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New Xbox 360 Models available at retailers

Microsoft’s latest redesign of the Xbox 360 gaming console is now available at retailers for purchase. This shot here, snapped at Best Buy, showcases all three models including the 4GB unit, the 4GB unit + Kinect, and the 250 GB unit. All three units were originally shown off at Microsoft’s E3 2013 press conference in Los Angeles.

The new Xbox 360 unit is a smaller and sleeker version of its older brother, the Xbox 360 Slim. The goal of Microsoft’s console redesign is to tie “a similar look and feel across the entire family of Xbox products.” All ports and internal specs of the unit remain the same – this is purely an aesthetics upgrade.

Here is part of Microsoft's offical press release on the unit:

"Microsoft Corp. today at E3 offered everyone who has yet to own an Xbox 360 or wants to update their existing console an irresistible new reason to jump in. Alongside the spectacular lineup of titles for its highly anticipated next Xbox entertainment system, Xbox One, Microsoft unveiled a fresh and exciting new design for Xbox 360. Shipping today to retailers across the U.S., U.K., Canada, Ireland and Australia, the new Xbox 360 will continue to roll out worldwide across all Xbox regions over the coming months, extending the life cycle and legacy of the celebrated console that has already sold 76 million units worldwide and has been the best-selling console in the U.S. for the past 28 months.

Sporting a sleek and stylish new design that resembles the Xbox One brand elements, the new Xbox 360 brings together a similar look and feel across the entire family of Xbox products.The new Xbox 360 appears stunning wherever it fits in the home and offers great performance. Itis available in multiple value-packed editions for the same great prices as the existing console:$199.99 estimated retail price (ERP1) for the 4GB console, $299.99 ERP for the 250GB edition and $299.99 ERP for the 4GB Kinect Bundle."

New Xbox 360 Box

If you haven’t yet gotten your father a gift for Father’s Day – here is your chance.

Will anyone be running out to pick up one of these newly redesigned Xbox 360s?

  • Cool but, I wanna buy XBOX ONE! :)
  • I ordered one because my 360 is very old and I still need a 360 next year when I own a Xbox one :)
  • lol, now that's commitment!
  • Actually my 360 is from 2007 and the disc drive isn't working anymore so it was time for a new one :)
  • I have a first Gen 360, and I was hoping Microsoft would have made a new 360 that attaches directly to the One... so that I could switch between the two seamlessly in the main menu. Also, so I wouldn't have two Kinects in my living room, but that might be too difficult to achieve.
  • A way to connect an Xbox 360 directly to an XBox One??? Um, yeah you can count on that NEVER happening. That's a lot to ask LOL
  • Actually they will connect
  • Major Nelson has confirmed that you will be able to connect your Xbox 360 to your Xbox One. You'll be able to overlay the Xbox One interface directly around your games. Someone else, before Major Nelson came along, also directly asked an Xbox exec in an interview and while he didn't directly answer like Major Neslon - he strongly implied that it would happen based on his reaction to the question and the things he said afterward.
    But yeah, Major Nelson confirmed it directly.
  • Seriously, the both of them are better together if there's things you need, like playing old games and that really nagging offline play...cripes, why do we all want to stay in the dark ages?? Count me in though, I still have achievements to get and games to finish. Make Mine Microsoft! 360:One =P
  • I wonder if you could use the hdmi pass thru to use both consoles...
  • You can. Major Nelson confirmed this in an interview (an interviewer asked him questions in person gathered from Reddit users)
  • Bro he didn't confirm , he just hinted ;)
  • Oh yeah? I'll give you the question and his direct response:
    QUESTION: "...Will the current Xbox 360 be able to input into the Xbox One to allow the UI of the One to be overlayed on current gen Xbox 360 games?"
    MAJOR NELSON: "...absolutely, you can certainly plug an Xbox 360 in the back and that was one of my first questions when I heard about the feature..."
    You can decide if that's a hint or not.
  • I know , i saw the interview yesterday only .. What I meant was he didn't confirm backwards compatibility
  • Who asked about backwards compatibility?
  • I need a new 360 but would rather wait until the Xbox one and steal my wife's 360 for my gaming room.
  • Looks much cleaner and more mature than the slim but my money is already on the Xbox One. My Xbox 360 days are coming to an end, and this is actually really good news for me.
  • Saw them at the local Microsoft store yesterday. Loss of two USB ports doesn't seem like a good deal to me
  • I ordered one. I don't need two lol
  • The 360 S was called..... the 360 S, not Slim.
  • What do you personally think the 's' stood for Einstein?
  • Haha, damn I laughed hard
  • It stands for small
  • Then what does E stand for, smartass?
  • Give it up, y'all...for MC Squared! =P
  • Oh man you sir deserve whatever you want
  • Hey Microsoft, you aren't gonna sell many of these!
  • LIES!!!
  • Yes. They will. People think the world is gonna jump head first for next Gen. People will buy but it will take time for greater adaptation.
  • Sony had a very healthy business selling PS2s for years after the PS3 was introduced. Microsoft will do the same with the 360.
  • Sony disagrees with you , did you know that there is a FIFA '13 PS2 ?
  • My Elite still works grandly after 4 years so my answer is no. I do like the new look tho. Definitely better than the last redesign. Hmm... It would fit better in my cabinet tho... Decisions...
  • Hang on to mine and my wife Elite as well! Gunna wait a year or more to upgrade unless the Elite crashes for some weird reason.
  • Yeah the article is somewhat misleading, its missing a port and I believe and a/V slot. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  • A/V port is missing , now it's only HDMI u can't connect Xbox 360 to a SDTV now ..
    And one USB slot is less but still the number of USB slots is more than PS3
  • Im torn between the Xbox one. And ps4.... Aarrrgghhh .
  • I was at one point.. I'm getting the PS4 first, i really think Sony have done a great job with it. My friend is getting the XBONE so I'm gonna wait till then and decide whether to upgrade my 360.
  • Just reserve both and let the next 6 months play out. 6 months is a long time to decide.
  • The new Kinect makes a huge difference. Bing some videos on it, it is insanely cool, with infinite dev possibilities. I know many didn't use the original Kinect, but this is a whole new animal.
  • Well, on the scale of console life...I'd go with Number One, Xbox One. =P
  • Xbox One is cool but not everyone needs a Kinect , $100 more than PS4 is kinda a breakpoint for many people
  • Do you think they'll let me trade my Halo 4 edition 360 for a nice new one?
  • So should I just give my brother my 360 Slim and get this one? I wanna. 
  • Yes. Siblings love hand-me-downs :-) (no sarcasm here)
  • My old school white 360 is on it's last legs & I still have at least half a dozen games left for it some which is not even out yet, so I'm gonna try to get a "Slim" it I find it cheaper if not I'll get the new "E". My white one freezes & doesn't even have a HDMI port.
  • If they had released this a year ago I would have picked it instead of the PS3. At this moment though, IF I were to buy a new console (which I won't) I would only buy a next generation one. And that means, obviously, the PS4.
  • PS4? I thought you said you would only buy a next-gen system at this point. Maybe you just misspelled Xbox One...
  • I thought it somewhat odd they would release this redesign so shortly before the One hits the streets. Maybe they're on to something though with people actually ready to go out and buy them to replace 360 S models. I won't be one of them, no reason to, but if it brings money in I guess they made a good move.
  • They want to get to 100M and they are going to still fully support for a couple more years....I thought for sure PS3 and 360 would drop the price at E3.  Kinda surprised by that.  
  • I think you'll see price drops going into the holiday season alongside the debuts of the XB1 and the PS4.
  • is still showing the 360S.
  • My launch unit finally died about 4 months ago.  I was going to wait for the Xbox One, but that's a long wait.  I might pick one up to pass the time.  Tempting....It would be nice to have a HDMI port and built in wireless.  Yeah, I had that sucker a loooonnng time.  MY kids beat the helluva out of it and kept on ticking.
  • I just preorder my Xbox one,so now I can get all the game my friend have on there system from the all might cloud
  • Nope no new Xbox360 for me Already traded the slim Xbox 360 with Kinect and accessories for the day 1 edition of the Xbox One and pre ordered DeadRising3 at Gamestop/EB Games.
  • Why trade Xbox 360 so early ?? Should have waited till release of Xbox One
  • All I have left to pay for is 100$
  • Was a tough choice but I went ahead and pre ordered my X1. PS4 was tempting, but didn't fulfill those extra needs my family has. Like games for my son, streaming movies seamlessly (not the shitty PS interface) and of course my core gaming needs. I just hope MS sort the offline thing out too, even though it doesn't affect me, it seems to be affecting the community, which we all care about
  • Not interested in the old 360, Its a bit slow and clunky. Give me the Xbox One without the region restriction and i will happily continue using your gaming platform.
  • I'll take one just for Netflix and such. I just need to find a cheap wall mount HDMI cable.
  • If this was $99, as Paul Thurrott had been rumoring, I would have bought one to use as a Windows Media Center extender. Especially since the XBox One no doubt will never act as an Extender....
  • My 3-4 year old Xbox works fine. It'll last me for years longer. And I had RROD. Somehow I was able to fix it by just unplugging the power supply. The best system I ever owned after Nintendo days. Yes I had all systems bit at the end of the day, I keep coming back to Xbox.
  • Probably a good chance that wasn't RROD. If you got it, you generally got it good and it would die. There are red ring light combos for cables not being connected correctly. I had RROD on 3 different consoles. Usually doesn't once and then gets worse then dies. In saying that, my 360S, never had a problem with it :)
  • It did show up and the system did fail to work. All cables connected correctly.
  • Had trouble login in today. Had to remember my password wich I hadn't used in years. Luckily I had it stored away. New security check I guess Microsoft is starting.
  • maybe once my current 360 breaks and the peice is low i will purchase one. 360 is still a very capable machine
  • Darn it! I just kitted out my arcade with a super hard drive, a kick ass wireless adapter and a year of pure gold!! I think its almost as powerful as the Xbone then boom!!.....they bring out this sexy little minx :'(
  • I've got the slim and will be waiting for the One when it drops. Gonna preorder next month and then the PS4 next month. Told the wife get me a game for each for Xmas!
  • X-bone. Ha.
  • Looks nice and all but I already preordered the Xbox One. My PS3 will tide me over until then.
  • So u shifted from PS3 to Xbox One .. Very few people have done that unless u are a casual gamer
  • There is nothing casual about the xbox one, far more and better more appealing game exclusives at e3 while Sony had nothing but multiplatform games and lost exclusives like final fantasy and kingdom hearts(happy that's coming to X1) as i watched Sony at e3 all that went through my head was also on xbox.
  • My PC and 3DS will hold me over + this windows phone Xbox Live
  • I enjoy coming to a phone site to read about game consoles.
  • Cool new models but I'll hold off for the PS4.
  • I'm surprised that when they announced this system they didn't announce an accompanying price drop. Fully expect one before November.
  • No Price drop now .. But it will fall to $99 during Black Friday , I swear :P
  • I love the new look but my Star Wars slim looks WAY better to me. I'm definitely passing on it.
  • No, put all my money towards the X1.
  • Just pre ordered two Xbox one's, one for myself and the other for my brothers to share
  • Too bad its a downgrade to S version. I could have bought it if it were like 16Gb onboard flash and quieter and less power consuming.
  • This gen PS3, next gen PS4. Didn't like the 360 but I like the XB1 even less.
  • And,??
  • I agree. I know this is a WP site full og MS fanboys like myself but I see no reason to pick Xbone over the PS4 if you buy it for playing games.
  • You're crazy. If you're a core gamer, Xbox One is the best choice. In fact, unless you can't afford or won't pay $499 for a console, don't have an Internet connection, or hate MS and won't buy their products, Xbox One is the only choice. It's the only true next-gen console and it thoroughly trounces the PS4 in most every way.
  • Please educate me how it's better for gaming. It has far worse RAM which means it will run worse. It is more indie friendly. When inside a game the PS4 beats the XBone and why would I turn on a gaming console not to be inside a game? Though I like the modern UI of the Xbone better it doesn't matter cause I can't see it when I'm raping someone on FIFA or playing The Last of Us, a 10/10 game which you can't play on a Xbox.
  • Best console ever. Lets hope the One is a worthy successor.
  • If I remember correctly, MS didnt replace a single damn IC or chip on the motherboard, no improvement on the heat dissipation of the CPU via smaller die size, no smaller energy consumption, no smaller external power source, no smaller fan noise etc. They  just redesigned the black plastic house, no hardware improvement inside. Waste of money, if you already have a Slim version.
  • According to iFixit teardown, this new model actually loses one USB 2.0 port.
  • I still want to know how this will co-exist in the same room as an XboxOne. We need to have both as the XBoxOne has no back-compat. But when you speak "Xbox", how will each console know which one you are talking to????
  • I think that if you use an AV switching home theater amplifier,do the following. Connect your 360 and cable box to your AV Amp then have your AV amp connected to the Xbox One and then the Xbox One to your TV. You should then have all your video signals being driven through the Xbox One for overlay using your Amp as the source switch. While this all looks feasible on paper, it may not work if Microsoft only allows the Cable Box to be channeled though the Xbox One.