Night Hunt, a retro inspired endless hunter Windows Phone game

Retro styled games seem to be on the rise and Night Hunt hopes to be at the center of this old school movement. The Windows Phone game is inspired by the original Commodore 64 game Helsing's Hunt and has your running down an endless path, slaying vampires along the way.

The game does represent the old school games very well from the black and white graphics to the sound effects. I don't know if Night Hunt is a gaming title you would sit down and play for extended periods of time, but it should hold up for those times you need a quick, retro-styled gaming fix.

Night Hunt is available in both the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Stores, with support for low-memory Windows Phones.

Some of the characteristics of old-school games include minimal graphics and simple controls. Most of these games were controlled through the keyboard or at best, a one-button joystick. Graphics technology offered up pixilated, base colored graphics that were at times glitchy. I had an Atari computer while many others enjoyed the Commodore 64 systems. At the time, the games were state of the art and fun time consumers.

Night Hunt

Night Hunt is a timing based, endless runner game that is inspired by these old school games, in particular, Jereon Gildemacher's game Helsing's Hunt. You play the role of a vampire hunter who is traveling down an endless path. You are confronted by an equally endless supply of vampires that are drawn up in the spirit of Nosferatu.

As you approach the vampires, tap the screen to attack the monster with a wooden stake. Sounds easy, right?

Night Hunt

The challenge of the game comes in how the vampires are located. It is a stormy night and a lightning flash reveals the vampire's location on the path. Once the lightning has passed, the vampire disappears into the darkness of the night. The game will test your timing for the attack and your memory in remaining aware of the vampire's location.

Night Hunt

Tap too soon or late and the vampire will attack you and the game is over. Your score is based on the number of vampires you kill and the further you progress through Night Hunt, the faster the game's pace becomes.

Overall Impression

There really isn't too much to Night Hunt. Old styled graphics and sound effects do give the game a unique touch. Game play is challenging and don't be surprised if it takes you a few tries to get the timing of the attacks down pat.

Night Hunt may not appeal to everyone though. It lacks the action most "modern" games have and the graphics are appealing mostly in a nostalgic fashion. I have to admit playing the game brought back memories of the video games that I played on that old Atari or a friend's Commodore.

Night Hunt Lightning Flash

Overall, Night Hunt is a fun game to pass the time with and have tucked away in your gaming library for the times you are in the mood for an old-fashioned video game. Night Hunt is a free, ad-supported game available from both the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Stores.

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