New version of Microsoft Edge gets perfect accessibility score from benchmark

Microsoft has posted up what's been improved in the new version of the Microsoft Edge web browser, included in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Among other things, it has a number of accessibility improvements that have been given a perfect score on the HTML5Accessibility benchmark.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated:

In September 2015, we outlined the state of support for popular assistive technologies in Microsoft Edge and shared our roadmap to improve that support. Since then, our investment in accessibility has paid off in EdgeHTML 14, and we're proud to say that Microsoft Edge in the Anniversary Update is easily the most accessible browser we've ever shipped as well as the only browser to earn a perfect score on HTML5Accessibility's browser benchmark.

Some of those improvements that got Microsoft Edge its perfect score include making it easier to navigate on the browser with a keyboard. It also has improved screen reader support for things like PDF files. The browser now supports Narrator for address bar suggestions and instant answers, along with many more changes and improvements.

Microsoft's blog post also goes over many more improvements and additions to Microsoft Edge in the Anniversary update, including support for extensions.

Check out what's new in Microsoft Edge with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

John Callaham