Here are the 4 apps you can add to the Microsoft Band 2 right now from Microsoft's Tile Gallery

Microsoft is making it easier for Band 2 owners to add new tiles to their wearable. You can these tiles from the Tile Gallery. It's like a separate app store for the Microsoft Band 2. Getting there might not be very obvious for new users so we'll show you how to do it. There are not that many tiles available yet, but we expect to see more soon.

  1. On your phone, open the Microsoft Health app.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu and then select Manage tiles.
  3. Scroll all the way down and tap Go to gallery
  4. Check what's available and choose which tiles to download

Here are the apps that are currently listed:

Gold's Gym Inspirations – Get inspired. Check out motivating stories from Gold's Gym members. Here's a sample message:

Anette Anderson lost 17 lbs. and 5% body fat. "I can't believe the transformation my body has gone through. I'm so glad I stuck with it. It feels really good!"

AP News – Get the latest Associated Press top news headlines on your Band.

Xbox Wire – Get the latest and greatest Xbox One headlines on your band.

Subway Fresh Fit Menu – Check out the latest Subway Fresh Fit menu that packs in tons of flavor with very low fat content. It includes the calories and fat content for the menu items.

We look forward to seeing more tiles here, but we already see one major problem. There seems to be a limit of how many tiles can fit on the Microsoft Band 2. That number is currently 13. Trying to go over that limit gives you an error message. We wonder if Microsoft will lift that limit in the future.

How do you feel about these additional tiles for the Microsoft Band 2? What other tiles would you like to see in the gallery? Sound off in the comments!

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Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • More apps! Wish it ran w10, which supposedly it doesn't. I know it isn't a smart watch per se, but I wish it synced with my phone better with alerts and notifications.
  • Would someone feedback if these apps work on the band 2? Thanks.
  • Hehe... Per se :D it's Ass in finnish "Perse"...
    I speak 'Murican.
  • I know what it means in murica :D was just funny ^^
  • What language is that?
  • Finnish is spoken in the land of the Fins, Aquaman is their ruler.
    @wincoffee is it pronounced the same as per se in English?
  • Haha good one
  • Actually, it's not even 'Murican, it's Latin. :-P
  • It's Latin, dingus.
  • Why did you say that 7 minutes after the other guy. Me thinks you didn't know that yourself. And Latin is everywhere, doesn't mean it's common or has become an idiom. Anyway goodnight.
  • Do all the apps for Band 2 work on Band 1?
  • I hate the word limit
  • I agree. I think it would be kind of cool to just have longer messages flash by word by word.
  • Did they get rid of Starbucks?
  • That's included by default
  • I see, it is not considered 3rd party. Thanks.
  • So apparently, there are "first party third party" apps and "third party third party" apps? W.T.F.
  • It's just preinstalled software.  Not any different than what they've been doing with Mix Radio, Here Maps and Windows Phone.  No reason to freak out.
  • There is a starbucks app for the band that works just fine (used it today). I would like an app for skype.
  • 1) I hate having to go to a web page to view the list of apps. Should either display in the app or take you to the store 2) "Band Error. You've reached the maximum number of tiles" - Ugh
  • Yea, that limit is annoying.
  • Sweet giblets! Super excited for the increased tile count for the Band 2.
  • Use this app to find apps (it is not mine but it is good!):
  • The problem is most of the Band 1 apps listed dont work on the Band 2 with Windows 10. All the developers need to update their apps to the latest SDK. Even after they do, there are still issues with the apps ability to connect with a Windows 10 phone. We need a list of apps confirmed to work on Band 2 with Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Really? I'll check my apps compatibility as soon as I receive Band 2 (2 weeks). I can give you 2 promo codes if you'd like to test them for me and if they do not work I'll pull them from store momentarly.
  • My app works okay with the Band 1 and Windows 10 Mobile - Are you saying it may not work on Band 2 still? If so thanks for the heads up
  •   As long as I know it should work. Only problems may me with layouts of in-tile buttons, or res of wallpapers that should still work but developers could improve them... I guess we'll receive some bad feedback and we can pull them till we receive Band2 and update them back to store....  
  • Resolution of wallpapers is a good point. My app will definitely need updates for that - I'm not sure if many people are still using it (Need to check Application Insights) but I will have to buy a Band 2 I suppose :-p
  • What apps would those be?
  • My only band app is "Backup my Band" (free without ads) and it desperately needs Cloud backup tbh - Especially with Windows 10 Mobile about to release in the next few weeks, people will possibly be more likely to hard reset their phones. I'll probably add that this weekend in the hope it will encourage people to use it, and also add some genuinely useful functionality. Might have to backup the files to OneDrive otherwise I'd need to add a small fee for the app, or adverts to cover the small costs for hosting of the files.
  • Mine "Anti Theft Band Alarm" and "Sex Trainer For Band". But they are paid apps, do not buy them just to test them :)
  • How about a Windows Central app?
  • Agreed
  • You have to earn the app.
  • Dan WC app is a need not a want :)
  • Will there be a specific Windows Central app, or a mobile nations app that gives us access to all the sites across Windows 10 devices?
  • I have the Band 1 but here is an app that will add different RSS feed tiles to the band. It has many Windows Central feed tiles you can add. Not sure if it works on Band 2 though.
  • Did you guys not know there was a tile limit on the first one too? That's not new. In fact, I think they increased the limit by 1 for the band 2. It's nice to see them adding tiles to the gallery. When I got my band 2 last Saturday, there was only Golds gym and Xbox wire. I'll check out the AP tile now!
  • The limit is the same for both. On the Band 1, the final tile is always "Settings", so in effect, you can only choose 12 tiles yourself. I don't know if that's the case for the Band 2, but it'd be a bit mad if you could remove that tile.
  • I just counted. On the Band 2 we get 13 tiles + Settings, so yup, they did add one more for us.
  • I just need runtastic to be integrated
  • Yeah, I want a social platform for jogs so me and my girl can compare. She doesn't have a band do the built in one is out.
  • AP tile is pretty good
  • I bought today an Apple watch for my Iphone 6s, my instagram and fb works great on both
  • Ummm, Wrong place to post this. We don't care about your iSheep watch!  
  • The only problem with the mobile nations passport
  • LOL well spent money
  • thanks for the update
  • So you paid the cost of a new phone for a watch that does what your phone already does.  Good for you!
  • That's great, this is an article about the MS Band 2.
  • I like cheese. ANd that statement is somehow more relevant to the article than yours. The iWatch is a failure, you spent your money on a failing product and should hang your head in shame for your foolishness.
  • Cortana tile already provides news flash etc, how is the AP tile diff/better?
  • Obviously different source, more news.
  • Is there a way to control which news makes it from Cortana to the band?  I seem to get about 90% "Headline News" from Cortana, I don't get any news from my sports teams for example (set up in Cortana).
  • I like the idea of apps on the band, but none of these appeal to me. The AP news one is pretty good but I'm not sure its actually worth it. You only see a headline and have to go looking for the rest of the story. I'm hoping the Lose It! partnership offers a tile/app
  • Where is the insteon and uber band app?
  • An insteon app would be interesting...
  • I've been waiting on an Insteon app since they showed that capability at Build......
  • I tried writing one for Insteon and WeMo, the problem is that there is no push model where Band sends a notification to the phone without the phone initiating it first. I can have the phone tell the band to show a button, and get a notification when that button is pressed. But you can't add a button to an app, and at a random time when the button is pressed send a notification to the phone. From what I have seen in the SDK for Band 2 this is not yet enabled. I got the apps running on the phone, though. Control the lights in my house with it.
  • For some reason it won't let me post the link but if you seach "Insteon API Integration with the Microsoft Band" on YouTube there is a video where they showed off this capability. I don't fully understand everything the guy in the video says he had to do, and it looks like he has to launch an app on the phone first so you may be correct. But their might be some info in there for you if you haven't seen it.
  • If you do it that way, yes, you could. You could start an app, push the UI, and then wait for it to be pushed. I even thought that I could write a background task to do it, and Microsoft said that they enabled it in Band 1 SDK v2. But it seems like it would not be very reliable.
  • I have several 3rd party apps I rely upon for my Original Band. It is important for me that those devs update. My Band 2 will arrive at my shipping company today. I should see it on Monday or Tuesday. Very excited.
  • Which ones do you use the most?
  • To everyone saying "I want a Tile for...." - if it's just information you want to see (and don't need to interact with - Uber would be one that didn't work), have you tried making a web tile? I've only made one for the Band 1, so I don't know if it still works with the MK2 Band. You can grab data from any JSON source, or RSS feeds and display up to 8 screens of information on the band, control how often it updates, use your own images for tile icons and in-data icons.  
  • Good point it did this for NPR news via their RSS feed.
  • this was somewhat easy, until i reached the notifications, and got stuck at the small if statement, i have no idea what they are taking about, and i cant find anything to help me. so i close it for now, until i get a reply from you, i hope :)
  • Some developer should write a Lie Detector App for the Band 2. It would work. Unversal app of course. lol
  • Its almost looking like grouped tiles need to happen so there are 'sub tiles' under grouped items...I would rather go 'down one level' over flat & wide scrolling & scrolling...etc.
  • Xbox App/ Tile works perfectly on the Band 1. That's what I expected but surprised Windows Central didn't look into it and mention that this applies to the Band 1 too
  • I suspect that apps won't really take off until Band 3 is on Windows 10 IOT.
  • I would imagine band 2 supports W10 IoT. It probably just wasn't ready for prime time.
  • Let me see if I can do this like all those people trying to create controvery around the OneDrive thing:   What? 13 Tiles? I bet Microsoft is going to screw us over like with OneDrive and turn that down to 5 after everyone buys their band.
  • Good one!
  • pretty good, but you'd need to mention how they would put the last 8 tiles behind a paywall and such, I give the attmept an 8/10
  • I use IFTTT and pushalot to get all sorts of info pushed to my phone and to my band's notification tile. This eliminates the need for a finance tile, a weather tile, news tile, etc. Cortana can also push a lot of that to your band, but IFTTT is more comprehensive in what it can do. For example, receive a push notification if the local pollen count rises to a certain level, or if the UV level rises above a certain point, or if a stock you are tracking goes up or down x%, or your favorite team's game ended push the score, tell me if an article popped up from a specific source with a certain tag.
  • I can't say, how happy I am, that "Anette Anderson lost 17 lbs" Keep it up Anette, you're a winner for sure!
  • Just as an can use one app to change the background and another app to change the tile theme, one won't overwrite the other. 
  • I would like someone to write an app that lets you know when the connection is lost between the band and phone. This will alert you if you walk away and have left your phone (or band) behind.
  • I love these things.  Keep them coming!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me one to control my music!!
  • Well actually you can play music.  You can use Cortana on the band to say "play Bruno Mars", for example (or the name of a song).
  • We need a WhatsApp app so that notifications will appear on the band just as sms messages do.
  • The implied halth advice on the main picture is ridiculous !!! Do not install those apps !
  • Not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere on WC...there are "Bing Sports" tiles you can add for specific football teams in the MS Health Band gallery...