Xbox Series X gameplay showcase coming May 7, Assassin's Creed Valhalla present

Xbox Series X Closer
Xbox Series X Closer (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Xbox is holding a showcase for Xbox Series X titles on May 7 at 11 a.m EST.
  • This showcase will have multiple global developers showing gameplay.
  • Assassin's Creed Valhalla will be one of the games shown.

As previously rumored, a May event for Xbox is happening — sort of. Xbox has announced a showcase of Xbox Series X games coming via Inside Xbox on May 7 at 8 a.m. PST / 11 a.m EST. This will include a first look at some Xbox Series X games.

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This event appears to primarily be a showcase for third-party games, with Xbox Game Studios content coming later, according to comments from Aaron Greenberg, head of marketing for Xbox. Ubisoft Nordic has confirmed that Assassin's Creed Valhalla will be one of the games shown, with a gameplay trailer at minimum being present.


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  • Awesome, very excited about the Xbox future.
  • Give me Banjo 3! That is all I ask lol lol
  • This is big. I did notice in the trailer for Creed at the end it only had Xbox One, Xbox series X and PC. No PS4 or PS5. Timed exclusive?? Also. Get in. Come on. Show us the games. Woohoooo.
  • LOL still the same Richard. Spread bs rumours...
  • Question marks show a question. Not a statement. Still the same PS fanboy makong things up. And twisting what people say.
  • Hopefully it is at least a timed exclusive. It's pretty much free advertising for sony if it's also going to be on the PS5.
  • Would be very interesting if it played out like that since in the past Ubisoft tended to favour Sony with earlier releases, and extra preorder content and the like. So it'd be good to see Microsoft get some of the same love.
  • It's no different that Sony advertising the last COD. But it also being available on Xbox One. I think the reason MS are doing this is because it gets people talking about Series X. As opposed to PS5. It also means MS can focus their June E3 event on all of their first party. Valhalla isn't the only game shown on May 7th. It will be multiple.
  • 1st party and Lockhart. Watch PS5 console be revealed 1hr before the Xbox event next week.
  • Yeah but amidst all the Naughty Dog drama, and TLOU 2 having Sony fans spitting fire at Sony. I'm still unsure why Sony split the tech stuff away from showing the console. There is so much negativity around Playstation, Naughty Dog at the minute. I'm not sure a console reveal is going to help much. People are very bitter that Anita has taken over Naughty Dog.
  • @Cruzer1
    This is where you see the difference between gamers and hypocrite fanboys.
    What does a timed exclusive actually bring you as a gamer besides bragging rights and console war ammo?
    Celebrating anti-gaming strategy like timed exclusive just because the one possibly doing it happen to be the company you worship.
    The other day there was Control that had some time DLC for PS4 and people here were going crazy.
  • This is what happens when a fanboy doesn't read the comment. Or instead purposefully ignores punctuation to make a question seem statement. Welcome back PS fanboy Guest. Missed the laughs.
  • Is that because of the leak? Why would people be angry at Naughty Dog for having their stuff leaked?
  • Naughty Dog Staff leaked it themselves. It's what the leak is and everything surrounding Naughty Dog. There is so many Sony fans and Sony channels seriously angry. Anita ruins every game she has ever touched. But what's happened at ND is a huge shift towards political correctness. I'll post a video as an example. Now there is spoilers for the story in the video. But that's kinda the point. Anita has completely ruined the story. So much so that Sony fans are thanking the Naughty Dog staff who leaked it for saving them money. It's a really really bad situation at Naughty Dog at the minute. Estimated 70% of the staff have left Naughty Dog since 2014. Even the staff working on the gane don't like it. It's a really big deal this. Spoilers.
  • Ah, I've just read some more about it. Good riddance to the whiners that left is all I'll say. It's a story and it's being told, they can not like it, that's fine (and obviously they are welcome to leave if they don't agree with the project), but anyone having a hissy fit over a fictional story is a moron.
  • To be fair that would be kinda like George Lucas in Empire Strikes Back killing off the entire Episode 4 characters, ignoring the Empire exists and making Episode 5 all about some random character and their political struggles against a local Tatooine church. It's not just a mild progression of the story. It a complete change that has 0 to do with the first game. In the name of Political Correctness.