Noctua's fanless CPU cooler is coming soon

Noctua Fanless Cooler
Noctua Fanless Cooler (Image credit: Noctua)

What you need to know

  • Noctua introduced its fanless cooler concept way back in 2019.
  • Since then, the component has remained without a release date.
  • In a new tweet, Noctua confirmed a release date is "coming very soon."

Ever get tired of hearing the whirring noise of your CPU cooler as its fan(s) spins like crazy to keep your rig from melting apart? Noctua heard that consumer pain point and has been steadily developing a solution to the problem. And though that solution has been dangled in front of eager potential customers since 2019, it's been without any word of a release date — until now.

In response to a fellow Twitter tweeter commenting disappointment on the lack of a release date for the fanless cooler, Noctua chimed in with a not-so-subtle "coming very soon! ;-)" complete with a winking emoji (via PCMag). And if you've been on the internet for more than a few days, you know that a winking emoji means that we're either never getting a release date or that Noctua is, in fact, being on the level when it says that a release date is almost here.

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Noctua could've said a lot of things, but those three words — specifically the inclusion of "very" — implies that the fanless cooling solution really may be just around the corner.

The idea behind the cooler is simple enough: Swap out the noisy fans for extra pounds of metal heatsink to enable silent heat distribution. It's a simple solution to the noise problem, and perhaps an elegant one as well, if Noctua has managed to shrink and lighten the plump and hefty prototype it debuted years ago.

In any case, we'll find out what the state of the cooler is soon enough if Noctua's release date remarks are anything to go by. No info on pricing has been disclosed yet, but when release date news starts to gain traction, MSRPs usually aren't far behind.

Alternatively, if you're in Europe and want CPU cooler innovations sooner rather than later, you can check out InWin's BR series coolers, which are available for pre-order starting June 7. And if you just want to peruse the best CPU coolers in general, you can do that as well.

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  • This is amazing! Nobody likes loud technology or high maintenance alternatives. Now we just need a matching fanless GPU system and gaming PCs will be so much more appealing!
  • I like high maintenance alternatives
  • Is this anticipated to be expensive or budget friendly and will there be a small version?
  • As for a small version, no clue (relative as size is). And regarding price: Noctua's Jakob Dellinger at one point mentioned that producing this cooler in a cost-effective manner was a challenge. I'd wager that means the price might be a bit on the expensive side since it's a niche/experimental product with what I'd imagine is a somewhat high production cost.
  • Noctua is already known for having the best and quietest air cooling solutions. Although a fanless design is appealing for some people, I prefer the added peace of mind that the air is being pushed over the CPU and through the case. So, having had decent results with the Noctua NH-D14 and NH-D15 over the years, my next build (switching to Ryzen) will probably mean getting another NH-D15. It's cool to have no sound whatsoever though. I flashed the bios on my GTX 970 to keep the fans from spinning under 40°, so I definitely appreciate soundless tech. It will be interesting to see how Noctua's fanless CPU cooler compares.
  • I'm really curious about this. I doubt I'd switch since my gpu and room fans are loud enough to make it useless for my situation but I'm very intrigued
  • Same on all fronts!
  • Cool concept but it ain't got the looks of water cooling. Maybe some RGB?