News Pro for iOS review: A solid newsreader with a few quirks

I rarely have so much positive to say about a product, but News Pro has blown me away so far. The app is polished, good looking, fully featured and pretty well supported as updates roll out here and there to fix some bugs and bring some minor changes. There is a lot I like about this app, but it does have some few small issues.

Getting started with News Pro

The first launch of the app shows a splash screen which is very aesthetically similar to the one found in the new Skype Preview app for iOS, which is nice to see as Microsoft isn't known for design consistency across their products. The first impression of the app is definitely a positive one. It's pretty, looks well made and feels fresh. It uses the recognizable Microsoft Design Language 2 icon set used in Windows 10, OneDrive and many other products which is yet another point for consistency. However, the app weirdly uses the Google Material Design share icon for some reason, which is pretty similar to Microsoft's own but it still feels weird in a way.

News Pro features the "Highlights", "Bot" and "Explore" sections, plus the settings panel called "Me" which you can use to customize some aspects of the app or change, add and remove your interests to have a more tailored newsfeed. The most interesting part here is the "Bot" that is available within the app. It's more or less a glorified search engine, but it is still pretty fun and comfortable as you can speak to the bot naturally and ask it for something like "What's the latest on Windows Phone?" and you'll get a reply with around three links featuring the most important news about the specific subject.

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So how does it work?

News Pro, similarly to other news apps on the market, learns what you're interested in and gives you the information you want when you want it. Tap the menu button in the bottom right corner of a news card to mark news stories you're not interested in as "See less like this" and those that pique your interest with "See more like this". The more you use it, the better it gets.

I've noticed a few issues with this "learning" process — I've set some topics to "See less like this" multiple times and some of them still happen to show up in the newsfeed which is a little annoying, but it happens so rarely that I can't really complain about it, as I rarely have to deal with it. When you share to Twitter, News Pro also automatically creates a Tweet for you (including the @NewsPro_App account), which I personally find quite annoying — I have my own words to add! News Pro is far from the only app to do this, though.

The app performs well no matter for how long I use it, even on an old and lagging-on-the-latest-iOS iPhone 6. The app resumes, launches and loads articles pretty quickly too, and if you want some extra speed you can enable the "Speedy View". I wish I could enable it as a default option instead of having to press that button every time I load an article, it's that snappy.

Speedy View works very well and does what it promises. It loads very quickly, dumping the cruft of the website and just serving you the content. It's faster and uses less data to boot. without requiring you to load the whole web page. This actually saves data too, so if you're on a limited data plan, you could have some use for it. The speedy view layout also looks very good, native and feels just right. The text, pictures and other objects from the article all lay out nicely — I've read hundreds of articles using Speedy View in News Pro and only twice did it look weird or miss content. It can be hit-or-miss with many web browser "reading modes", so the reliability of Speedy View was a welcome surprise.

The News Pro Bot

The bot is also surprisingly useful. In my experience, most bots are pretty poor and don't really do what they promise. The News Pro bot may be a glorified news search engine, but it actually works pretty well. When I ask about a subject, it properly recognizes what I am talking about, gives me the desired results and even gives suggestions for what I could ask further in case I want more in-depth news. I usually dismiss and ignore most bots, but this one is an exception that I'm using daily.

It has voice recognition, regular typing with the keyboard as well as automatic topic suggestions — the bot guesses what you could be interested in. The interface is very straightforward, with the typical chat layout you would find in an app like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, which helps it feel familiar. You can even ask less specific things like "What are today's headlines?" and the bot will keep you up-to-date with what is happening around the world, or at least in the margins of your interest.

It's surprising how well this bot is done, as it's made by a small Microsoft Garage team — essentially an in-house project incubator for employees. The bot may have very basic functionality, but I know bots that had even simpler tasks than this one and still yet failed to deliver.

The Bottom Line

News Pro is a great newsreader app that has almost no compromises when it comes to the experience, design or the bot it uses. It features a pretty and easy-to-use interface, bundled with a surprisingly well-made and useful bot. It has received regular updates for bug fixes and performance improvements, which show that it's not yet another abandoned Microsoft Garage project.

The general experience is very good and enjoyable. We rarely see such polished projects from Microsoft Garage, but this one definitely shines very brightly. If you're a person which likes their news tailored to your interests, News Pro may be for you.

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Dennis Bednarz

Dennis Bednarz is a former writer for Windows Central and the guy behind ModMy. He has been a recognised member of the Microsoft community for years and owns everything from Lumia phones to Surface PCs. He occasionally likes to rant about Windows Phone and drink tea. You can go ahead and follow him on Twitter at @DennisBednarz

  • We are all going to have to move on sooner or later.  It's all part of the transition and WC knows this.  I don't think there is anything wrong with it.  I'll give the app a go.
  • Go, to iMore, and see if you find one article addressing a WM10 app......... I'll be waiting for you to post the link in comments......
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  • This is a site dedicated to MS devices AND services.  News Pro is a microsoft service/app.  Get over it.  Also, it's a lot better than the News app on Windows Mobile.  Not to mention, iMore has released many articles on Groove, Microsoft Office apps, etc.  I know your argument will read something like: "YEAAAAHHHH!!!!!! wutever but those iz....MS apps not WM10 apps!!!  dasfwerewi...?????!joiuifjf".  But there really are no worthy exclusive Windows Mobile 10 apps for them to write about.
  • You mean it's better than their cross platform news app. MSN News is on iOS too and probably Android
  • Refer to my comments above, iFan... Get your mobile news at iMore, where it belongs... If this app is so great for iPhone users then shouldn't it be featured there???????????? Is this article even running on iMore?.... Well, that doesn't make sense... "get over it" that's your argument. Please.
  • I generally use a 950 as my daily driver and have literally been on WP since day one so please don't jump to conclusions.  I remember you from way back in the day and your dramatic nonsense hasn't really changed in years.  I just don't feel the need to reassure myself constantly with comments on a windows fan site.  It is what it is and I've learned to live with it.  I now support MS services on nearly all devices.  Again, get over it. Expecting WC to make money off of only Windows Mobile news or Windows news is insane.  Hence the increase in articles as ads, etc. If you don't support it, don't click it.  That's really the only way for you to make a valid point.  Every time you use a question mark, a Windows Mobile device loses an app.
  • Still no........ Read my comment above. Try again.
  • All I see is emoji and overuse of punctuation.
  • 😃😃😃😃.... Cheer up! Maybe iDroid has an app for that😛
  • Your rants make sense if you are a preteen to adults, just more internet noise.
  • Agree. This article is not important for Windows/Microsoft users. It doesn't belong here. Garage is Garbage for Microsoft consumers.
  • I get you. If iMore doesn't see fit to write about this app on their site, why should a Microsoft-focused (or rather *Windows-focused* site) like * *Windows** Central promote a non-Windows app, even if it's made by Microsoft, unless they are prepping uses to leave for iOS, etc., since said app is not available on Windows, mobile or otherwise.
  • iMore did write about it.  A while ago, but they did write about it.
  • If something like Apple Music releases for Windows 10 Mobile, I promise we'll get an article on iMore too :P
  • Hahaha!!!! I was gonna add that as a disclaimer to my original comment.. 😂
    ****, if an Apple made app was released for Windows I'm sure it would be featured on Android Central, and they have COMPLETELY nothing to do with it. Lol.... Probably would be featured on Basket Weaving Central, and all major news outlets🤣🤣🤣
  • Wow epic post:))) you hit the nail on the head. If Microsoft thinks it can have a future on ios and Android with their services they are dead wrong. Those users don't care about Microsoft apps.
  • Dead wrong.  I am a one time Windows Mobile user who has since moved on to iPhone.  I still use quite a few of my favorite Microsoft apps (Outlook, One Note, Excel, Word, Bing, OneDrive).  They perform much better on iPhone than they ever did on Windows Mobile.  I will definitely check out the News Pro app, but it's got some pretty stiff competition in Flipboard and Apple's News app.
  • Update:  So I tried the News Pro app and then immediately deleted it.  In 2017 if you are still unable to create a news viewing app without implementing a full swipe interface (see Flipboard) I am not interested.  Furthermore, if you don't have the programming chops to create a swipe interface and you have to resort to 2010 'back arrow' technology, why on earth do you insist on putting it in the absolute worst possible place on the screen?  The upper left corner?  I don't get it. 
  • says one of the few fanboys. Go to Android central or more and ask if anyone uses Microsoft apps. Nope.
  • They use MS apps, because some of them used to be WP users.
  • I use at ton of MS apps on my iPhone.  I fell in love with them when I was a WP fabnboy and continue to use them today. 
  • You're still a WP FB......
  • You're exactly right. I appreciate these articles because I just made the switch over to galaxy s8+ and these type articles come in handy. Let's be real, we're all gonna switch over eventually. We're literally being squeezed out of this ecosystem like popping a pimple
  • Lol.
  • That's kind of what I am saying.  It's sad but it's the reality of the situation.  It reminds me of the Sega Dreamcast days :(  Even MS is advertising their apps (such as Bing via email) on iOS and Android and not even mentioning Windows Mobile.  I don't know why people are so surprised with this shift on WC.  Yes, it is frustrating but it's where we are.  The reality is that if you truly enjoy Microsoft's services, you are better off on another mobile device.
  • We know that's the reality of the situation.... Point is, ****, quit ruining our fun.. We're trying to laugh through the situation.. Read the comments. They are hilarious. Lighten up, sir.
  • Yes this remind me very much of the Dreamcast days. All these years later and I'm no longer a Sega fan. Guess the same will happen for me and Microsoft. They let me down too too too too many times
  • I drive two Saabs with a Zune hooked up in each, I still play the Dreamcast almost on a weekly basis, and my whole family uses Windows phones.  I guess I like being abused, haha!
  • #MasochistsUnite! :)
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  • lol you are a strange one. But gotta hand it to ya, you're loyal
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  • I thought the article got posted to windows central by mistake,
  • If WC published only Windows related stories, we'd get one article per week, two on a good week... and most of them would be such as " Windows Phone is dead / why do you still stick with it"
  • No, they would be about Windows. Maybe there isn't as much news about Windows for Phones anymore but Windows for PC's is still huge-normous. This article belongs on partner site iMore.
  • Lol..
  • They should port it to windows too...
  • Screw a port. I want a native app for their own platform.
  • From Microsoft Garage.
  • Enough with these paid commercials! 
  • This is a weird to start my day. I might have to find another primary site to get my news with this and the Galaxy S8 news.
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  • You should try Microsoftinsider app. Is in Spanish but I think they make better job about Microsoft News that we users enjoy.
  • The best part of this is that since it's Microsoft you just know the user experience is gonna be that much better on Windo...wait...n/m
  • Microsoft is a wonderful Android and Apple vendor!
  • So.... MS has tools they claim makes it easy to generate apps that work on iOS or WM, yet a MS employee decides to develope for iOS only!?!
  • Seriously, wth?
  • I think it's fun to see everybody squirm and freak out when articles like this get posted 😂 Despite the name, have to accept it is a MS news site these days and not just Windows news site
  • No squirming, just don't see the point of an article like this. Yes it's an MS app, but it's a review of an iphone version and not available for WP (that's a whole different discussion!).
  • Dan.. Although I hate it, I have to agree that it is amusing... We are obviously die hard WM fans.. We like MS, but our passion is mobile.
  • WM hardcore  fanboys have dwindled to point that they sound like one hand clapping. Can't run a business only focusing on that handful. Get over yourselves, move on, or continue enjoying your specialness. Sounding pathedic on forums is so lame though. have some self-respect.
  • It really does upset you🙂
  • I'm enjoying it too.
  • Surface Phone Ultimate Mobile PC confirmed!! "I'm enjoying it too" says it all
  • Wish April Fools hadn't already passed for 2017 - I would love to see the comments on a prank article where WC announced their W10 UWP app is going into maintenance mode and that focus will be switching to the new iOS version of the app which will be coming soon with a ton of exclusive features.
  • May have to do that just see the reaction.
  • Now see, that would be epic! MacCentral ...😂
  • The WC app is pretty much in maintanance mose already... No updates for ages now :/
  • I laugh whenever I listen to Windows weekly and they make fun of  forum comments, Leo and Paul just nails it. 
  • Started reading the article and quickly a feeling of WTF came over me. Talk about sleeping with the enemy.
  • You guys should be used to this by now, its all about the clicks now.
  • Nah, it's all about reviewing Microsoft apps and services for those who are interested. All about the clicks. I mean, what's the alternative here? We write articles exclusively for 0.3% of you in the world? Like that would pay the bills and be at all satisfying. If you don't like us covering all Microsoft software and services you are free to not click anything, or leave a comment.
  • We know, Dan... We jus sad☹
  • Don't say you know if you just jumped on me for saying the exact same thing.
  • 😂😂😂 Your day is ruined. You'll be ok.
  • You are right that inform about Windows services in other platforms is good idea. But why it is mainly ios? This app exists on Android and also there is a web version. Why not to make full review of this app, not only for ios? You know many windows fans doesn't love apple and ever hate them. And at least twice a week we read about some ios-microsoft app. And this is not only click question as you mentioned. You rarely click on such topics, but you every time see it on your half-buried wp device and this make people "sad". So in such case Windowscentral doesn't fully inform readers, and doesn't please/satisfy them. What for such topics exists?
  • WC is definitely teasing Windows fans 😆 and the funny part is that Microsoft is onboard with this nonsense.
  • Trolling them worse than Amazon and their W10 app 😉 I like it
  • WTF is with the IOS crap? Try Take that lame shiite out of here.
  • Nope.
  • wrong site
  • Reading these stories that should be on iMore and are posted here only to attract frustrated clicks, I feel less bad now that i'm using an adblocker
  • Still loving my Lumia 950xl....and the news app on it works very well. Can't wait for the Ultimate Mobile Device.....make calls and be able to fire off missiles.
  • Plot twist! It's going to be an Android device with Microsoft apps 😂😂😂
  • ewwwww....not sure if I would go Android or IOS......have to take frequent showers either way
  • Damn!! I just buy a Lumia 950 bad time... Nah I will be a windows mobile user to the end!!! Apple is just to "high society" and android well I feel so lag even with the $900 premium phones
  • Guys, this is a Microsoft website, not Windows mobile website. It hasn't been that for years. It's as much about Windows as HoloLens, office, Xbox, and everything Microsoft-related. Some people here have Windows computer but Android or iOS phones, either because their work needs it, or because they choose to have them. Microsoft is also a software company before everything and has been developing for other platforms forever. This article is about a damn MICROSOFT app. Such immature little whiny b******. Downvote away.
  • Best to ignore them as they're the same little ***** that say they have gone full Android or Linux, yet still hang around like a creepy uncle.
  • This app sounds awesome! Will be trying it out on my SE.
  • Dennis Bednarz..... You're up!
  • Not sure what I just started reading.  I clicked on the link to download the app to my Lumia Icon and it took me to the Apple store.  WTH!  :)    
  • LOL!!! Best comment ever!
  • Don't post comments on his articles, simple, he will get the message soon enough.
  • Lol, WC just poured a whole packet of salt on our wounds.
  • Maybe 'whatever central'. We are slowly moving toward 1/3 android, iOS and Microsoft news.
  • Hopefully more than 1/3 soon.
  • another hint at Surface Ultimate Mobile PC....I can't believe folks aren't picking up on these clues. I'm Ready!
  • This is Microsoft news. It talks about an app made by Microsoft.
  • Windows Central ---->> MSPowerUser
    Both post articles about everything ... except Windows • SOMETIMES •
  • Lol.
  • Pretty sure we have done more coverage on Windows 10 than any other site right now ;)
  •  Thanks. Hope will continue in future also.   btw Absence of QUALITY APPS from big names is very disappointing
  • Daniel, Rodney is right this time (actually he is right more often than you'd think he is). This Dennis guy needs to GTFO of here, and write just for iMore, where he belongs. Noone here cares about these type of articles. And I'm so sick of this iPhone sh*t going on here from this guy... How can someone write something like "I rarely say this about MSFT, but great job" on a site called Windows Central? Fire him already...
  • The people here who don't like the news that's about MS in general could always start their own Windows Phone only news site if they prefer...
  • You really think you speak for everyone who reads WC? Quite the ego there.
  • Damn, Random. Chillzz... You're gonna get us knocked off. 🔪😨
  • Oh, the guys won't do it 😁 They know I'm not a troll 😂 But I still think this Dennis guy should be fired 😉
  • Lol.. Well, let's not hope anyone get's fired because we're being sore loser's... This isn't that serious, it's just fun, and games, at this point.... All we can do is hope, and pray that Build 2017, and upcoming events, lend some bit of credibility to Windows on mobile (pocket able) devices.. 🙏🏾
  • Rodney, see how I didn't mention Windows Mobile at all? It was on purpose. I'm not the guy who only cares about W10M news. I just don't like to read articles from apple fanboys on my favorite Windows/MS news site, saying MS is generally bad 😉 But I think, a WC app update could solve it, by letting me choose which writers articles do I want notifications about 😁
  • Hahaha. Touché.. I've submitted request for filtering a while back..
  • sadly i still own L950XL and L730 :(
  • Thanks. This is an interesting article for three reasons. 1) Apple is dominant in computing devices and related software services because of their superior ability in user-centric design. This app suggests that Microsoft may finally be heading towards being able to challenge Apple on Apple's terms, rather than just through a superior business model. 2) The use of the bot to learn your news interests and it is good to see Microsoft utilise their cloud computing power in such a clear practical demonstration. 3) It's of note that this is a Microsoft Garage project and that this is a sign that Microsoft may be improving its bottom-up innovation capability.
  • The fact that you were using MSN News as a news driver makes me question the usefulness of News Pro.
  • I don't want to read about iOS apps on this site, even if they're from Microsoft.
  • Galactic, Actual: WHAT THE FRAK?!!!
  • Well this is weird. Written for android and ios, but no uwp for windows 10. Although I suppose the point is to cultivate coders, not break the market with a newsreader app. 
  • Actually the other things thats interesting is that its a whole article about a simple app, on a website that isn't generally interested in said app. Must pretty much be filler. 
  • Stop with the brain washing so sad these evil ******* keep trying to push this **** windows phone or bust that's it but it will be known they sabotaged it and sold out there is no reason that Windows can't exist except the evil powers that be want it but nope gonna be hell to pay if Windows stop making phones
  • **** apple **** android period