New Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard available for preorder

What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced the new Bluetooth Mouse and Bluetooth Keyboard.
  • Both devices connect to your PC or other devices through Bluetooth.
  • The Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard (opens in new tab) is available for preorder for $50 and the Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse (opens in new tab) is available for preorder for $20.

While the new Surface hardware that Microsoft announced today will garner the most attention, several other accessories from Microsoft will become available this month. The Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse and Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard are both available for preorder through Microsoft's website.

The Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse comes in either mint or matte black. It features a simple design with a rounded body and a single scroll wheel.

The Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard is also straightforward, featuring a black rectangular body and a full number pad. It does have an emoji button and Office button, both of which are new additions to Microsoft's line of keyboards.

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  • I'll give up my Logitech solar wireless keyboard when they pry it out of my cold, dead hands.
  • I have seen once one keyboard with fingerprint integrated over one of the keys, that was super nice, but not available on much devices.
  • You talk about MS Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint. Have it for a year now and absolutely love it. And its design is superior compared to this model in the article.