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What you need to know

  • The Medium is a unique psychological horror game from the Bloober Team, set for release on Xbox Series X|S.
  • The game's unique Dual Reality feature sees players exist in two different dimensions at a time.
  • A new trailer, 'The Threats,' reveals a new character that's played by 'The Queen's Gambit' actor Marcin Dorociński.
  • The Medium is now set to release on January 28, 2021, on Windows and the Xbox Series X|S.

One of the most exciting games to be announced for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is the Medium, an innovative psychological horror from renowned horror studio Bloober Team, which uses its Dual Reality feature to render two dimensions simultaneously. A new trailer for the Medium, titled 'The Threats', introduces a brand-new character to the game's growing cast, who could represent an entirely different threat from the Maw introduced in an earlier trailer.

The new character, who isn't named at this time, is portrayed by Polish actor Marcin Dorociński, who's most recognized at the moment by his appearance in Netflix's 'The Queen's Gambit.' According to the Bloober Team, Marcin Dorociński's mysterious character is driven by revenge and brutality and will likely play a key role in the Medium's story. The trailer also hints at other malevolent spirits besides the Maw, which could pose major threats to the player's journey.

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The Medium was recently delayed until January 28, 2021, so interested gamers will have to wait a little bit longer for this title. Despite this, it's definitely shaping up to be an intriguing horror entry (of which there aren't enough of). The Medium will appear on Xbox Game Pass day one for the Xbox Series X|S, but people can pre-order the game right now from Microsoft and Steam.

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Dimensions of horror

The Medium Reco Image

The Medium

Two worlds joined in terror

The Medium is a horror game that lets players go back and forth between the physical world and the spirit world. Using this dual-reality gameplay is necessary for solving puzzles and uncovering a horrific mystery.

Xbox Series X/S


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