New Microsoft Edge feature helps you delete sketchy suggested searches

Microsoft Edge
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge has a new option to remove suggested searches from a new tab.
  • The feature is available across all versions of Edge.
  • The feature works differently depending on if you are signed in to a Microsoft account or not.

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature for its Edge browser that lets you remove previous search terms from the suggestions that appear in a new tab. The feature makes it easy to delete sketchy or suspect searches and suggestions that can appear on your browser for various reasons. The new option is available in all versions of Edge, including the Stable channel.

When you open a new tab within Edge and click on the address bar, you see suggestions for items to search for. These are based on your previous searches and make it easy to find content again. But sometimes, you search for things that you don't want to show up again unprompted. This new option is here to help in those situations.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Here's a description of the feature from a Microsoft Tech Community post:

  • On the new tab page's search box when you are not signed in, you will see a "remove" button in the suggestion list.
  • If you are signed into a personal Microsoft account, you will see a link to the Bing History page to manage your search history; since you are signed in, deletions from this search history page will reflect across everywhere you are signed into the same account.
  • If you are signed into a work or school Active Azure Directory (AAD) account, history is not stored for you and there's nothing you need to delete!
  • The address bar itself works slightly differently in that data from this bar is not synced with your search history on your account and is browser-specific data. You will see an "x" to the right of the suggestion in the list that is considered a history item that you can remove.

The feature works differently depending on what type of account you're using and if you're signed in, but it ultimately makes it easier to clean up your search suggestions.

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