Microsoft is rolling out new firmware updates for its Surface Pro 3 tablet. It the first such update for the device since April and its release may be designed to fix a battery drain issue that has been reported by some owners.

Surface Pro 3

Earlier this week, Microsoft stated that it was "working quickly" to resolve reports that the battery was losing its charge too quickly on some Surface Pro 3 models. The firmware update began rolling out on Thursday night but, so far, there's no change log available to see what's included. Besides a general update, Surface Pro 3 owners will also be getting a Realtek audio driver upgrade. We will update this post when Microsoft releases concrete info on these downloads.

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Update: Microsoft has now posted the change log for the firmware updates on its Surface history page, and as it turns out a couple of them fix issues with battery life, although not perhaps the rapid draining problems that were recently reported:

  • Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware - v3.9.850.0 increases battery life during sleep mode and improves keyboard stability.
  • Surface Pro UEFI - v3.11.1450.0 improves system sleep and hibernation behavior when battery level is low.
  • Surface Fingerprint Sensor - v2.2.10.8 increases finger print touch stability coming out of sleep.
  • Surface Pen Settings - v11.0.311.0 enhances pen setting driver stability.
  • Realtek High Definition Audio - v6.0.1.7642 improves the audio quality for the JAWS screen reader.

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