Microsoft drops Xbox One price back to $349, hints at gaming focus in Windows 10

Update: Added reference to screenshot support coming to the Xbox One.

Microsoft has just announced that starting tomorrow, January 16, you will once again be able to purchase a new Xbox One for $349. Additionally, the company hinted (only slightly) that we'll get some new information concerning how the Xbox team is looking to help PC gaming flourish at its upcoming Windows 10 event on January 21.

The price cut is an extension of what we previously saw over the holiday season. According to Microsoft, the drop was a boon for console sales, and it seems to want to extend that good fortune.

While the price cut is great news for those who missed out over the holiday season, the even bigger news is of the Xbox team's involvement in gaming on Windows 10. From Microsoft:

The Xbox team is continually working hard to expand and improve the experience across myriad devices – including home gaming PCs, soon to be powered by Windows 10. Our goal is to help PC gaming flourish, and we're excited to be helping shape the future of Windows. Phil Spencer will be sharing more on the Windows consumer experience at a Windows event on January 21, including the role that gaming will play.

We can only speculate on what that means for now, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't excited to see where this goes. In any event, be sure to tune into Windows Central on January 21, when we'll be bringing you all of the coverage live from Redmond. Also, don't forget that Microsoft will also be live-streaming the event if you'd like to tune in that way as well.

Finally, Phil Spencer notes that they are working on bringing screenshot support to the Xbox One, so gamers rejoice!

Source: Xbox Wire

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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