New Surface Hub videos include how the Royal Academy of Music used its massive screen

Microsoft posted a new series of official videos showing its big Surface Hub touchscreen PC in action. The clips include how it is being used by the Royal Academy of Music in London.

The clip, as posted on the Surface YouTube channel, shows how students at the Royal Academy were asked to change a piece of music on the Surface Hub with the StaffPad music composition app. Then they used the Surface Hub to share their changes with an orchestra remotely, who had the new changes posted on their Surface tablets. Finally, the class conducted the orchestra, again via the remote connection features of the Surface Hub.

The other videos show how the Surface Hub can be used with a variety of Windows 10 apps, including PowerPoint, the PDF document markup and collaboration app Drawboard and the sticky note and index card app Stormboard.

Thanks to Tanzim for the tip!

John Callaham