Xbox One S

Alongside the announcement of the Xbox One S was the news that the revised controller will utilise Bluetooth. Then, during our interview with Xbox Services GM, Dave McCarthy, we learned something else interesting; it'll work just fine with Windows 10 Mobile.

That's something that developers have to write to at a game level. Capability-wise, this works across the Windows 10 ecosystem. It's a huge advantage that this controller will work seamlessly across the whole ecosystem.

So, while there's work to be done to make it a reality, Microsoft has done its part on the hardware front and made sure the new controller is ready for the whole Windows 10 ecosystem as soon as you take it out of the box.

That's a change from the current controller we're happy to see. Many of us have Bluetooth capabilities already in place on our Windows 10 PCs, but have had to purchase an additional dongle to use the Xbox One controller wirelessly with them.

Back at Build earlier this year we first saw Xbox One Controller support for Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum, though with the existing generation you'd have to plug them in with a cable or use the wireless adapter. That won't be an issue it seems with the new controller, and that makes us smile.

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