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New Xbox Adaptive Controller Super Bowl ad captures the essence of gaming

Many months ago, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Adaptive Controller for gamers with disabilities. According to the company, the accessory allows various different peripherals to attach to its numerous ports, providing options for those who have limited mobility. On top of the controller lie two large programmable buttons, alongside quick access to the "Xbox," "Menu," "View," and other key inputs. What makes this controller truly unique is along the rear. There are nineteen 3.5 mm jacks, hooking the console into an existing ecosystem of accessible buttons and other input devices.

It's evidence that a lot of thought went into the product. For example, the Xbox Adaptive Controller's box features large holes and requires simple motions to open. While it's not accessible to every disabled gamer, it still does a great job of making it easy to open for many. Unlike normal packages, this box doesn't use any strong adhesives as only pulling is required.

Today, the company released a new Super Bowl LIII commerical showcasing the joy inclusive gaming can bring to many. The description states, "This holiday season we invite you to meet nine-year-old Owen, rising to the top of his game with the support of all of his friends-including his real-life best friend Gunnar, and a little help from the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Owen has Escobar Syndrome, which limits his mobility, but does nothing to reduce his passion for gaming... We watch as his friends gather to cheer him on as word spreads of his impending achievement. The moment of joy experienced... illustrates Microsoft's overall mission to create accessible technology."

Check out our hands-on with the controller

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is available on the Microsoft Store for $99.99. Third-party sellers are listing it for roughly $500 on Amazon.

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Asher Madan handles gaming news for Windows Central. Before joining Windows Central in 2017, Asher worked for a number of different gaming outlets. He has a background in medical science and is passionate about all forms of entertainment, cooking, and antiquing.

  • this ad hits me hard and right in the feels as I live next to two kids with disability. from seeing them watch me play games to seeing them now enjoy all the games with the adaptive controllers I gave them, always makes me smile. Gaming is meant to be enjoyed by everyone and if u can help in any way in a similar situation or other.. do it.
  • Awesome, that's great to hear that these controllers actually are serving their purpose. I enjoyed the first commercial they made. Too bad I won't be watching the SB to see this new one (disgruntled Saints fan here).
  • Yeah.. Microsoft's move to create these adaptive controllers is a job well done. Now we play together without anyone being felt limited and stay and watch on the sideline. 🤗
  • WOW! Very good and heart felt. Thanks Microsoft and everyone that made this possible!
  • Beautiful. Excellent work Microsoft!