This is the new Xbox Series X startup sound

New Xbox Logo
New Xbox Logo (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has dropped a new Xbox Series X teaser trailer, including the new start-up sound for the upcoming next-generation console.
  • Xbox Series X receives its gameplay debut on May 7, via a dedicated showcase with third-party partners.

Microsoft continues the unveiling of Xbox Series X, on track to debut its first gameplay from the console on May 7, as a part of a scheduled partner showcase. The event promises our first glimpse at the upcoming next-generation device running a variety of third-party titles, with the newly-unveiled Assassin's Creed Valhalla among confirmed features.

Ahead of Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Series X event, the firm has now provided what appears to be the console's new start-up sound. In a video posted to the Xbox YouTube channel, we receive a 10-second boot animation backed by a soft soundscape, referred to as the "New Xbox Sound" via closed captions. The snippet replaces the sharper tones used across the current Xbox One family (viewable here), and featured widely across marketing for nearly a decade.

The Xbox Series X remains on track for late 2020, promising the most significant milestone for Xbox since the launch of Xbox One. The next-generation console ushers sizeable performance advancements coupled with the adoption of solid-state storage, speeding up loading times, and texture streaming. For the latest on Xbox Series X, check out our roundup of everything announced so far.

The Xbox Series X games showcase marks our next source of next-gen details, scheduled for a digital live stream at 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT / 4 PM UK time via Inside Xbox.

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  • I'm getting some Windows Me vibes. I like it. lol
  • It has a play station vibe to it... I guess in anticipation of new players coming in from that platform 👍
  • I actually thought of the PS1 intro when I heard this. Really digging it. Man if they can just get some solid new IP to round out their exclusive portfolio, Xbox is set up to knock it out of the park this gen. Love what they have been and are continuing to do!
  • I think the potential is there and the stage is set hopefully Xbox will delivered awesome new games. For the first time I hear some of my friends expressing they'll jump to Xbox this time around (long time ps players) power console and gamepass been the highlight of their conversation, keeping in mind all first party games are available day one on gamepass, third argument been xCloud
  • Bring back Viva Pinata IP.
    They could make a decent Pokemon or Animal Crossing type franchise with it.
  • I like the screen but prefer the Xbox One sound. Maybe it just has to grow on me :)
  • Yes, it feels a bit long but I like the calm melody :]
  • Calm before the storm!
  • Man, I understand the hunger for news but if everything gets leaked, it's gonna feel old when people get one.
  • This ain't a leak, MSFT posted it themselves.
  • I prefer the XBox 360 startup sound, but this will do. It seems with each generation the startup is less bold.
  • Reminds me of the sound of earning an achievement, but longer
  • I will be in the minority, but I'm not sure on this. I'd like the OG Xbox one. Or even better, the option to choose.
  • Microsoft THX Surround sound
  • Sounds like they were inspired by Windows 98 and Windows vista.
    It roughly sounds like those two start-up chimes mixed together then beautifully remixed and remastered :)