New Sense 2.5 build 2011 leaks out; Twitter fixed

As much as we loved the idea of Manila 2.5, the "no landscape" and slowness of the messaging app has kept us at arms-length from it.

Of course the no-landscape issue was addressed a few weeks ago, but things like Twitter still only took half the screen; clearly it was not finished (and perhaps there were ulterior motives for that leak).

Well, as you can see above, in build 2011 the Twitter in landscape feature is fixed. There are probably some other enhancements, though it remains to be seen what those are specifically. Though at lest according to one who is using it, "It is as fast, if not faster than Sense 2.1!" which jives with the idea that it comes from a "shipped Topaz ROM", meaning this is final baby.

Expect your favorite ROM chefs to start rolling this out soon.

[Thanks, tek818, for the tip & screenshots!]



Daniel Rubino

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  • NRG on XDA says that WVGA devices should have ROM's being uploaded with this in the next day to two days.
  • Why is it so hard to find these packages to cook with myself? Its like people try to keep them for the ROM cooking elite!
  • Whoa, you say this is "Shipped Topaz ROM fast"!? Since my vogue finally gave out, i think i can finally be content with a Touch Pro2 and not be salty about the HD2. I really needed the keyboard anyway...
  • Does this mean your Treo Pro ROM will have to wait so your TP2 ROM can be updates? Please! Mal ROM with sense 2.5 working correctly would be fantastic
  • SsS R4 was just released with this build of Sense 2.5, which is the ROM in the screenshots above.
  • CDMA only :( Why only CDMA when the majority of TP2s sold are GSM!
  • are you serious!! there are at least 10 gsm roms with this already at xda!!
  • Heading over to, and ordering up a new F5 key for my keyboard too... something tells me it's gonna wear out. Anxious to try a MalROM with 6.5.3+ and this version of Sense.
  • MightyROM WAR is up now with this Sense build!
  • Considering the fact that manilla 3d, manilla 3d2 and 2.5 are created by and exclusive to htc phones(unless you hack another winmo phone) then it really doesn't matter if you buy a touch pro/touch pro 2 with manilla 2.5 or the htc hero with sense. The money is going to the same place and I can guarantee you that someone at xda,? ppcgeeks or smartphone junkie will have the htc sense ported before the htc hero even hits the market.
  • This new Manila 2011, was leaked in a "weird" Rom, which can be seen here: In fact this is not a real HTC/Topaz ROM, Oem Drivers 2.54 cause strange issues, but the EXT packs are real good, and they are being used all over XDA You can follow the discussion about in the link
  • This build is from which device?
  • Is sense 2.1 with the weather animation on the front home page faster than the sense 2.1 without the weather animation?