The Microsoft Band Tiles gallery now has your favorite NFL teams

If you have a favorite NFL team, you can now add them as a tile on your Microsoft Band and Microsoft Band 2 thanks to the new additions by Microsoft in the Tiles Gallery. You'll be able to see the team's recent game score result and a prediction of the next game from your band. We'll show you how to set it up.

  1. On your phone, open the Microsoft Health app
  2. Scroll down and tap Add and Manage tiles
  3. Scroll down and tap Go to Gallery
  4. Choose your favorite NFL team, and then tap Download
  5. Tap the check button at the bottom to confirm

That's it! Your Microsoft Band will be updated with the team's tile. Keep in mind that there's a limit of how many tiles can fit on the Microsoft Band. That number is currently 13. You'll get an error message if you go over the limit. In addition to the new NFL tiles for the band, there are other apps you can add from the Tile gallery.

To view the recent score on your Microsoft Band, tap the team's tile. You'll see the recent score along with the time and date of the game. Swipe left to see the more information about the upcoming game. It displays who the other team will be, the time and place, and the predicted game winner.

We're happy to see more apps in the Tile Gallery for the Microsoft Band 2. We'll keep our eyes open for more additions. Is there any specific tile or app you'd like to see in the list? Sound off in the comments!

Download Microsoft Health app (opens in new tab)

Thanks for the tip, jcrod73!

Mark Guim

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  • I don't like the way it was implementation of the app, I have more than one team I would like to follow and one team at a time will use too many tiles on my band.  The app should have more than one teams inside each tile. 
  • Well i think you can use the Cortana tile for that...
  • Gambler?
  • I currently have my band paired to my Android phone so no Cortana, I am a Seahawks fan but also must follow the Giants. outside of American football I also want the app/tile to have the scores for Tennis and Cricket (One sports tile will all my sports)
  • Then go on, request this feature! Awesome hint btw =] Anyways ... I love the focus on content of this Band UI, never had the chance testing it, but if a good UX will happen in combo with the W10M Phone--awesome!
  • These also work on the Band 1
  • It's like they want to forget the original Band. Every one of these will work on ALL Bands. Maybe they'll start to mention that in the future. Posted from this here device.
  • Doh ... you beat me to it. Yep, it's on the original Band too.
  • Go PATS!
  • No go Giants
  • More like Go Home Pats and Giants! Go Colts and Cowboys!
  • one day F1 will become a sport
  • Do you guys pretty much wanna ignore that the first band exists? All these articles have been excluding it and it doesn't make sense since they both do the same as far as these features go.
  • No such thing as the first Band. It never existed. There is only Zul.
  • You make me not mad and I appreciate that.
  • hope they add more sports to this. need to have college football and basketball, as well as the NBA.  or maybe the shithole that is ESPN could add an app using your favorites on their website. hmmmm
  • Where's Track and Field?????   (I'll show myself out...)