Nine Inch Nails uses Kinect on tour for some amazing special effects

Nine Inch Nails puts on quite the show for fans and this year's no different. Aiming to make the band's performances visually stunning as well as sounding superb, the Xbox Kinect was brought on-board. Along with other gadgets and hardware, the band utilised what was provided to create some pretty cool effects.

The Kinect captured movements and projected them onto a handful of mobile screens, while live video content was displayed on-stage during specific parts of the set. The end result is hoped to be a film-like quality to a fairly long performance. It's an interesting take on a live performance and the band clearly poured man hours into the cauldron to bring all the elements together.

Kinect Nine Inch Nails

Check out the preparation that went into the performance in the video below:

We agree, pretty cool indeed.

via: Engadget

Rich Edmonds
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