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New Surface Pro 3 firmware update released [Update with change notes]

Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3
Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3

Microsoft is rolling out new firmware updates for its Surface Pro 3 tablet. It the first such update for the device since April and its release may be designed to fix a battery drain issue that has been reported by some owners.

Earlier this week, Microsoft stated that it was "working quickly" to resolve reports that the battery was losing its charge too quickly on some Surface Pro 3 models. The firmware update began rolling out on Thursday night but, so far, there's no change log available to see what's included. Besides a general update, Surface Pro 3 owners will also be getting a Realtek audio driver upgrade. We will update this post when Microsoft releases concrete info on these downloads.

Thanks to Ryan, Josh and "WPit" for the tips!

Update: Microsoft has now posted the change log (opens in new tab) for the firmware updates on its Surface history page, and as it turns out a couple of them fix issues with battery life, although not perhaps the rapid draining problems that were recently reported:

  • Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware - v3.9.850.0 increases battery life during sleep mode and improves keyboard stability.
  • Surface Pro UEFI - v3.11.1450.0 improves system sleep and hibernation behavior when battery level is low.
  • Surface Fingerprint Sensor - v2.2.10.8 increases finger print touch stability coming out of sleep.
  • Surface Pen Settings - v11.0.311.0 enhances pen setting driver stability.
  • Realtek High Definition Audio - v6.0.1.7642 improves the audio quality for the JAWS screen reader.
  • I don't have battery drain issues, but I wish they could do something about how hot the device gets when I'm using it.
  • Had to sell it because of this (and performance issues).
  • Seems like it runs significantly hotter since running W10 for me. I don't know if I have the battery issue since I run intensive applications, but there's a real annoying problem where my battery would go dead when I put it on standby.
  • Win10 is significantly worse on battery than 8.1 was on my pro 3.
  • I think you can expect better performance on the anniversary update. While not perfect, I'm noticing my SP3 not turning into a furnace as often on fast ring builds.
  • Mine would get REALLY HOT & the fan would run like crazy...I wasn't doing anything intensive & didn't have lots of background app running.  Then I looked the task manager & service that pertained to Windows Update was running.  I stopped it & soon after it cooled down & the fan stopped. Most of my issues with Win10 has had to do with MS updates & Windows Store apps connecting to the "Mother Ship" at MS.   I don't know, just a thought for you...That's what helped me, stopping that service.
  • Have to agree. both our SP3's are running super hot since win 10. Unusable playing Microsoft Solitaire. If they cannot get their own programs to run nicely on thier own hardware........
  • Just level set expectations was it called "Working Quickly" for the 38 consecutive "I hope it works better now" driver/firmware updates to the Avastar WiFi/Bluetooth in the Surface/XBONE family?
  • I was wondering.. how many hotfixes have been issued to fix battery drain problems on the Surface?
  • Having owned one for oh I dunno, ~18mth now, I can't recall a single one, this is the 1st that I recall.
  • "...this is the 1st that I recall." If it even is for battery drain (which remains to be substantiated).
  • Thanks
  • Interesting, I wonder why the downvotes...
  • There be many trolls roaming these comments.
  • I've had mine for about a year and a half and there seem to have been about 3 or 4 hotfixes from memory. This one actually appears to have worked for me. What are your results?
  • Nice necro-post... >.>   I've had mine for about that long, & IME there hasn't been four hotfixes (inc. this one) specifically for Battery Drain. Maybe 4 if you include this & the one released in the last ~24hr, all of them quite different but "battery related" -amongst other things.   Why do you assume he is an owner??? His post was sufficiently vague, that he could've just been asking owners how many hotfixes addressing battery drain.
  • Looks like they have issued another hotfix already. Although this one is working for me.
  • I don't really have battery drain issues but what I hate is the noise that the fan makes and how hot it gets by just by browsing webpages, otherwise i really love my surface pro 3. :)
  • There's also SP4 CoreM model. It is fanless.
  • Stop using Chrome. It's the cause of heat and battery drain
  • But it is easier to blame the device than the real cause of the problem - Google
  • Great thanks!
  • Pssst - *whispers in ear* nothing that Google or Apple do can be moaned about, thought you should probably know.
  • This is absolutely true, in my experience, just disable all the google crap from the startup tab of taskmgr. That cleared up my issues, chrome is only used as a last resort, I actually quite like and prefer edge...if it didn't crash so often... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah it's a shame - Edge is now my preference too, BUT 1) does seem to eat up CPU on media rich sites (particularly WC's ads!), 2) some sites, ironically usually Microsoft, just don't play nice and it glitches or hangs.
  • I dont use chrome (I have installed tho) or any google products and have crazy battery drain as of late. Im down to 3 hours on a full charge.
  • You need to uninstall Chrome, it always runs in the background.
  • Don't use chrome and mine runs hot with the fan running while browsing
  • Because you touch yourself at night Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thanks for all the advice guys! :)
  • That's a Chrome problem, it does that with every laptop. Just use Edge and you will never hear the fan.
  • I don't think this firmware had anything to do with the recent discovered battery issue. Since it was coded/component date is june 3.
  • This seems to fix the constant fan hissing, even when the device is idle. It was a joy last night after I installed it to actually have a silent surface for the first time ever :)
  • After installing my SF3 (although on power all the time) drained to 83% then flickered the screen a few times and went back to 100%. Anyway, good to see new firmware which means they care :)
  • Seems to fix the issue
  • Any improvement for display driver and miracast capabilities? Was disappointed to see limited functionality highlighted for SP3 for project to this pc feature.
  • Agreed.
  • This installs: Microsoft driver update for Surface Pro UEFI Microsoft driver update for Surface Pen Settings Microsoft driver update for Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware Fingerprint Cards AB driver update for Surface Fingerprint Sensor Realtek Semiconduct Corp. driver update for Realtek USB 3.0 Card Reader There is also this one, though it is downloaded seperately: Realtek Semiconductor Corp. driver update for Realtek High Definition Audio Looks like these are in preparation for the Anniversary Update.
  • Perhaps the sudden battery drain issue on this old hardware is a secret a built in obsolescence timer?  You know... Like Intel might do with their CPUs.  Gradually slow them down over their lifetime so that people upgrade.  :-)
  • I hope that :-) was intended as a /sarc
  • Too bad no Surface 3 firmware updates in a long time.
  • My SP3 ran the install last night. I hope this finally ends my 6 month streak of failed 1/19/2016 Firmware updates!
  • Do you have to be on the Insiders for this to install? Does it download on non-insiders using the Windows update or do you have to initiate a download manually?
  • I wasn't on WI. Got it. Just checked for update.
  • I checked and it is showing "System Firmware Update - ‎7/‎21/‎2016." Most likely this but does not show details. Need to restart it to install.
  • Ohhhhh, "keyboard stability" - that would be nice - looking forward to see how this update pans out (installing now).
  • Cartwheel city here as these have been all my small gripes with my surface.
  • I still can't get the January Firmware update to install.. It keeps asking me over and over to install it even though it says "Successfully Installed" sometimes, other times it says it fails. I'm a fast ring member so I'm not sure if that makes a difference or not.
  • I found that firmware update needs to reinstall after every insider update. Seems to fix my Bluetooth mouse issues (which come back with every os update)
  • Never had any issues with my SP3. It came with windows 10 preinstalled and it has been working perfectly for me for close to one year now.
  • There hasn't been any firmware updates for the Surface Pro 2 in a while... Posted from my OnePlus One.
  • Well, it's been a couple of days with the new firmware for me. I LIKE IT! I didn't have the heavy battery drain like others since I have LGC-LGC battery. But I did have some battery drain when my SP3 was asleep. It looks like that has been addressed. Also I have noticed that my SP3 is running much cooler and hence quieter with the new firmware. So this is a definite improvement.
  • But I did have some battery drain when my SP3 was asleep. It looks like that has been addressed.
    How did you determine this?
     Also I have noticed that my SP3 is running much cooler and hence quieter with the new firmware.
    Same for this, how did you determine?   Best Regards.
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