In addition to launching new Windows 10 TV ads, Microsoft has also started another campaign that focuses on its Surface Book 2-in-1 notebook and the Surface Pro 4 tablets.

The videos, as posted on the Surface YouTube channel, include just one for the Surface Book. It shows how architect Marc Kushner could use the high resolution of its display to showcase his building designs.

A series of videos for the Surface Pro 4 show how forensic artist Stephen Mancusi uses the tablet, combined with the Surface Pen, to sketch portraits of, as he puts it, "bad guys"

The final Surface Pro 4 commercial shows how Ariela Suster of El Salvador uses the tablet to help her run her jewelry business, which employs at-risk youth who otherwise might join gangs in that country.

Unlike many other Microsoft commercials for Windows 10 or its Surface products, this new series of ads does not take any shots against Apple's MacBooks.