Next Rainbow Six Siege update removes 'Tower' map from Ranked play

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is on track to receive its Operation Para Bellum expansion for June 7, yet Ubisoft is still bringing new changes ahead of its rollout. The game's Ranked multiplayer playlist is now being reworked, by cutting one of the game's most controversial maps.

Mok Myeok Tower, better known simply as "Tower," made its arrival with last year's Operation White Noise. Founded on a blend of modern design and traditional Korean architecture, the map makes for some unique gameplay encounters through its increased verticality. However, there are some major shortcomings with its design criticized by the competitive community. As a result, Tower is being pulled from the Ranked playlist map rotation.

From June 7, after the scheduled release of Operation Para Bellum, Tower will be restricted to the Casual playlist and custom games. Ubisoft presented the following six reasons for the map's removal, in a post to the game's official site.

  • Tower's overall balance is not where we want it to be for a Ranked playlist.
  • Due to the size of the map, roamers have an unfair advantage as it takes a significant amount of time to drone and clear the map.
  • Our Level Design team direction lends itself to more vertical gameplay.
  • Tower does not include the competitive design learnings that we have applied to other maps, such as the buffed Clubhouse and Villa.
  • Many areas are too dark for optimal performance.
  • Difficult to play in a group that does not work together regularly.

Rainbow Six Siege's new season will kick off with a rotation of 11 ranked maps, including Bank, Oregon, Kafe, Consulate, Chalet, and a reworked Clubhouse. Maps from previous expansions will also be playable, which consist of Border, Coastline, Skyscraper, Theme Park, and Villa.

Operation Para Bellum is set to bring two new playable Operators, the new Villa map, and various other content, as a part of update scheduled for this week. For a deeper look at what's new, check out our full breakdown of the update's contents.

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