No new Xbox One backward compatible games coming until 2018

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Since its initial unveiling back in 2015, the Xbox One's backward compatibility initiative has remained one of the console's differentiating features. Allowing select Xbox 360, and more recently original Xbox titles, to be played on Xbox One hardware, the program has revived hundreds of games for the current generation.

While a steady flow of backward compatible titles has been delivered over recent months, it now appears releases are coming to an end. As announced on Twitter by Director of Programming at Xbox, Larry Hryb, the backward compatibility team is winding down activity for the holidays, with no new titles on track until 2018.

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Alongside the announcement, it was also confirmed that 136 Xbox 360 games have made an appearance on Xbox One this year via backward compatibility. Original Xbox backward compatibility also made its arrival in October with 13 games, and 7 titles were also enhanced for Microsoft's latest flagship console, the Xbox One X. With this, over 400 backward compatible games are now playable on Xbox One, spanning three generations of console hardware.

With the team making a return early next year, it shouldn't be too long until a new drop of titles is here. Microsoft previously announced that more original Xbox titles would come in the new year, and more Xbox 360 games are expected in the months to come. Which games would you like to see hit the backward compatibility program? Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • MW2 is literally the only one I'm waiting for.. Gotham city imposters was fun too
  • Enslaved would be nice.
  • Ninja Gaiden 2
  • Hope the xbox team have a nice, well earned break!
  • Love these guys... really hoping to see a lot more 360 Enhanced for X titles. Especially Gears 2, Gears Judgement, and Red Dead Redemption PLEASE!
  • The main thing that kept me from playing old games, was the awful resolution. But with the upscaling, its pretty good actually. I really hope they flush out these backward compatible games really well, its nice to have complete coverage of your games library from one console, I am more inclined to buy games when they go on sale.
  • Take a much deserved rest and then come back and give us an Xbox One X Enhanced Fallout New Vegas. Kthxbye!
  • I'll be honest, I can't actually think of any other 360 games I want.
  • Hope they get around to Metal Arms soon
  • Knights of the Old Republic 2. Although what would be awesome is if they would some how re-release those games for the xbox one, but I found it enjoyable playing KOTOR through the backwards compatability the other day.
  • I can't wait to see Splinter Cell Double Agent, the OG Xbox version in 4K. It should be glorious.
  • Justice League Heroes (Really want this one!), Batman Rise of Sin Tzu and Star Wars Republic Commando.
  • avp and aliens cm and avp exstintion  
  • Dude yes loved that game back in the day sadly it was very underrated and not many people played it. Didn't play the second one though.