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New tool from Microsoft makes it easy to switch from Mac to Surface

Microsoft (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

A new tool available from Microsoft is now available to make it easier for Mac users to make the switch to a Surface. Simply called Mac to Surface Assistant, the tool hasn't been formally announced by Microsoft but was spotted by WalkingCat on Twitter.

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Mac to Surface Assistant

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Mac to Surface Assistant

If you're familiar with other platform migration tools, then Mac to Surface Assistant shouldn't contain many surprises. When you first load the tool up, you're greeted with a message telling you that it can help you move things like photos, movies and documents to your Surface. Clicking "Continue" takes you to a screen where you can select all of the categories and folders you want to move over, along with their sizes. You can then set a destination disk for the files, where the tool will then create a Zip file with everything you selected.

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It's a pretty neat tool that certainly simplifies the process of moving any local files from one machine to another. That said, anyone who relies on the cloud may find the assistant somewhat redundant. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can download the Mac to Surface Assistant at the link below.

Download Mac to Surface Assistant

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  • Was someone doing a PoCof this already?
  • It's also neat that both Windows 10 desktop and mobile both support native icloud for mail, calendar and contacts (syncs both ways) so you can move across to the Surface at your own pace (or just keep using icloud for this).
  • Just high hopes, look at your marketing ms... Have been using ms phone for many years... Looking at kantars latest... It's a pity.
  • MS already said they already defeat on smartphone war. No need keep bringing those market share.
  • Microsoft will never care about the market share, or other OEMs will be angry.
  • I find it rather ironic that the Windows Easy Transfer Tool is no longer available. That tool handled things quite nicely for PC to PC moves. Now MS suggests using third party tools like Laplink.
  • Yeah, yet another handy Windows 7 feature missing in Windows 10. Not sure why they couldn't simply offer it via the Windows Store using their Desktop bridge...