thats when WP should have taken off, that was the time to do it. They missed the boat. Much like the entire WP team and effort, they were just too late. Spend billions on Nokia but not any money getting important app dev's to make their app for WP? "paying app devs to make a WP app sends a dangerous message" who the hell cares. Whats going to be the message if MS says we tried with WP game over? Look at the market share, look how many phones they've sold this year. Look how they locked 1 carrier to sell the 950 here in the states. You think MS has any problems closing down a division, its been done several times before. Cortana for Android and iOS? Thats a "just in case" move by MS. WP has cost them billions with absolutely  no return so far.  
  • i didn't like that MS didn't came with colorful lumias, that lumia is known for.
  • NADELLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE THE COLORS !!!! the only thing you achieved so far is DEFACING THE NOKIA BRAND which had a SEXY FONT by the way. WE DON'T WANT !! another IPHONE !!! .... WE WANT A LUMIA !! THAT ILLLUMINATES OUR LIVES WITH OTHER THAN BLACK AND WHITE !! THANK YOU !!