The new OneDrive UWP app for Windows 10 PCs is now available


Microsoft decided to not only kick off the week with a new Insider build for Windows 10 Mobile but the new UWP OneDrive app for Windows 10 on PC.

As many users know, Windows 10 Mobile users have an app for OneDrive but on PC, Microsoft took the feature away replacing it with native sync support in File Explorer. However, if you wanted to see all of your files your only option was to use OneDrive on the web.

Today that all changes as those on PC, tablets, and the Surface, and Surface Hub can install the new OneDrive app built for Windows 10.

According to the Office blog post (opens in new tab) the new OneDrive app is "a great touch-friendly complement to sync that lets you open, edit and share any of your personal or work files without having to sync them to your device."

While it sounds like placeholders in File Explorer won't be coming back users can opt to grab those non-local files through this app instead.

Other features include:

  • Restoring files from the Recycle Bin
  • Easily dragging and dropping files to the app to upload them
  • Quickly accessing recent documents─which will open directly in the Office applications on your computer
  • Finding files shared with you by others and more

The new OneDrive app for Windows 10 on PC is available now, so grab it and let us know what you think!

Download OneDrive for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Installing on Windows 10 10586 :D
  • About placeholders, is that a final decision? We aren't getting them back ever?
  • It really does not sound like it and I think they see this app as the workaround (frankly, I'm okay with that, not sure how others feel, I just hated using the web browser).
  • can you send share links from the app? (like on mobile). Disappointed we still can't send share links to photos from the Photos app. Do you agree Daniel?
  • Yes, you can share files using the Share picker in this app or generate a Share link.
  • thank you for prompt response Daniel
  • So what to do with the "old one"-Just turn it off?
    Edit: Nevermind got it...
  • Same question, what did you do? Edit: Guess they are supposed to be complementary, not a replacement effect.
  • I would keep both as the new one doesn't seem to know if a local copy is already avail on pc. Wont show anything if you loose net connection.
  • Yes, because it doesn't keep anything on your device, other than the files you tried to view. - Posted via W10 app
  • What!!!???
    For real?
    Not cool Microsoft, not cool
  • Why are you downvoted? So many fanboys around here. This is really bad! I have files offline, so why use this app? This is just a browser, then.
  • Well, that's quite a fanboy comment in itself, the problem is he/you fail to comprehend the utility/role/function of this app, that's why he was downvoted, nothing to do with fanboy-ism, as you claim. I suggest reading some of the other comments & the article, that'll give you clearer understanding, I won't waste more of my time digging it all up for you, it's not hard, if you do some reading & don't have a biased mindset. *EDIT* I see no-one in this sub-thread DV, so not even sure who you're talking about, Bryan? Looks like he got 1 DV, which you upvoted, drama queen much?
  • Someone is talking to me? I got lost. I usually don't DV anyone if isn't a REALLY bad comment. Anyone can say something stupid, you just can't use that privilege all the time.  I rather UV nice ideas and comments ;)
  • Yes, I agree.  the website is minimalist yet somehow complicated for what it looks like
  • I disagree with you. I like the website, but i don't like the process to use it every single time i need it.
  • Yea, it's def better than the web browser. Would be nice if they made it an option to use placeholders in file explorer in the future.
  • Agree. In all fronts. Posted via the intertubes
  • This^
    Somehow I don't miss the Win 8.1 placeholder style anymore. With this app, I'm totally good!
  • Agreed but still placeholder on 8.1 was the best for onedrive
  • Microsoft shouldn't be ok with any of this. They led the field when it came to placeholders. Then they removed it, and allowed Dropbox to offer the very same thing.
    OneDrive just isn't useful to me anymore. Perhaps it would be if I had enough storage to sync everything. But this is an imperfect solution to a problem they had already solved!
  • Yep, the placeholders were Genious.
  • Completely agree
  • Well this is classic Microsoft, they give us something fantastic, then pull it out. Happening since Windows 8.0 and still on :p Bing Vision, OneDrive placeholders, WP 8.0 styled gallery, TellMe, Weather app on Lock screen, Only 3G (Introduced in preview builds then taken out) the messy Skype and lastly FM radio. I'm sure people have their own list to add.
  • Can you save files directly to OneDrive with this app (in the save window) if you don't sync your OneDrive files?
  • The app description says "drag files into OneDrive to upload" so looks like it
  • Yes. The new OneDrive app is integrated into the file picker (Save As and Open dialogue boxes) in the list of folders. Allows you to save and open any file on OneDrive even if not synced to the device, also allows you to choose background and lockscreen images from the Settings app. The integration does seem to appear when choosing folders for a lock screen slide show though, only static images, so you'll need to choose a folder of images already synced for this.
  • Yes, "okay" is a good way of putting it.  Not thrilled, though!  Placeholders was a fantastic feature and differentiator.  I wish they could find a way to reimplement it as an advanced feature that could be turned on by users who understand it while keeping it simple for those who don't.
  • I am definitely okay with this solution. This makes the app concept's strengths visible: same operation on any system in sync.
  • what does the App do when untethered from the network -- like at 35,000 feet in an aluminum tube? Do I use it to browse files I mark as being available offline or do I have to use Explorer?  I will check tonite  -  just not @ home PC now.  
  • Placeholders needed
  • MS so sweet
  • Finally. Now I don't have to use Dropbox anymore. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • While sending feedback to Microsoft to make Onedrive integrated in file explorer on phone , they published separate app for PC !! ..... short sad story
  • OneDrive basically is your file explorer on W10M. Pretty much all of the phone's content is (or can be) on OneDrive anyways.
  • I actually agree with Ziko20071. PC users use a File Explorer: they want to be able to copy, paste, delete, etc... fast and efficiently. The Universal App is good for tablets and smartphones, but is basically useless for PC users. Don't get me wrong, I like the new UWP One Drive, but Microsoft should not neglect the OneDrive integration in the File Explorer.
  • How do we fix the "Make sure you’ve got the right web address:" Happens a lot when clicking links in Windows Central
  • Adjust your ad-blocker.
  • Ohhhh... I'm using hosts file to block. Any suggestions?
  • Not really sure as you'd have to manually edit the host file with the tradedoubler IP addresses. For the record, we're using Microsoft's referral code system, which helps them gauge traffic and helps us financially. Unfortunately, some ad blocking sites see it as ads and list them e.g. Easy List.
  • Got it. Thanks for the response.
  • Strange. I deleted all evidence of trade doubler in the host file but the problem persists. ​Ugh.
  • Clear DNS. Open command prompt (not if in admin mode is needed) and do a 'ipconfig /flushdns'.
  • Yup. This should fix it. - Posted via W10 app
  • Bring back the download icon for app downloads in win central pls. The save icon just.. Doesn't feel right. I thought it was a read-offline thing but evidently it wasn't.
  • Or try it not from a corporate network, like in my case. I can't access those links when connected to my workplace's Wi-Fi. Probably not your case, but still worth noting. Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Pineapple PineBook XPS 13"
  • Happens on home network (using surface) as well as using company desktop on corporate network
  • Right click, copy the link, paste it in notepad, you'll see the https://microsoft..whatever thingy after the trade thing, cut it, paste it in the browser, done. Is faster than it seems btw
  • Can't copy link in the app... also.. when I go copy I get "" Can't really paste that :/
  • This link has some problem, otherwise it works. Right click > copy link, new tab and paste. ​For this particular link, remove the '&o' from the end.  
  • Thats good, now i don't need to use the browser to onedrive, but i still prefer the placeholders =[
  • "This app does not work on your device". I guess it'll take time to be live.
    PS:- available now. ~Sent from L830
  • I also can't get it. I'm using 10586.104... Maybe a newer version of 10586 is needed?
  • It's available now for me. It can even be searched in the store.
  • The design and the user experience are very bad, it's very hard to navigate between options and it's totally empty... The design of the ios application is 10 times better.
  • You can't right click?! Come on, it even works on the browser !
  • Compared to 8.1 app this one is 10x better. But I miss placeholders on desktop.
  • "it's raining apps" - Akira X This was posted in a pineapple under the sea.
  • Unable to download for PC
  • From the 1st guy's comment I think you need to have Windows 10 10586 (1511)  I have 2 Windows 10 PC's one with 10586(1511) and one without it, so tonight I'll check if I was right.
  • I can't get it on 10586. But I'm only on .104 so maybe that is the problem.
  • Love OneDrive, use it in both Windows and Android, its with One Note and Outlook the apps I use more often from Microsoft and they work on all platfoms not just Windows, thats what I love from Microsoft and the reason I am on Android now. BTW I have 1TB of OneDrive thanks to my Office 365 subscription, I really hope my 1TB of storage promised is safe if I renew the subscription.
  • Yes!! I've been waiting on this...
  • now that we have this dumb app maybe we can have our placeholders back
  • One Drive done. Next is File Explorer.
  • What is wrong with file explorer, can you elaborate?
  • We have File Explorer app for Mobile. I want that for my Surface tablet too. MS can develop it into UWP and leave the legacy File Explorer that you love untouched like with IE.
  • Can I remove files off my device without them being removed from my overdrive using this app?
  • The placeholders is still a big deal to me - I have hundreds of GB in my OneDrive for music to sync and play through Groove. So that is supposed to sync all of that to my 128GB SSD in my Surface Pro 1 device (with maybe 30ish GB free at any given time)? No thanks... I basically have only two reasons to hold onto Windows 8.1, and this is one of them (Windows Media Center is the other). Guess I won't be upgrading to W10 any time soon, which is unfortunate.
  • I'm in the same boat as you. Use my Surface Pro 1 and placeholders all day. I truly want to update to Windows 10 and get onboard with the latest and greatest but missing out on placeholders is a big loss in my eyes. The UWP app may suffice, so I'm going to test it other devices and see. In the case of your Groove music, you can just play the music through the cloud in tbe Groove app, without needing the sync the files locally (just like your Phone, Xbox, etc).
  • Placeholders still makes sense on low storage devices. But in the end, we do not control how OneDrive is developed. Just have to get used to it sadly. However, I have found myself not using OneDrive as much anymore since the change which is bad for them since the main reason why I chose OneDrive in the first place was because of placeholders. Been debating on how I want to store my data now.
  • Upgrade to get your free Windows 10 license and then go back. At least this way you won't have to buy W10 when you are ready to upgrade. - Posted via W10 app
  • Groove can play music stored in OneDrive without having to sync it locally.  Pretty nice actually.
  • Great example of a failing 'seamless user experience'. 1 File managing app should do it. Integrate this into File Explorer. Not to mention the lack of functionality compared to the web app and the ux inconsistency of the 2 with File Explorer. Extremely bad overall product planning.
  • Is it only me or in the trashcan doesn't show the actual images (if there are images) to restore? Instead every image has the typical bitmap icon. On the web it shows the images...
  • Mmm.. testing it... I still prefer the web.
    On the web it's possibile to select multiple items just doing it like on the desktop or wherever, by moving the mouse while pressing left button. On the App it's not possible. It means "click click click click...." many times. Also I find it odd that it's possible to drag'n drop an item in the app, but not doing the reverse. It forces to selected it and then downloading it.
    I understand that it works like the one on the phone, but some features should be basic on the computer.
  • Well, now I can start updating my lower storage devices (Surface, HP Envy X2, and Dell Venue Pro) to Windows 10. Truly would have preferred the Placeholders to make a comeback or some other type of sync technology but the app will suffice for now.
  • Got a chance to download and play with it some. Compared to the web version, I prefer the app.... works great!! The app loaded up fairly quick and browsing through folders worked smooth. Does what I want it to do and think MS did a great job as far as an the initial version of One Drive UWP. I'm sure there will be updates coming soon.... What other phone would you be using beside the L640? I'm just sayin.... *One Windows*
  • I hope that drag and drop will also come to Mail.
  • So what's the big difference between the functionality of this version and the one that comes with Office 2016?
  • awesomeO..0
  • A bit disappointed.  Quite many features, whcih I use almost everyday, are not supported. - Link can only be shared via Apps but not the URL which can be pasted to any other places - navigation of files - does not support going up one level of folders.  I need to go the root folder. - No right click.  Doing simple task like Sharing needs many steps ("Select" button, tick the file, "Share" button).  This is supposed a universal app, which should be both touch-friendly AND mouse-friendly. - Copy-and-paste of files not supported.  Say you want to copy some files to a local drive (or vice versa), you need to use the "Download" functions (or Upload function). - does not support viewing & restoring previous versions of a file I am quite happy with the fast response of the app.  It's way more responsive than the web interface.
  • - Link can only be shared via Apps : there is many "app" that are simply a receiver for the clipboard which allow to share URL from the Store or here in the clipboard. - navigation of files - does not support going up one level : back button ! - No right click : correct, missing. - Copy-and-paste of files not supported : is there any other similar cloud app (like Box, DropBox or others) allowing that ??? The process (download) is quite logical indeed. - does not support viewing & restoring previous versions of a file : it does allow to restore file in the recycle bin.
  • Back button does nothing.  I tried it before. "Copy-and-paste of files not supported : is there any other similar cloud app (like Box, DropBox or others) allowing that ?? ​" - other apps not having this function doesn't mean it is not useful.  UWP should not be just touch-friendly but also keyboard- and mouse-friendly.  It makes sense to support more intuitive way to download files from OneDrive to local drive (e.g. copy-and-paste / dragging).  Dragging from File Exlorer to OneDrive app is supported for uploading, so why not the opposite for downloading files? I just feel that this UWP is not too well-thought.  Yes you may say it offers similar functionalities as other cloud apps.  But it does not take full advantage of the OS.  For more advanced users, obviously many common functions are missing.  
  • I just use back button just now it work, going up one level in the app Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wish there was a way to do some file management. If this is meant to be "one drive", surely there must be better ways to sort files, select a lot with ease (or better yet using filters!) and move them where needed. I thought with the API, someone would've come out with this by now :(
  • Hi
  • Is this the new app that they were developing.
  • I love it already. +Surface Pro 3 i5 256 GB 8 GB Windows 10 Pro
  • Useless
  • Ok, it runs pretty well on my laptop, its much faster than website, specially for large video files and music files.  
  • Wow, search is very fast, and miniatures shows you the content of the portrait, its really awesome.  Very impressed with this application, well done Microsoft.    
  • Doesn't seem to be a dark theme option.. anyone has any idea if you can make it dark, like in mobile???
  • I prefer a dedicated and very good app to "not so much" touch friendly placeholders. The new app rocks. Very intuitive and easy to use even with no touchscreen.
    I was mad about not having OneDrive for windows, while Microsoft was pushing UWP philosophy.
  • At last, I can use OneDrive again. However there are a few issues on initial playing with it. 1 No dark theme (Seeing as they are putting this on everything else). 2 No drag and drop once a file is in OneDrive. 3 If you click on the Hamburger and the menu flies out, it covers up the first folder, so not consistant with say Groove or FIlms and TV apps where they move over. HOT TIP If you don't like the icons for the Documents or Music folders, just put a JPG in the folder and it will become your new Icon image. Just so pleased to get OneDrive back on my Surface Pro and tablet and yes even my desktop, so when the Skype app turns up we will alomst be back to where we were a year ago before some idiot took them away............................ Sorrry I forgot 4 IF you change the view to thumbnails, it doesn't change it for subfolders, so if you want a different view you would have to change each sub individually (Pain in the rear).
  • Agreed. With Onedrive for PCs and tablets, the new Skype app and swipe gestures we will be back to where we were almost a year ago. Really looking forward to the aniversary update.
  • Drop Box v One Drive which one wins? Rudy Huyn laughed about this app, I agree with many that placeholders need to make a return after all thier tag line is Cloud First, oops, was Mobile First too (MS doing well on both fronts no?)
  • Sad that my pc can't install the app. The install button is greyed out. Don't know why
  • I have this issue on one of my PC's its a Windows 10 7" tablet and I cannot install since I haven't upgraded to Windows 10 (1511) November 2015 release. 
  • H
  • It doesn't sound like I'll be able to see online files from within my Office apps. If that's the case, this "solution" sucks.
  • Looks like you haven't used Office 2016, its integrated with OneDrive.
  • The app is currently pretty bare bones. I hope they start pushing out updates to brings this upto par as no right click and for instance if you open a word document the file downloads however if you need to open the same file again - it re-downloads. Would be nice if it downloaded once and synced back changes.
  • What I noticed is that whenever you open a word document or pdf file, the file is saved into a temporary folder, once you close the app, the app is removed from that folder as well, so only if you do changes to the file it gets synched, so its pretty smart IMO Read only files like photos, pdf, videos are great this way since you don't keep them in your PC. 
  • Just downloaded. Looks good. Finally they are bringing back those good old features from 8.1. Nice!
  • I installed the app but it doesn't show in the All Apps list? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • My wife has a huge library of photos that I have been wanting to put on OneDrive for some time now, but couldn’t really because W10 doesn’t have “placeholders”. We both have 1TB of OneDrive because we have a 5 user Office365 subscription. While waiting for a solution I started looking at other alternatives, and came across “Google Photos” (which supersedes Picasa). They say you get unlimited cloud storage for photos, but that is if you allow Google to compress the photos. I decided, yes, why not and started uploading part of her library as a test. After playing around with this a few days I gave up because of the following: Google Photos PC app
    The app is installed in order to upload your photo library and it works in the background. However, * I could not find any way to find out how much data (in GB) had been uploaded (progress report), and * There is no way to see folder sizes. Google Photos on the web
    The web interface is almost pathetic. * You can’t see the folder structure, * You can’t see any file or folder sizes, * You have no way of knowing how much data (in GB) you have uploaded. Google Drive also integrates with Google Photos, i.e. you can logon to Google Drive and see your uploaded photos from Google Photos. Google Drive PC app
    This adds Google Drive to Windows Explorer BUT – all files are downloaded to your local drive (no placeholders). Google Drive on the web
    Again, like Google Photos on the web it is almost pathetic. * You can’t see file or folder sizes, * You don’t know how much has been uploaded. With this new OneDrive App, Microsoft is lightyears ahead of Google both in terms of the app and the web interface. I was recently involved in a discussion elsewhere on Windows Central touching the subject of how Google and Apple products are, as I called them, “dumbed down” to supposedly make them easier for people to use. Several members argued that to be a good thing, and something Microsoft must adapt in order for W10M to sell. Fair enough, I don’t mind if people prefer to use Google and Apple products because they have fewer options, and therefore seem easier to use for people who don’t have high requirements. However, I sure as h*** hope that Microsoft never goes down that route because there is a HUGE group of computer and mobile users that have higher usability and functionality requirements.
  • I almost agree with everything you just said.
  • Regarding the placeholder discussion, I am now beginning to understand where Microsoft is going with this. First of all, I was really annoyed when they were removed in Windows 10, and I did report feedback wishing for their return. The reason for removing the placeholders must have been technical because I can’t think they did it just for fun. Perhaps it was really complex to maintain in the backend, or it didn’t go with larger future plans. Who knows? Anyway, with the OneDrive App we have what will eventually become the best of both worlds. I say eventually because it is an early release and there are, as with everything, many possible improvements to make. Having an App instead of relying on Windows Explorer makes OneDrive almost the same across all platforms (Windows 10, W10M, Android, iOS etc.) which is a good thing.
  • I hope it doesn't break any of the windows explorer integration.
  • It doesn't in File Explorer you still have the option to drag a complex folder structure into the OneDrive Icon and it will begin to upload the files.  What I found is that for viewing content the UWP app is better, but for uploading the File Explorer is better, so for the PC you need both apps to cover all the use cases.
  • I can't install it on my laptop because it doesn't have the necessary hardware?! For the OneDrive app?!? Whaa???
  • I have exactly the same problem on my Surface 3!   Help Microsoft!
  • Although it didn't work on my laptop, it worked fine on my Surface 3. Possible bug?
  • Really good news. And while it has some minor rough edges, this definately gets the app deployed and primed for further development. I am predicting this app getting continuous updates from here on out.
  • sub.
  • Nice! Will be installing on my W10 laptop as soon as I can, to give it a shot. 
    I never got used to the modern OneDrive app in W8, so I'm curious how this UWP compares. Though, I really prefer using native filesystem apps (Windows Explorer and Finder). For me, OneDrive has been more reliable and faster to sync in Finder on El Capitan than iCloud Drive, which I have all but abandoned. With Office 365 subscription, it is a worry-free no brainer.    
  • Can't upload folders?  Bummer, still have to use through the Chrome browser I guess...
  • Yes I noticed that too. I hope that gets fixed soon.
  • I just downloades and I like it. Nice job. Is intuitive and fast very fast. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • not bad, but not placeholder in file explorer, MS screw us up...
  • Amazing and great new app, I really like it, works perfect.
  • Seems to not be in sync with my files that are already on my computer. There is a download and upload option but nothing is happening.... or seen.
  • Just watched a WinBeta hands on video... MSFT needs to try harder, cause if they cand make a decent app on their own platform, who could?