New rumors of Windows 9 'Threshold' could please desktop PC users

A new story that claims to have inside information on the next major update for Windows, code named Threshold, should please desktop PC users, who may never have to access the Modern UI interface that was first introduced in Windows 8.

The report from Neowin, which cites unnamed sources, claims that in some testing builds of Threshold, the Modern UI portion of Windows has been disabled by default. The story says that while tablet devices will still see the Modern UI Start screen, Threshold's desktop PC owners may never have to access the Modern interface unless they want to.

However, the story adds that features such as windowed Modern apps in the desktop environment, which Microsoft showed off briefly during BUILD 2014 are still planned for Threshold. That also goes for the new version of the desktop Start menu that was also quickly demoed during BUILD.

Neowin's article also claims that app snapping will still be around in Threshold and in fact will offer some new positioning for Modern UI apps. Finally, their report claims the UI for Threshold is "visually distinct" and will look very different than the current Windows 8.1.

Microsoft is still rumored to launch Windows 8.1 Update 2 sometime this fall and could officially announce it during its Worldwide Partner Conference this July. Threshold, which may or may not be called Windows 9 when it becomes available, is rumored to have a spring 2015 launch time frame.

As always with these kinds of stories, take this one with a gain of salt, although Neowin has a good track record on these reports. It's also possible that Microsoft could change its current plans for Threshold, as they apparently did with the cancelled release of the Surface mini tablet.

Source: Neowin

John Callaham