Newegg Shuffle sells seemingly random items instead of GPUs

Philips Viva Airfryer
Philips Viva Airfryer (Image credit: Phillips)

What you need to know

  • Newegg sold seemingly random items through its raffle system yesterday.
  • Air fryers, kettles, and food dehydrators were among the items on Newegg Shuffle.
  • The move was made to celebrate Newegg getting listed on the Nasdaq.

Normally, Newegg Shuffle helps people get popular tech, including the best graphics cards. Yesterday, however, the raffle system gave people a chance to purchase mundane items, including kettles, air fryers, and antivirus software.

Newegg Shuffle is a raffle system that allows people to enter for a chance to buy items that are hard to come by. The latest GPUs are frequently part of Newegg Shuffle, including NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs and the AMD Radeon 6000 GPUs. People were probably surprised and confused when they instead saw food dehydrators and other seemingly random items.

Initially suspected to be a glitch by likes of PCMag and others on the web, Newegg confirmed that the swap was part of a celebration for becoming Nasdaq listed.

"We are celebrating being Nasdaq listed and today's shuffle is in celebration of that. After today, the items on the shuffle will go back to the regular items, such as the 30 series GPU and Power supplies," said Newegg in a statement to PCMag.

Selling Uber Eats gift cards and other non-PC-related items is an interesting way to celebrate getting listed on the Nasdaq, though one could argue it was successful as outlets are reporting on it.

While Newegg Shuffle had some odd items yesterday, it still had RAM, SSD storage, monitors, and other gadgets, as you'd expect.

Newegg Shuffle is back to its normal self today. It has dozens of GPUs and other PC parts listed.

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  • Newegg is officially selling automotive parts now, so I'd expect them to dabble in other areas as well in the future
  • I'm kind of over Newegg. The "shuffle" is just a complete joke.
  • Hey, don't knock an air fryer until you've tried a decent one. Extremely convenient piece of kit lol. Having said that, Newegg did a sly one by not offering GPUs for their nasdaq launch. As what changes tomorrow really? Are crypto miners going to stop mining?
    Are people going to stop using scripts to bulk buy GPUs?
    Is a truckload of GPUs automagically appear out of thin air? What a bloody farce lol...