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New Xbox One can be bought for just $299.99 at ShopRiteDelivers

The online retailer ShopRiteDelivers is currently selling the Xbox One console from Microsoft for a mere $299.99. This is the lowest price we have seen for a new unopened version of the console since its launch in November 2013.

The site shows that, as of this writing, there are 313 Xbox One consoles available at that price. This is just the plain version of the console, with no Kinect add-on or games bundled with it. Microsoft recently announced it was keeping its holiday price of $349 for the console which includes one with two free Assassin's Creed games bundled with the device.

Thanks to Benjamin for the tip!

Source: ShopRiteDelivers

  • Wow.
  • How I wish I did not live in South Africa right now... :|
  • Get someone to buy it & ship it to you. :)
  • Yup, it's about double the price here :-/ Bought my day 1 off Amazon and shipped it here luckily.
  • Do games still have region codes? I'd be afraid your US console wouldn't play any locally bought games.
  • Has to be dodgy...
  • No, ShopRite is a long time, well established supermarket chain in the U.S.
  • Damn this is an amazing deal.
  • US Only
  • The face you make when you see an XBOX ONE being sold at a low price and you got no way of getting to the shop/country
  • Or can get to the shop/country but have no money
  • Indeed, always wanted an XBOX
  • Long live Kinect!
  • $200 and I'm sold. Til then. My 360 does the job.
  • You're asking for too much. By the way, I thought my 360 was enough til I got my One as a gift. It's pretty awesome.
  • You're wise to wait. I regret buying my Xbox one, and all told I paid less than $200 brand new, Kinect included. But that said, there are very few games worth paying, most that are any good are still hovering near full price, and Kinect 2.0 still sucks. It's great for Skype, I guess.
  • And this is after its "improved so much" over the past year lol. MS is simply releasing things too soon. Or they're just being too slow. All the money they have I don't see how it could take them so long to do simple things. Remember WP7. Copy and paste? Lmao... Perfect example.
  • Don't agree on games part, I got Shadow of Mordor for $25, ACU/BlackFlag for $25, Diablo, Sunset, Forza for cheaper and they all are good games for new Gen.
  • Don't regret my day one XB at all. Since I get free games on both and excellent exclusives like Sunset Overdrive my purchase is golden!
  • The assassins creed bundle for $349 is still the better deal.
  • It's not. You can buy the DL codes for both AC games for about $20.
  • AC sucks anyways.
  • Agree
  • Yay
  • I bought my daughter the bundle with both AC games from ShopRite during the holidays for $299. They ran the sale a few times with limited supply.
  • Just ordered one. Strange shipping info though
    Ship From:
    Wakefern Food Corp.
    PO Box 7812
    Edison,08818 NJ
  • they're bringing you an xbox one console with food inside. You'll never have to order food again..O_O
  • Never have to leave the couch O.o for
  • ShopRite is a grocery and pharmacy chain. That's perfectly normal. Odd that they're even selling it, but the shipping info is normal.
  • I'm tempted to get one, I have a PS4 right now and I barely have time for games any more.
  • wouldn't that mean you don't have time to play an xbox one either?
  • Unless u like XB exclusives the XB is a bit harder sell, but XB live and the media awesomeness can turn your decision.
  • Waiting for with Kinect around $350
  • Damn it lucky people and u say that's cheap come to this part of the world and have a view from our point off view I wish I was there ##sod sod
  • Crap, crap crap crap........ I now regret paying so much for mine........CRAP. But good deal for others.......
  • When is the February update available?!?