New Shopping Cart now available to Xbox and Windows Insiders, Wish List coming soon

Xbox One controller
Xbox One controller (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft has done an admirable job of supporting the Xbox One with new features over the years, and today the company is extending some popular features to the Microsoft Store for Xbox and Windows Insiders. In a post on Xbox Wire (opens in new tab), Senior Product Marketing Manager Chris Swenson said, "We work hard to improve the shopping experience in the Microsoft Store, and are always looking for ways to improve the discoverability and purchase of the products and services we sell. Today, we are excited to announce that customers can begin using our improved Shopping Cart and later this week, our new Wish List."

Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart now works with games and apps for Xbox One and Windows 10. The feature is once again available for testing. Instead of having to buy games individually, you only have to go through the checkout process once. You just have to look for the "Add to Cart" button underneath the "Buy" button.

Wish List

Later this week, users can begin using the Wish List feature, which supports physical products, digital games, and apps in the Microsoft Store. You can access it on your console or other device. In order to add an item to the Wish List, you have to select the "Wish List" button underneath the "Buy" button. You can even make a Wish List public under Settings.

Note that the new Shopping Cart and Wish List are only available to Xbox and Windows Insiders right now. In a few weeks, everyone will get access to the features.

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  • Coming Soon (Trademark, Microsoft) Everything is always for Insiders, and then you never hear about it again. Does it ever come to production? Who knows, it's never covered again. I'm beginning to be annoyed by the Insiders program.
  • It's public testing. You can join the insider program if you want the latest. And sometimes things get cancelled if they don't work well for a big group of people... Most software companies have such a long time from idea to release but you never see it. Microsoft is just giving the world access to their testing process through the Insider Program.
  • People do like to have features announced, rather than just appear when they're released. They even go mad at leaking internal development info and builds. So who's to blame? Microsoft not being up to speed to the crazy consumption and entitlement culture of tech fans nowadays? Or people who want everything now and to be perfect, and won't understand realistic practices in feature deployment and implementation?
  • Oh yes. Some of the things come to production. And then they drop them. Silverlight, band, phone, Kinect come to mind.
  • Minecraft, LinkedIn, VS, Havok, IOT, Office, Xbox, etc are still kicking? More dropping examples?
    PSV, VAIO, mem card, Betamax, MD, UMD, Inbox, Health, Reader, Boston Dynamics, Glass, G+ and Nearby Notification?
  • US only?
  • I think Canada and UK is also included in this
  • They need to fix gifting so you don't need to check email to redeem. The code should just go to the gamertag of the associated email address.