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What you need to know

  • Samsung just announced its new PRO Endurance microSD card that's optimized for surveillance and dashboard cameras.
  • The microSD card supports up to 16 years of continuous recording, which Samsung claims is up to 33 times longer than other cards with similar transfer speeds.
  • The Samsung PRO Endurance microSD card starts at $11 for the 32GB version and ranges up to $55 for the 256GB model.

Samsung just launched a new microSD card that's optimized for continuous recording. The Samsung PRO Endurance can continuously record for up to 16 years (140,160 hours). That's up to 33 times longer than competing cards with similar transfer speeds, according to Samsung. The Samsung PRO Endurance is available starting today in variants ranging from $11 for 32GB to $55 for 256GB.

The idea behind the microSD card is that you could use it in a security camera, surveillance system, or dashcam for several years. You'd have to occasionally delete the contents of the card, of course, but the microSD card itself would be useable for well over a decade.

Many of the best security cameras for NAS and some of the best doorbell cameras support microSD cards, though the latter often rely on cloud storage instead. A card like the Samsung PRO Endurance should be able to work in those types of devices for several years.

The Samsung PRO Endurance has read and write speeds of up to 100 MB/s and 40 MB/s, respectively. It's rated Class 10 and has a video rating of up to UHS Speed Class 3. It also features protection against water, magnets, X-rays, extreme temperatures, drops, and wearing out.

Pro Endurance 256k 001 Front White

Samsung PRO Endurance microSD card

This microSD card from Samsung is optimized for continuous recording. It can last up to 16 years, which should make it a great choice for dashcams or surveillance systems.

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